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Ford demos in-car water dispenser that produces drinkable water from car’s air conditioning  


Further With Ford trend conference always has something interesting to throw at customers. This week, at the conference in Detroit, Michigan, Ford engineers showed an innovative in-car water dispenser they have been working on. Dubbed “On-the-go-H2O” the system is designed to recycle condensation produced by your car’s air conditioning into clean, drinkable water. The idea is conceived to work out a way in which all that water going waste due to condensation can be reused with a purpose, so that people driving in areas with scarcity of water can have their car’s own built-in system provide them the water they need. Read More…

Ford shows-off EcoBoost powered skateboard and blender in its new ad campaign


Ford has come up with a worth watching ad campaign for its 1.0-liter three-cylinder EcoBoost engine. Ford is offering this engine in the 2016 Ford Focus, but it seems, the sales need some additional boost. What Ford did was use this compact engine to power things like skateboard, grinder, baseball pitching machine, and may be more experiments are in line. Read More…

Glassouse – Affordable assistive device lets disabled use mouse with head movements

assistive glassouse device 4
The Glassouse, an affordable bluetooth mouse that can enable disabled people to use a mouse with computers or other devices is trying to gather support from people on crowdfunding site Indiegogo. It’s worn like glasses, but is actually without any lenses. The glasses can detect head movements to match them with the direction in which user wishes to scroll the cursor. The cursor can follow head movements in any direction including upward and downward directions. Read More…

Ford’s autonomous Fusion Hybrid tested flawlessly in pitch black darkness

Ford Autonomous Fusion Hybrid

Ford on Monday surprised automotive industry as it revealed more updates on its ongoing project – an autonomous research vehicle – Fusion Hybrid. Ford has already been testing its self-driving Fusion Hybrid for a while now. Car manufacturing brands are already working to realize this dream with their futuristic models, like Tesla Model S and Mercedes-Benz E-Class. There is lots of research going on self-driving cars currently which is good news for the future. Singapore has even tested world’s first fully-autonomous, zero-emission cab service.  Read More…

iPhone SE, Apple’s most affordable and powerful 4-inch phone ever

Apple iPhone SE

Apple took wraps of the much anticipated 4-inch iPhone, which is officially called iPhone SE. At the press event in Company’s Cupertino head quarters, the iPhone SE was launched and it’s a welcome iPhone 5s upgrade (Apple would shy from calling it that). We’d call this a 5s upgrade because that was Apple’s last device with a compact 4-inch display before the tech giant went on to phones as large as 5.5-inch. iPhone SE would be available for price starting at $399, which makes it most affordable iPhone yet. Read More…

PlayStation VR to launch in October for $399, future of gaming is now affordable

PlayStation VR release date and price

Virtual reality headset market is poised at such a juncture where each manufacturer wants to make its mark. Realistically speaking, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR are the three main VR devices that customers want to bank on for the moment. While Oculus and HTC have revealed prices for release dates for their devices, Sony was lagging behind. Taking the opportunity to impress the takers, Japanese giant has announced that PlayStation VR will retail beginning October 2016 for $399. Announcement was made at the 30th Game Developers Conference underway in San Fransisco. Read More…

Affordable electric Smart-Kart for future racers in the making

Actec Arrow Smart-Kart electric vehicle toy for kids

For kids nothing is more exciting than having their first set of wheels, be it a two-wheeler or four wheeler. We’ve seen many options when it comes to buying a toy for your kid, especially cars, but this one is more practical and affordable. The Arrow Smart-Kart by Actec electric vehicle for pre-teens and kids made its first appearance at the New York City Toy Fair 2016. The more I look at it, the more I wish that I had it during my pre-teen years. This kid’s EV kart can top a speed of 12 miles per hour. That kind of speed comes courtesy two independent 250-Watt electric motors and a lightweight chassis. Your kid can perform donuts and drifts too in their Smart-Kart.
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LeMons team makes a cheap Hoonicorn RTR 1965 Ford Mustang doppelganger

Hoonicron RTR 1965 Ford Mustang replica by LeMons team

Ken Block, the master drifter had the time of his life driving the Hoonicorn RTR in Gymkhana 7 and the muscle car looked stunning on the streets of Los Angeles. The car looked stunning and unmatchable when it comes to replicating another one. But a group of LeMons racers, the Knoxvegas Lowballers nailed it with their take on the Hoonicorn RTR 1965 Ford Mustang as a tribute to Gymkhana.
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Ford tests self-driving car in snowy conditions, announces plans at Detroit Auto Show 2016

Ford self-driving car in snow

As a proactive move towards the self-driving dominated future that has already been initiated by Google and Tesla Motors, more auto giants are joining the bandwagon. One thing automakers so far have not accounted for is bad weather conditions like rain/snow and Ford wants to fix that. They have developed a new fleet of self-driving Fusion Hybrid cars which use radar, LiDAR sensors with range of 200 meters and real-time 3D mapping technology.
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