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Inupathy 3D printed dog collar tells you how your dog feels or thinks

Inupathy dog collar 2
A Japanese manufacturer has put a speaking dog collar “Inupathy” on Indiegogo for crowdfunding. The collar is suggested as the world’s first “mental visualizer” for dogs. The purpose is to allow users read what a dog is trying to say when its barking, looking at something, lying on floor idle, or jumping about to garner owner’s attention. Read More…

Garmin’s three-in-one dog collar means you’ll never lose track of your pet

Garmin Delta Upload dog collar

Dog collars have gone high-tech over the years, but they still had scope for improvement. Tapping on the void, Garmin has launched Delta Upload, an all new three-in-one dog collar, which combines the benefits of an electronic training collar, a BarkLimiter and a remote beeper that helps locate the dogs in case they go out of sight. The simple to use Delta Upland is lightweight remote trainer with customizable correction settings. Featuring an easy-to-read LCD display, the Delta Upland can be easily switched between five separate training configurations. The trainer can make immediate corrections (in tone, vibration and almost 36 levels of movement simulations), based on the situation and the temperament of the dog. Read More…

Link AKC smart collar tracks dog’s fitness and location in real-time

Link AKC smart dog collar

We have seen a few technically advanced dog collars, but the Link AKC smart collar has been developed to enhance the bond between you and your dog. Made in collaboration with American Kennel Club (AKC) the smart collar comes packed with normal features of a GPS enabled fitness tracker. The collar features a built-in activity monitor and GPS and has the ability to store information on dog’s veterinary log and its ambient body temperature. With all the information, the dog collar makes it easier for you to take great care of you pooch. Read More…

App connected Canhe-Fit pet collar monitors health and nutrition levels

CanheFit health monitor for pets

You are going crazy about all the fitness and health tracking gadgets in the market, so why not have on for your pet? Yes, a wearable for your loved pets that’ll keep you informed about their nutrition and health. Canhegat, France-based engineering and design company has created a monitoring device for household pets that we’ll see debut at CES 2016. This device is going to be like a pendant which can be attached to the pet’s collar to monitor nutrition, exercise levels and overall health status.
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Lishinu retractable dog leash keeps your hands free during dog walks

Lishinu retractable dog leash

When it comes to a practical scope, sometimes it is the simplicity of the design that takes precedence over highfalutin features. This is aptly demonstrated by the Lishinu (leash-in-you), a retractable dog leash that fastens to your wrist. This wrist fastening attribute is not just for the gimmicky ambit; it serves a rather convenient function of keeping your fingers completely free for other stuff. We are talking about those dastardly instances when you have to tie your shoelace or carry a shopping bag, while walking your dog. Well, with the retractable Lishinu being tied to your wrist area, your dog can still remain safe within your ‘proximity zone’.

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