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PillBox: World’s first modular pill dispenser for individuals and healthcare organizations

Pillbox medication dispenser_1

Keeping a track of the right pills to take can be a bit of hassle for elderly who are suffering from multiple problems. Especially when it is about taking multiple pills at specified times of the day. To counter this problem, a Polish startup company dr Pocket has come-up with PillBox, a smart med dispenser which connects to your new age gadgets. The pill dispenser is unlike any other pill dispenser as it has a central control unit which needs to be filled with all the medicines, and it automatically dispenses the right pill at the right time.
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Facebook healthcare app readying for a silent launch

A portrait of the Facebook logo in Ventura

Social Network giant, Facebook, has included many valuable assets in its treasure like Instagram and WhatsApp. There are number of other fields which Mark Zuckerberg is curious to explore including its own solar- powered drones over remote parts of Africa. Health care was in his attention from a long time. Especially, the fact that people suffering with chronic diseases look for community support, advice and expertise on social media sites is a positive indicator for Facebook’s next initiative; healthcare app. Finally, Facebook is jumping into health industry to extend support to ill people. Read More…

FDA approved Smart Pill monitors body functions for proactive healthcare

Proteus Digital Health Smart pill

Digestible pills with embedded computer chip could be the future of medical applications to track patient’s health with utmost precision and register any signs of major health issues at initial stages. The pill developed by Proteus Digital Health a.k.a Digital health feedback system, has magnesium and copper that is powered by body fluid, and activates as soon as it reaches your stomach. This pill is used for tracking overall body health, sleep patterns, heart rate, temperature and other information vital in determining a person’s overall wellness.
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NTT DoCoMo Healthcare all set to launch Move Band fitness tracker

Move Band fitness tracker

This year’s CES surely proved one thing – electronic establishments all over the world are looking forth to ‘smart’ wearable technology as the new-age ‘product messiah’ that would propel them into the realm of the commercially rampant mobile device market. And now, NTT DoCoMo Healthcare has jumped on the bandwagon with their version of a wearable wristband christened as the Move Band. Tailored as a collective health and fitness tracker, the device will have the capacity to gauge various parameters, including distance traveled, calories burned and sleep time. And, in an interesting turn of events, the Move Band was slated to launch by December of last year. However, the company has made a few adjustments (and presumably a few advancements), and now the water-resistant product will make its commercial debut tomorrow, in 29th January.

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CES 2013: iHealth iOS enabled wireless mobile devices for healthcare on the go

Big, bigger, better, is what defines the CES 2013. This year’s event showcased some of the best technology driven healthcare products, among which are two very useful devices – the iHealth Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System and the iHealth Pulse Oximeter by iHealth Labs Inc. And, whether you’re just another health freak, or looking to manage critical health problems like diabetes and heart diseases, these intuitive devices will definitely come handy.

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First delivery drones commissioned to transport blood to hospitals in Rwanda

Zipline Zips delivery drones in Rwanda

We have seen drones deliver packages from Amazon and Burrito, but these delivery drones commissioned in Rwanda are for real and backed by the government for a purpose. Developed by Zipline – a San Francisco-based startup in collaboration with the government, the drones called Zips will be used to deliver blood to patients in Western Rwanda. The rural region has 21 transfusing centers but it has remained aloof of appropriate healthcare because of poor accessibility. Read More…

5 end users who can rely on rugged laptops

Panasonic Toughbook

Your job or work is something you cannot ignore; along with that in today’s tech savvy world; a computer is what you essentially need to help increase your productivity at work. While most normal desk jobs within a secure working environment require ordinary computers and laptops which perform well in terms of speed, have good performance and so on; there are few end-users whose field of work and environment necessitates them to rely only on rugged computers.

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Playful Wisp Pediatric Nasal Mask for non-invasive ventilation in children

Wisp Pediatric Nasal Mask_2

Children with obstructive sleep apnea and neuromuscular disorders need frequent ventilation to maintain the oxygen levels in blood. This can take a toll on child’s psyche and have long term stress related problems which can be hard to solve. To make ventilation fun activity for children suffering from such unfortunate ailments, Philips Respironics (a subsidiary of Royal Philips) has developed Wisp Pediatric Nasal Mask. This ventilating mask is designed to assist in breathing and proper intake of oxygen, while maintaining the fun element with its giraffe neck like design.
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Vasu – Innovative 3D printed smartphone case can diagnose malaria

Innovative Application Student Award, organized by Dutch optics 3D printing specialist Luxexcel, featured Vasu, a 3D printed smartphone case that can diagnose malaria using microfludic principles and an accompanying mobile app. Vasu, which means ‘bright’ in Hindi is designed by industrial design student Leroy Huikeshoven specifically for Indian population. Currently, this innovative smartphone cover is fitted on a Huawei Ascend P6 smartphone . According to Huikeshoven, this cover features a clever system that can quickly quantify the amount of malaria parasites in a patient and immediately facilitate accurate treatment. Read More…

FriWalk: New high-tech robotic mobility walker cum personal trainer

Friwalk robotic mobility walker

Under the EU’s ACANTO project researchers from six different European countries collaborated to take mobility walker concept to the next level. These researchers are working on development of the Friendly Robot Walker or FriWalk – a four wheeled walker equipped with technologies that will not only assist the elderly and disabled in walking, but also gather data about users overall health and even provide inputs like a personal trainer. Best part is that it will allow user’s friends or relatives to feed their own ideas for different physical activities via an accompanying FriTablet device. FriWalk has integrated cameras, sensors and contactless heart monitor for a completely unique walking experience. Read More…