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Greenfield man builds functional R2D2 replica at home

Photo: Geoff Bruce/Now Media Group

Photo: Geoff Bruce/Now Media Group

R2D2 is by far the most loved character of Star Wars franchise, and it will continue to do so. People never seize to come up with their R2D2 replicas or maybe other things themed around the fictional robotic character. Steve Schmidt from Greenfield has been a die heart Star Wars fan since he was 6 years old, and after seeing the official R2D2 at a convention, he knew what he had to do. Steve set out on building one of his own R2D2 with help from his wife who is also a Star Wars fanatic.
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Solve Star Wars jigsaw puzzle to make your own Millennium Falcon, R2D2 replica

Star Wars Millennium FalconPuzzle

The love for Star Wars will never die and nor will the endless list of cool Star Wars merchandize. And nothing can be more exciting than building your own metallic Millennium Falcon and R2-D2 from scratch. Star Wars Metallic Nano Puzzle is made from ultra-fine laser cutting which can be assembled step by step into a life like palm-sized metal model by removing the parts from metal sheet and then bending and folding them like paper craft art by following the instructions. All you need is a pair of scissors, tweezers and needle-nose pliers to cut the various steel parts from the puzzle and bend them according to the instructions. Once complete the Millennium Falcon measures 72mm and looks very cool.
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R2-Pi is a 2000 Lego brick remake of R2D2 droid

R2-pi Lego

Perhaps one of the coolest Astromech builds seen thus far, this R2-Pi created especially for the LegoLand Star Wars Days by Lego hobbyist Matt Armstrong caught our eye. Made in under 4 days by following directions from kit 10225 and tinkering through his Lego collection, Matt created this amazing Lego build in attractive black and gold from around 2000 Legos. You can also make one for yourself by having the visual clues from the pictures that you see.

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Trials of Tatooine – Star Wars VR experience with HTC Vive headset

Star Wars VR Trials of Tatooine

Lucasfilm’s R&D wing ILMxLab is working on a room-scale Star Wars experiment set in virtual reality and they released a video showing how amazing it is. Using HTC Vive VR headset, the wearer is transported to Luke Skywalker’s home planet after the defeat of the Galactic Empire. Dubbed as ‘Trials on Tatooine’, this VR experience was revealed to a group of journalists at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. This is a unique way to experience Star Wars as you fit into the shoes of an unnamed Padawan holding a Lightsaber.
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Australian artist hand-builds iconic Millennium Falcon from wood


For all Star Wars fans, an Australian woodwork artist Martin Creaney has built a highly detailed wood version of the iconic sci-fi ship. Martin, who has previously build various Star Wars memorabilia’s including a X-Wing Fighter, R2D2, and an AT-ST Walker, this time around, inspired by a toy model of the ship bought 10 odd years back, has hand-built the iconic Millennium Falcon from more than 3,000 individually carved wood pieces. Read More…

Wooden X-Wing Starfighter is all for the love of Star Wars

Wooden X-Wing Starfighter

Carl Jacobson made an impressive Millennium Falcon from wood with quite a lot of effort and skill put into it. Now, the woodworking expert is back with yet another creation of his which is equally impressive. A meticulously crafted X-Wing Starfighter made from maple burl wood and walnut wood. The woodworking pro has a tenacity for making Star Wars replicas and this one is also crafted to maximum precision.
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Don’t mistake this flying R2-D2 for UFO, it’s actually a drone

R2-D2 drone

For me this is the Star Wars week with nothing else trending on the internet than lighsabers, R2-D2’s and Darth Vader. We have seen some geeky stuff in the past week and before that too; but believe you me, you won’t get to see something as cool as this. A R2D2 drone called Arturo which is built by cinematographer Don Melara. Probably one of the world’s first flying R2D2 that is not vulnerable to crashes, this Star Wars-inspired DIY needs some attention on the internet.
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Whiz-kid sisters launch homemade craft to get a glimpse of space

Loki Lego Launcher

They haven’t even touched their teen years and these two sisters already know more about space and astronomy than you would know. Meet Kimberly and Rebecca Yeung aged 8 and 10 who have a passion for space science, and they proved it alright by launching their homemade craft to the edge of Earth’s atmosphere, almost reaching 78,000 feet with a top speed of 110 km/h. That height apparently is achieved by a commercial aircraft carrier and it in itself is a great achievement when you consider their age!
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Disney introduces irresistible Star Wars Millennium Falcon quadcopter and X-Wing drone

Disney introduces irresistible Millennium Falcon quadcopter and X-Wing drone by Air Hogs

As a part of the promotion for the upcoming Star Wars The Force Awakens movie, Disney reveled a set of remote controlled flying toys during live streaming event (Forced Friday) at the ongoing Fans Expo in Dallas. These flying warships created by Air Hogs caught everyone by surprise and it would be safe to say that they are going to be on your wish list soon.
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Surreal Millennium Falcon Lego replica crafted from 6000 bricks

Millennium Falcon Lego replica by Titans Creations

Millennium Falcon Lego replica for LEGOland Malaysia’s “Star Wars” event

Lego creations always look cool when viewed from a distance, but as you come closer the tiny little detail flaws begin to show. The amount of time and effort required in fine-tuning the details of Lego creation is not a piece of cake, and when we are talking about crafting a Millennium Falcon Lego replica, then it’s even more difficult. That is why this Millennium Falcon made from more than 6,000 Lego bricks is worth appreciating. With attention to detail to every single element in the Han Solo’s Star Wars ship, it is a treat for the eye, and inspiration for other Lego builders to follow.
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