Three wrong ways to choose an awesome geeky gift

Today with vast availability of fan stores from all kinds of fandoms, people believe it’s easy to choose a gift for a geek. Just get the guy another Harley Quinn figurine to gather dust on the shelves, right? Wrong! Geeks don’t care about mainstream pop culture. They only care for what’s close to their heart. That’s why Suicide Squad and Superman movies are getting all the criticism. That’s why nobody wants an average, thoughtless, mediocre present. It is time for a geek to speak up for one’s needs by pointing out some of the most common mistakes others make while choosing geeky presents only a wannabe YouTube nerd-streamer with 37 views will enjoy.

There are no online gamer geeks

Geeks don’t play online games. They really don’t. But we enjoy investing countless hours in one game. Do you know what’s it called? There’s no answer to this one. We all enjoy different things. Some of us have a nerdgasm over WoW, while others prefer League of Legends. There are some who prefer online pokies Australia is so famous for. 

In either case – we don’t want all kinds of gaming merchandise. I did not spend 279 hours on that Blood Elf to receive a figurine of Tracer for my birthday. Heck, I don’t even own Overwatch. I don’t like FPS games, only RPG!

Do you get where this is headed? Wait. There’s more!

The are no comic book fan geeks

We don’t like comic books. We even don’t give a damn about publishers. 

We enjoy our heroes and stories though. Mark Miller may write for both Marvel and DC and it doesn’t make his stories worse. I, for once, prefer specific runs of the Flash, Batman and Spiderman. But I still hate the Clone Saga or Bat Baby comics from the fifties. And that’s my personal take. 

I don’t enjoy All Star Batman and Robin, but I would still like cool Batman gear as a present because I generally like this hero. At the same time, I believe the Avengers are rather dull so why give me anything related to them if I’d rather watch paint dry than read about yet another incarnation of Steve Rogers.

There are no Anime fan geeks

Sure there are legends like Death Note or the Full Metal Alchemist or Ghost in a Shell, but, that noted, we don’t enjoy anime as a genre. Some prefer Shounen with a strong protagonist lead, while others enjoy light-hearted Seinen.

Where’s all of this headed?

There simply isn’t such a thing as a gift for a geek. We are not geeks, we are personalities and deserve the same treatment with our hobbies and passions. You shouldn’t make suggestions based on a simple word, but rather present something that’s both relevant and meaningful. Of course, you can go for the Star Wars merchandise. Everyone loves Star Wars.   



Bharat writes about latest gadgets, toys, robots and new technologies across various platforms. In addition to reporting and reviewing new products and technologies, he spends too much time digging the internet for endless questions. He's a die-hard football fan and a big foodie who wants to host Man v. Food some day.

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