Evolution of the one-armed bandit

one armed bandit 

If there is one form of a game that has lasted through the ages it has to be the slot machine. Going through three phases we’ve had the Mechanical era of slots, Electromechanical, then, of course, the Computer era which we see in online casinos such as Casinocruise.com.

With the Mechanical era being birthed through the birth of the slots in 1895, Charles Fey invented the first machine which had the name of Liberty Bell. Keen minds will, of course, think of the bells we often see in slot machines and see a connection there, and they would be correct.

The Liberty Bell version of the slot-machine is the classic version we know, a three-barrel slot feature images on each wheel. Match the images, and you win the money, it is as simple as that. With these types of machine, the original payouts weren’t that impressive, though, coming in at around 50 cents. There were other versions of the Liberty Bell type design, such as the Bell of the Operator which came in 1907 and these kept to the same design.

Moving into the electro-mechanical period, this was simply an evolution in technology. Moving away from the mechanical spring style approach, electrical motors were used instead. What is interesting about this period in the history of the slots is that three was an increase in the number of reels, and the symbols in use were increased to add to variations. With technology improving we also saw the rise of the Video poker games which included the use of computers to improve the experience. With the improvements in technology, an increase in payout was also provided.

Now that we live in the online world where everybody has access to the Internet, we now have the Computer era. This is where the mechanical devices are left behind for a slot machine simulated on the screen. Featuring big money payouts, it seems that there is no end of sites offering these games. With more complicated styles of gameplay that can tell stories, the slots have become even more interesting and are more of a gaming experience for the player.

Looking at the history of the slots, one thing that is noticeable is the enduring nature of the slot machine. People still play the mechanical versions, just looking at bricks and mortar casinos prove that. With the emergence of the Internet though there is no end of ways to access slots and other gambling games but played in a responsible way of course.



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