How to improve your online gaming experience with VPNs



online gaming experience with VPNs

Online gaming now makes up for the bulk of the console and PC gaming market. Gone are the days when a single player story mode would provide total satisfaction for an avid gamer – now it’s all about massively multiplayer online opportunities – but how can the online experience be improved beyond the games themselves?

The console and games designers have added numerous features to their offerings to improve the online experience including player chat via headsets and a competitive element based on gamer scores and statistics, but these peripheral features aren’t enough to keep the online gaming market afloat – there must be something more?

As it happens, online gaming is benefiting progressively more and more from alternative additions such as VPN. Virtual Private Networks not only protect the players online with total anonymity and data encryption – but they also offer a wealth of other features to improve the performance of the online services.

For example; downloadable content is a huge part of the online gaming market these days, but some countries receive access to the updates before others. By using a VPN service; gamers can re-route their connection through a different country’s servers and gain access to the content long before it is released in their country of residence. This is something that a lot of UK fans of TV series such as the much-anticipated final episodes of AMC’s Breaking Bad would have been grateful for. The series was shown at a much later time on Netflix UK compared to the US broadcast, therefore using a VPN service would have meant UK fans could have watched the first airing of the series which was broadcasted in the US.

Equally, a common complaint about online gamers is lag interference. That one word sums up a world of frustration for PC gamers everywhere, no matter how fast your Internet connection is, there are times when things will slow down to a crawl. When a player’s connection is struggling to maintain a strong link to the game’s server; the game can perform as though there is a delay making playing very difficult. VPN allows the user to bypass their bandwidth restrictions and access a much stronger and faster connection.

VPN also allows the players to switch to servers that are closer to the game’s core server making connection times faster than ever before. In a nutshell, VPN is without doubt the best addition to gaming for a long time.

Obviously, VPN isn’t a necessity, and online gaming can be enjoyed without paying for the service but the benefits of having VPN are huge and are too tempting for many gamers to refuse, meaning the market is saturated with options across all price ranges.

With virtual reality fast becoming accessible means of online gaming, the demands on the gamer’s internet connections are more than ever – VPN might be the only option of securing a strong enough connection for gaming in the near future.



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