Elderly will ditch canes and walkers for Superflex’s robotic-powered suit

Aurora Powered Suit

There are many drawbacks of growing in age, one of them is the difficulty to carry out activities of daily living. In collaboration with industrial designer Yves Behar’s studio FuseProject, Superflex has designed powered-clothing to enhance day-to-day experience for the aging population. Dubbed Aurora Powered Suit, the powered undergarment is aimed at helping the elderly with mobility challenges posed by age and illness.

The suit features electric muscles, which respond to the wearer’s actions and in tandem with the body muscles, assist the elderly user to walk, stand and climb stairs with freedom.

Aurora Powered Suit-2

The battery-powered Aurora Powered Suit can be easily concealed under clothes. It is made from lightweight, flexible fabric. There are series of motors and sensors housed in hexagonal pods, which add strength to the user. The pods or electric muscles, if you may, are embedded with sensors and are located on the back, legs, hips and torso.

Aurora Powered Suit-1

These use artificial intelligence to work in collaboration with body’s natural movements, adding additional muscle power. The suit can be used by elders, athletes and even terminal ill patients (including children).

Aurora Powered Suit-3

The powered suit is a prototype for now, and it is on display at London’s Design Museum. Superflex says it has raise about $9.6 million in funding and is inclined to bring the suit to the apparels market latest by 2018.

Aurora Powered Suit-4 Aurora Powered Suit-5

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