Blitab braille tablet for visually-impaired will soon be in your hands

Blitab braille tablet

Blitab Technology, an Austrian startup has been working for quite some time on its innovative tablet for the blind which is more of a modern braille. In fact it is the perfect combination of a tablet and braille which aims to make life easier for the visually impaired. After showing off their initial iteration of the Blitab quite a few months ago, the team at Blitab has come up with a better version.

Blitab braille tablet_1

Looking to cater to a niche market, the all new Blitab braille made its maiden appearance at CES 2017. The Android powered device cleverly amalgamates basic features of a tablet and braille to make reading and writing far easier for blind people.

It uses a screen ( on the top half side) with small bubbles for touch navigation through the tablet interface, voice recognition, text-to-speech output and even a Perkins-style keyboard. The 14-row display is capable of projecting 65 words at one time for practical usability.

Till date Blitab has tested its tablet with 3000 users and all of them are satisfied with the results. The company now plans to sell its braille tablet for an estimated price tag of $500 later this year. Pre-orders for the device will start later this month which is great news.

Blitab braille tablet_2

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