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Airbus plans to roll out Vahana – fully autonomous flying taxi by 2020

Vahana Airbus‘Vahana’ is the future of flying-cab service, believes the European aerospace giant Airbus after it gave a sneak-peek of its ambitious project. The name Vahana is derived from Sanskrit, world’s most ancient language, which means vehicles of gods in Hindu mythology. The final product is aimed at adding vertical element in transportation methods.
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Airbus develops a functional 3D printed UAV and its called Thor

airbus-unveils-3d-printed UAV Thor

The aerospace manufacturing giant Airbus has been involved with 3D printing and manufacturing since 2014. Over the period, Airbus aircrafts have been fitted with various 3D printed parts, but now the company is visualizing a future where 3D printed aircrafts will lift off straight from the runway. Airbus has recently filed a patent application from a 3D printing process to print a fully-functional airplane. While the patent takes time to materialize, Airbus has gone ahead and 3D printed a unmanned aerial vehicle named Thor at their manufacturing plant in Hamburg, Germany. Read More…

Airbus APWorks creates 3D printed electric motorcycle for $56,000

APWorks_Light_Rider_3D printed electric motorcycle-1

Airbus is definitely not a name that you’d associate with motorcycles. The aviation giant has no automotive bias anyway. Through its subsidiary APWorks, Airbus has developed a peculiar kind of bike – a 3D printed motorcycle called the Light Rider. The motorcycle unveiled in Germany last week weighs only 77 pounds and draws power from a six kilowatt electric engine which keeps it going for almost 37 miles on a single charge. Read More…

A380 successor on its way, Airbus files patent for a new double-decker airplane

Airbus new patent for double decker plane

Airbus has filed patent for a new double-decker plane, but through the released pictures, the patented aircraft looks somewhat like a toy plane out of a child’s story book. The patent has no real description about the aircraft. It describes a large double-deck plane with variety of possible configurations. For now, before Airbus can finalize where they will have the wings and the engines, the aircraft seems like three planes in one. Read More…

OneWeb to launch 700 Airbus-developed satellites to beam internet from space

Airbus OneWeb Internet beaming satellites

OneWeb Ltd, a startup founded in collaboration by Qualcomm and Richard Branson’s Virgin Group has funded Airbus billions of dollars to develop 900 internet-beaming satellites. Through this world’s largest constellation of satellites, OneWeb visions to deliver underserved parts of the world with high speed, space-based internet in the coming years. Read More…

Airbus Concept Plane to be equipped with interactive windows for engaging travel

Airbus Concept Plane

In the near future air travel could get much more interesting as Airbus has filed a new patent for interactive aircraft window that’ll revamp the aviation industry in a big way. The idea is to treat the flying guests with more details of the sights they are about to see in the state or city they are traveling to. For example if you are flying from U.S. to Paris, you’ll see all the details of important landmarks such as Eiffel Tower, and their visualization too.
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Airbus partners with aerospace firm Aerion to develop a supersonic business jet

Aerion AS2 supersonic business jet

Aerion AS2 supersonic business jet

Supersonic business jets are coming one step closer to become a reality in the future. Leading aircraft manufacturer Airbus have partnered with Aerion Corporation, an American aerospace firm for the development of a supersonic business jet. Both these companies have come to an agreement for developing technologies that will make supersonic business travel a possibility. Dubbed Aerion AS2, the world’s fastest global business jet will come with a top speed of Mach 1.6 and international range too. The firms will try to build and certify the world’s first supersonic business jet by 2021.
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Remote controlled Airbus A380 replica flies like the real thing

Remote controlled Airbus A380

We’ve been previously freaked out by remote controlled creations of the superman and the Orvillecopter. Therefore, it took a while for the incredible replica of the remote controlled Airbus A380 to sink in. When I first saw the video, I was literally taken aback by the close to real sound of the aircraft. Then the amazing display of the R/C Airbus on the runway, the wonderful take off, excellent flight and flawless landing, just forced me to show this to you guys. This is basically working 1/15th scale model of an Airbus A380 that measures 4.8 meters (15 feet) long and has a 5.3 meter (approx. 17 feet) wingspan. Featuring a 10 liter fuel tank and weighing only 78kgs you can find more about the remote controlled Airbus 380 here or hit the jump to see the YouTube video. Read More…

Mercedez-Benz & Lufthansa Technik present an unbelievable aircraft VVIP cabin

Mercedes Benz lufthansa aircraft cabin

Mercedes Benz and Lufthansa Technik aircraft cabin

Mercedez-Benz is looking to take air travel to the next level as it has partnered with Lufthansa Technik (Engineering subsidiary of Lufthansa) to design the ultra-posh cabin for private jets. This initiative was announced at the 2015 European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE), and it looks to rival the hotel-style apartment aboard the Airbus A380.
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Belaz-75710 mining truck is the world’s biggest truck thus far!

Belaz-75710 mining truck

Belaz tucks, a Belarusian vehicle manufacturer has released the world’s largest mining truck, and it is all electric! Behold the Belaz-75710 mining truck which can haul more than 500 metric tons of load in one go. If you are not that good with numbers then let me tell you that it is equivalent to fully fuelled and loaded Airbus A320-200 plane. The truck is drive by four 1,200 kW electric motors from Siemens. The last record holding truck was 25 percent less than this beast which is a significant increase in size.
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