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Hèrmes Apple Watch luxury bands available in new colors from April 19

hermes Apple Watch luxury bands

Apple and Hermès collaboration is based on delivering Apple Watch bands that are designed with both utility and design in mind. We’ve seen this in the Apple Watch Hermès collection that was launched in mid 2015 and it is again evident from the Apple Watch luxury bands released in new Hermès collection. French luxury brand, in its new collection has revealed a trio of luxury-packed leather bands for the Apple Watch and these are the double tour, single tour and the cuff. New leather bands are curiously designed to allows the Apple Watch’s heart rate sensor remain in contact with the wrist. Read More…

Apple Watch Hermès brings new fashion statement to the forte

Hermès Apple Watch

Apple is definitely trying hard to lure in the fashion conscious section of the society to buy its smartwatch, but that effort till now has not yielded the result they were expecting. In another bold move Apple have collaborated with French luxury brand Hermès to come-up with an Apple Watch that has luxury and exclusivity stamped all over it. This new collection will come in stainless steel Apple Watch embraced by finely crafted leather band in three different styles. The watch is going to have a unique Double Tour wrap that goes around your wrist twice, Cuff leather band and the conventional single tour band.
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Limited Edition M9-P Edition Hermes camera is all class with perfect shooting prowess

In a thumping duo, Lecia and luxury fashion house Hermes have created M9-P Edition Hermes camera which redefines finely crafted electronics made for the elite section. Having a redesigned, smoother top-plate and control points crafted by famous automotive designer Walter de’Silva the M9-P Edition Hermes camera is all class from edge to edge. It has “Veau Swift” calfskin leather in Ocre which is applied to the camera body and also in the shoulder strap included in the set. The Lecia M9-P Edition Hermes camera is offered in two different sets with the option of two or three lenses and when the design of lenses incorporates numerous differences in the details.
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If Hermes spacecraft dream comes true you could space travel without spending your life savings

I have seen loads of innovative projects on Kickstarter getting a good start and managing to get their ideas into production. But this Kickstarter project from STAR (Space Transport and Recovery) Systems, Phoenix, Arizona based team of visionary aerospace entrepreneurs is one like never seen before. Looking to make sub-orbital space travel (where you can experience zero gravity and see the curvature of Earth) easily affordable for the common man,STAR Systems team is looking to develop the Hermes Spacecraft (named after ancient Greek god of boundaries) which will take on the much more expensive space travel options being provided by Virgin Galactic and Space Adventures head on.
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5 Reasons why Apple Watch is doomed

Apple Watch 2

Apple Watch was one of the most anticipated gadget when it was initially released. They were literally flying off the shelves as Apple fanboys raced to the nearest store to get one for themselves. These days however, the sale of Apple Watch is plummeting rapidly, thanks to the availability of a slew of other better smartwatches in the market. Is the Apple’s smartwatch doomed, or is this just a slump they can recover from? For many, this is the beginning of the end for this wearable owing to these five main reasons.

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Wearable market in its prime – three best gadgets you should own right now

Smartwatches are selling like hot cakes

The world of wearable technology is expanding. Despite a shaky start and uncertainty surrounding the practical applications of smart devices small enough to fit on your wrist, the market is now experiencing a boom.  According to the latest predictions by CCS Insight, the wearable market will be worth a staggering $25 billion by 2019 with sales increasing from 84 million units to 245 million. Everything from fitness trackers and smartwatches to potential innovations in the virtual reality area are driving the market forward. Read More…

Apple Watch Series 2 is a swim-proof smartwatch

Apple Watch Series 2

After much speculation and anticipation, Tim Cook finally got on stage at the Apple Event in San Francisco to announce the Apple Watch Series 2, along with the latest iPhone models and refreshing wireless AirPods. The air has been cleared on all the assumptions about this Apple smartwatch, and it is in-fact much better than its predecessor. However it borrows a lot from the first generation Apple Watch, including the square dial design and the funky crown for scrolling and zooming-in on details. Also, the watch casing is going to be available in aluminum, stainless steel and the exclusive white-colored ceramic model.
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Pretty looking TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch is Apple Watch’s nemesis

TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch_3

Finally the long anticipated TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch modeled on the company’s own Carrera watch has been revealed at a press conference by the Swiss watchmaker. Carrying a hefty price tag of $1,500 this smartwatch actually looks like any other high-end timepiece from the premium watchmaker, but has much more under the hood than someone would expect.
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Best looking smartwatches you can go for this holiday season

The next trending gadgets of this century are definitely going to be wearables and currently the hot accessory in trend is smartwatch. This modern day gadget solves many purposes at the same time. Keeping tab of time, learning about notifications from smartphone without even taking it out of your pocket or being on track of your fitness regime targets. There are plenty of smartwatches out for purchase and if you are very choosy about looks, this guide will be your decision maker. Have a peak at these amazing smartwatches that are eye candy and at the same time loaded with features that make your life simpler.
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$1,800 TAG Heuer smartwatch coming on November 9


In the early half of this year during BaselWorld 2015 TAG Heuer revealed their undercover smartwatch project in collaboration with Intel that was going to be released in the holiday season. The plans are on track as TAG Heuer has made another revelation that confirms the release date. Swiss watchmaker has confirmed that on November 9 at the LVMH building in New York, CEO Jean-Claude Biver will release this swanky Android smartwatch to the world.
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