UrbanClap versus Zimmber: Which one to choose for home services?

UrbanClap versus Zimmber

Names like UrbanClap and Zimmber have become quite common these days with every other acquaintance booking different services through these mobile marketplace like apps. From dry cleaners, plumbers, carpenters, wedding photographers to salon at home, every service is available at a touch. But how exactly do these mobile marketplaces work? Well, the process of hiring service providers through a digital platform is quite easy and can be managed with just a few clicks.

For instance, with UrbanClap, you need to post your requirements on its app or website, check quotations from different service providers, and select the one who best suits your customized needs. This way, you can stay relaxed while plumbing or interior designing needs at your home are taken care of by expert professionals.

Catering to the rising inclination of people towards online service booking, many service marketplace websites have come up over the last few years. UrbanClap and Zimmber are the popular names in this field. If you want to compare UrbanClap and Zimmber to figure out which one is doing better, then you can do so based on certain important parameters.

Number of service options to choose from

If we compare these two online businesses in terms of the number of services, then UrbanClap is a clear winner offering a bigger kitty. You can choose over 60 services at UrbanClap to execute your different projects. From health and wellness to repair and maintenance to home and wedding services to a salon and academic tutors, a large variety of services can be availed through UrbanClap. UrbanClap works best in the hyper-local market. It offers location-specific search results. On the contrary, Zimmber is yet to expand its reach in terms of variety of services.

Promptness of service

When booking a service on UrbanClap, you are more likely to get the desired time and date slot. The promptness of service is ensured by UrbanClap owing to its huge pool of professionals and service providers. But with Zimmber, getting the desired date and time slot for some services is a bit difficult. This may be attributed to the paucity of adequate registered professionals at Zimmber.

The pool of talented professionals

While Zimmber is backed by a bunch of talented champs, UrbanClap has a pool of over 50,000 trusted professionals. Every professional on UrbanClap comes with his or her own detailed profile along with images. Customer testimonials are also provided for each professional. The UrbanClap rating helps you in finalizing the best service provider for your projects. But with Zimmber, you cannot view individual ratings and customer testimonials for professionals on the website, which is its biggest drawback.

Transparency in terms of the quality of service

UrbanClap and Zimmber follow different ways to make available expert service providers at your doorstep. While both boast their pool of talented and experienced professionals, UrbanClap maintains transparency at every stage – starting from the booking of service to its efficient completion. When you look for a service on UrbanClap, you can browse through profiles, images, and ratings of different service providers to zero in on the one that fits your needs. The next step is getting personal quotations from various certified service providers at UrbanClap with their individual ratings.

This way, you can also connect with them personally, and hire. Owing to the transparent process of booking a service at UrbanClap, you can hire a service provider on your own, based on the given profiles and ratings. But with Zimmber, you book a service for a particular date and time, and a professional picked by Zimmber itself reaches you. You are not given the opportunity to hire a service provider on your own, based on your specific needs.

Efficient customer support service

The customer support service of UrbanClap is dedicated to ensuring a hassle-free experience for its customers. Feedbacks are taken seriously by the customer care team of UrbanClap, which works in close coordination with the grievance redressal team to provide prompt help. The same promptness is missing in the case of other online service marketplaces like Zimmber.

Be it promptness of service or the transparency in the booking and hiring process, UrbanClap is always a step ahead of its competitors. UrbanClap leaves no stone unturned to reach the goal of bridging the gap between service providers and consumers. Customers of UrbanClap get direct quotations from service providers. This is one of its unique features that speaks volumes about its dedication towards making customers satisfied with its services.



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