This Resident Evil 7 themed PS4 gaming controller is draped in gore

Resident Evil 7 PS4 gaming controller_6

If there is one gaming title that you need to have in your collection, it is the Resident Evil 7: Biohazard game which is all set to release by the end of this month. The eagerly awaited Capcom survival horror title raises the bar for strategy gaming, and it has always lived up to the expectations of the gamers. To go with the Resident Evil 7 theme, Smartoys has come up with a freakin’ cool (yet ugly) PlayStation 4 controller.

Resident Evil 7 PS4 gaming controller_2

Dubbed as Dragon Shock 4 Wired for PS4, this gaming controller goes perfectly with the gore of a Resident Evil game where zombies rule the streets and bloodshed is a common affair.

To make things interesting, Smartoys is giving away this controller to a lucky winner. Custom-made to perfection, this controller is bliss for Resident Evil fans.

Resident Evil 7 PS4 gaming controller_1

Resident Evil 7 PS4 gaming controller_3

Resident Evil 7 PS4 gaming controller_5

Resident Evil 7 PS4 gaming controller

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