The most sought after types of online casino games

Online casino games

It is estimated that online casinos pull in a whopping $278 billion dollars of profit each year and will continue to grow into the near future. Even without offering virtual poker games in 2016, New Jersey casino Golden Nugget pulled in over 54 million from online bets in just one month. That’s a ton of money for casinos, and it speaks to the rise in popularity of internet gambling sites with online players. Part of what makes online casinos so attractive and fun to visit are the games, which feature increasingly creative themes, great payouts, and play that makes you feel like you’re in a live game.

Among the most in-demand games available at online casinos, the bulk come from one of three major game developers: Netent, Playtech, and Microgaming. Those outside of the big three have to employ incredible effort to create titles that hold their own in the market, but all of these games have managed to draw in players and increase the bottom lines of online gambling sites. Here are three of the most popular and interesting online casino games.

Virtual Roulette

Many feel that an online casino simply isn’t complete without its own version of roulette, the classic game that’s been around for years and makes betting an exciting run. When you play roulette online, it’s just like you do in person without having to leave the comfort of your home. You log into your preferred casino, pick a table, and place your bet. A virtual wheel will start spinning at your command, and then you only need to wait and see where the ball falls. The best versions of this game allow multiple bets to be placed on the same spin, but either way this is a top choice for online casino veterans and those new to internet gambling.

Video Poker

Few online casino games have had the impact of video poker, and that may be because it offers some of the most impressive technological advancements in the casino world and is one of the most interactive and interesting things you can play. The style of the game is especially well suited for playing online, and the numbers of themes available at different internet casinos is seemingly endless.

There are even themed video poker sites with celebrity endorsements or affiliations that offer exclusive new ways to play and unique bonuses. This game typically takes either extreme luck or keen practical understanding to win at. But once you start getting the hang of the rules and develop intuition for when to hold or risk it all, you’ll find out why so many people love video poker.


Walk into a brick and mortar casino, and you’ll see row upon row of people sitting at the slot machines and pulling like their lives depended upon it. The game is super easy, totally about chance, and it’s quite fun. When you combine the creative themes seen on many internet casino sites, slots takes on a whole new vibe and brings excitement to those who prefer to play from home.

When you play slots online, it’s key to ensure you pick a site that has a licensed random number generator. Why?

Unlike card and table games, there’s not much you can do as far as strategy to increase your chances of winning is concerned. Whether you hit the jackpot or not depends entirely on the fairness and reliability of the site’s random number generator, so choose wisely. The one thing that you can absolutely control is how you bet when it comes to slots – ­remember that part of the fun of online gambling is how easy the wins come, but pushing your luck too far can take your winnings in a snap.



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