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In this ever-advancing digital age in which businesses and people exist online in greater numbers by the year, there are new jobs constantly cropping up in places that nobody had previously expected. Google led to search engine optimization companies coming about, and Facebook opened up thousands of moderator positions. There are help desk operators at online casinos, hotel reviewers at sites like Agoda, software development engineers at Amazon – the list of digital jobs goes on. People in the past have become extremely wealthy from getting into new digital businesses early on. So what could be next? Here’s a look at some of the jobs that could be huge in the near future.

Digital waste manager 

Whether you like it or not, there is a record of everything you do online, and even if you delete stuff it still floats around somewhere in the ether. With all the digital scams out there and hackers trying to steal users’ information, some people may be concerned about their security. This is where a digital waste manager could come in handy. The security-conscious individual would employ this futuristic bin man to make sure that when they delete things, they are disposed of in a way that means nobody can access them again. Basically the same as putting things in a digital furnace.

Chat host

When the internet really began to take off and companies started to be mainly based online, customers quickly got used to having to send emails to get answers to questions, or make complaints. Now, according to research from ICMI, 62% of customers expect live chat to be available on mobile devices so they can receive instant responses to their queries. Online casino and bingo sites have taken the chat function to the next level, and aim to provide a social aspect to the feature.

Chat rooms at bingo sites aim to recreate the atmosphere of the traditional bingo hall in an online environment. Bingo players love to socialize, so online sites realized that catering for this was essential. Most sites now offer players the chance to become part of a community where they can see tweets and Facebook posts, watch amusing videos, and stay up to date on the latest games. In the chat rooms, players can have friendly discussions about anything and everything, and the chat host is there to act as a friendly figure of authority within the rooms. This is important, as fall-outs and arguments could cause other players to leave the community.

There are plenty of other sites where chat hosts are required, such as gaming and sports forums. Getting to work to enjoy the social aspect of online chatting could be a dream job!

Avatar manager 

One of the best things about the online world is being able to become any character, and be whoever you want. This is why Massive Multiplayer Online Games rake in around 60% of all digital PC game revenue. The best form of escapism is entering another world and taking on the role of another being, and games like World of Warcraft allow us all to become anyone we want. Betty, the old lady who runs the corner shop down the street could be Minas the Night Elf in her free time. Or your boss at work may roam around as a Troll named Goldslasha when he arrives home.

Unfortunately for some players, there just isn’t the time to create, maintain and upgrade their characters to the degree that they may desire. For these people, it would be useful to be able to employ someone to take care of all that for them. You could give your list of preferences to your personal “Avatar Manager” and they would take care of the mundane avatar maintenance, leaving you with more time to focus on the actual gaming aspects. Avatar Managers could be freelance and tout their skills in online forums, or they could work for the companies that develop the games. It may sound a bit silly, but this could really be a thing in the future.

What other digital jobs could become prevalent in the next few years? What about a company that provides smooth-typing texters to fish for dates on matchmaking websites? Or perhaps professional bettors could provide instant tips on gambling websites via a chat screen. The possibilities are endless, and there is certainly money to be made by people who discover these niches first. 



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