Why Xiaomi is the next big thing in smartphones

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Is Xiaomi the next big thing in smartphones? Perhaps yes. This brand is probably the next major player in the ever-expanding market of smart phones. This can be seen in how the company has grown in leaps and bounds in its last four years of existence. Although Xiaomi entered the market with a risky concept —producing smartphones aided by Apple’s design, thus acquiring the title ‘’Apple of China’’ — this has since worked positively to favor the company.

Xiaomi’s road to success was surely a risky venture, considering that smartphone makers like Samsung were slapped with a whopping $1 billion lawsuit over patenting issues which involved copying some design elements only found in Apple devices. But since Samsung was a giant already, the company could not fall over the lawsuit. After all, Samsung had the finances to solve this case in court.

On the other hand, Xiaomi had an advantage then. The company had calculated the risk involved and decided to try pursuing their design concept anyway. The advantage was that this company was viewed as a toddler in the tech world, and thus it was not considered a threat. What’s more, Xiaomi was protected under foreign corporate Chinese law. Apparently, that risk was a good stepping stone for the brand.

Why Xiaomi is now a major threat to both Apple and Samsung

The two giants no longer reign in Asia’s biggest markets because Xiaomi is in the picture. Today, the company has the brand and financial muscles needed to venture out into the American market. This is a classic example of biting the hand that fed you.

But why does Xiaomi have this courage? Their previous Redmi Note 4 smartphone was a big success. It rivaled high-end competitors using a business model that still remains a mystery to its competition.

The company strives to keep prices as close to the cost of manufacturing as possible. This way, it hopes to realize profits in the long run when the cost of manufacturing drops.

What about the new Redmi Note 4x? Well, this device has received more attention than expected. Nevertheless, the attention is deserved because Xiaomi is always using quality raw materials to make products that can fairly compete with high-end Apple or Samsung devices.

Xiaomi’s secret is to tackle the competition head-on, and it is doing this by manufacturing Apple-grade products which would then sell at a low price. This means that you can finally begin playing games from platforms like Slots2Slots at a fraction of the cost spent on acquiring Apple or Samsung devices.

Unique products

Xiaomi devices run on MIUI, or My User Interface. All Xiaomi devices come with this Android interface, and it presents multiple features which are typically not available in the usual Android or iOS devices, including virus scanning and full control over automated tasks. Such features present a unique gaming experience, especially when the device is used with an Android slot review app to find the latest gaming apps.

And with the already growing numbers of fans around the world, Xiaomi is poised to sell even more smartphones — and truly give Apple and Samsung a run for their money in competitive markets.


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