Why ‘PC Gaming’ is better than ‘Console Gaming’

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Recent years have seen the number of handheld console enthusiasts rise exponentially, thanks to cutting edge innovation in the industry. Despite competition from Microsoft’s Xbox line, Sony’s PlayStation 4 stood its ground in 2016 to again become the year’s most sought after electronic device made exclusively for gaming. And now with the release of the PlayStation Pro, things are expected to get even better for the company.

The two-decade-long debate of what is a better gaming experience between PC and console has therefore reached a new high. The main weapon in the console’s arsenal has always been value for money, and the PlayStation 4 raised the bar even higher with its PlayStation VR headset, which is one the cheapest option available for virtual-reality gaming entusiasts.

Nonetheless, PC hardware is getting cheaper by the day, and the long-term value they bring cannot be ignored. Following are some of the reasons why PC gaming is better than console gaming.

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1. Performance

Consoles have come a long way, and video games on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 look better than ever before. This is because Microsoft and Sony are using newer, more powerful hardware for their new products. To keep the price low, however, there is a limit to how powerful the hardware can get.

When it comes to sheer processing power, therefore, the PC will always come out on top. Although there is no way your two-thousand-year-old Pentium 3 computer can compete with a PS4, any modern mid-range gaming PC will leave it cowering in the shadows.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to break the bank to be a PC gamer. Acquiring a PC that matches the PS4 or the Xbox One will set you back only around $400, and an extra $100 gets you what you need to easily outperform the consoles. Nevertheless, if you have the money to spend, the market is full of gaming PCs and gaming laptops with the best hardware there is.

Alternatively, you could drop thousands of dollars to bring together the most powerful Intel CPU, the latest NVIDIA GTX 10-series GPU and a giant multi-monitor setup for a gaming experience that borders life-like.

For the best balance between cost and quality, however, you’re better off with a PC that can manage the current gaming sweet spot of 2560 x 1440-pixel single-monitor resolution at 60fps, which is miles ahead of what any console is capable of.

The beauty of PC gaming, therefore, is that it gives you the ability to choose the hardware setup that fits your preferences and your budget.

High end PC gaming

2. Long-term value

Console enthusiasts can claim to not really need the immense performance served up by PCs but everyone wants their preferred gaming device to last at least a couple of years. With developers continually releasing games that demand more power, PC gamers can easily upgrade their hardware by replacing components like the CPU and GPU with better performers. This allows them to stay on the bleeding edge of gaming technology.

Console gamers on the other hand, are usually stuck with the components they bought with the device, and unless Sony or Microsoft announces a new release or update, there is no way to make games look better, or experience new developments in graphics.

The fact that consoles are not upgradable means that PC gaming will always be ahead in terms of processing power. For instance, buying a PC with an GTX 980 graphics card now not only guarantees seamless gaming for years to come, but for an even better experience in the future, you will only need to replace that single component.

Yet that is not the only way you get better value with PC. Consoles might be catching up, but PC gaming and distribution platforms such as Origin, Steam and UPlay are much more populated with sales and discounts than their console counterparts.

And if that is not convincing enough, think about it this way: if you buy a console, you will very likely need a computer for purposes other than gaming. Because PCs run a full operating system, you won’t need another device for web browsing and document processing, etc. On your gaming PC, you can run other different programs that are simply not available on consoles.

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3. Flexible gaming experience

Back when Nintendo ruled the gaming scene, new and existing developers were much more focused on consoles than computer gaming. Today, however, things have changed as the titles available exclusively for PC far outnumber those made for consoles only.

Thanks to the PC’s open nature, whipping up a game is comparatively easy. This is evidenced by the widespread emergence of indie titles on the platform. Some former console-only games have even been re-developed and re-released for PC compatibility.

In addition to more titles, PCs also offer a more versatile gaming experience than consoles. Because the type of game inherently determines the best controller to use, it makes sense to have a gaming device that supports all controllers. Unlike consoles which only limit controllers to gamepads, PCs support countless other gadgets such as steering wheels & joysticks.

However, the PC’s main selling point in this regard is its support for gaming mice and keyboards, which are specially designed to offer vastly more customization options and give a player total control of the game.

Besides the above, PC gaming gets you access to pleasantries like “Mods” – modifications made to a game’s look, feel and level design – which add to what the title has to offer, and ultimately extends its shelf-life.

Online gaming is also better with PCs because of their flexible connectivity options, as well as the ease of player-to-player communication.

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The PC runs a pretty convincing campaign but the choice between the two options entirely inclines on your gaming needs. If you just want to sit on a couch and fire up a game to cool the mind after a long day of glancing at a computer screen, the console is by all means, the best fit for you.

But if you’re serious about gaming; and you want power, value and flexibility, don’t waste any more time thinking about it. Go for a PC!



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