Chinese robot reporter publishes its first ever article, journalists feel insecure

Robot reporter

Of all things in this tech dominated era, robots are definitely taking huge leaps as far as AI is concerned. They look like humans, behave like humans and ultimately are going to take over the control from us humans. As weird as that might sound, it is the future of robotics which is already making our jaws drop in one way or the other. Apparently, yet another chapter to the applications of robotics in professional arena has been added.

Xiao Nan, a Chinese robot reporter has just hit the headlines for churning out a 300-character-long article in a mere second which will make all the content publishers a bit insecure. The story got published in Guangzhou-based Southern Metropolis Daily on Wednesday.

Developed by Wan Xiaojun, a professor at Peking University, who is a pro when it comes to developing such robots with his team of students.

The intelligent robot can write both short as well as long reports, giving it a tactical edge when it comes to content creation. The question is, can it match the human element?

Wan Xiaojun said;

When compared with the staff reporters, Xiao Nan has a stronger ability to analyze data and is quicker at writing stories. But it does not mean intelligent robots will soon be able to completely replace reporters.

However, he also believes that the main aim of developing such kind of robots is to act as a catalyst to help publishing houses in creating content and shorting the turnaround time.

Via: ChinaDaily



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