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Pokemon Go Plus: Wearable that’ll make you a champion, arrives Sept. 16

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At the Apple Watch Series 2 launch event in San Francisco, Niantic took to stage and said Pokemon Go (the phenomenon) will be available for the wearable. Exciting! But be reminded, Apple Watch is not the only wearable that will interact with Pokemon Go. Announced at E3 trade show with price tag of $34.99, Pokemon Go Plus developed by Nintendo is another wearable dedicated to the game; the wearable device is scheduled to release on September 16 in most countries including USA, Australia, Japan and New Zealand. Read More…

Pokemon Go virtual eggs defile religious sentiments in India

Pokemon Go virtual eggs defile religious sentiments in India

Pokemon Go, which became the worldwide sensation in no time, has managed to hurt religious believers in India, even before its official launch. Although the augmented-reality game has not been officially released in India, but the game enthusiasts have found ways to play. However, Gujarat-based attorney Alay Anil Dave has filed a PIL (public interest litigation) with the state High Court against Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go. He alleges that the game should be banned in India, as it rewards virtual eggs to vegetarians in religious places such as temples. Read More…

How has Pokemon Go changed gaming apps forever?

Pokemon go banned in Iran

By now, you must have definitely heard about the frenzied Pokemon Go players. Even if you aren’t a Pokemon Go addict yourself, you might have definitely come across clumps of people glued to their mobile phones running around the city. Well, thanks to Pokemon Go – the augmented reality game application developed by Niantic, the company which published the app is now twelve billion US dollars richer( at least in terms of valuation) than what it was before Pokemon Go happened.
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Pokemon Go contact lenses might be coming your way – John Hanke confirms

Contact lenses that prevent optic nerve damage by glaucoma

People are going nuts for Pokemon Go, and the fun keeps getting better. This augmented reality game has gripped the world like no other app or game. So what is the next frontier for this AR game that’s making everyone drool over for Pokemon catching mania? If you are to believe Niantic Founder John Hanke, then it is going the wearable technology’s way. He wants to make the game more interactive and fun for the players.
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Iran is first country to ban augmented reality app Pokemon Go

Pokemon go banned in Iran

You must be hopping countries to catch ‘em all, but be cautioned when you venture into Iran for some Pokemon Go fun. Iran has become the first country in the world to ban the augmented reality app. The High Council of Virtual Spaces in Iran has officially banned Pokemon Go in the country specifying security reasons. Albeit, the Council was very concise in its explanation of the security concerns, the authority refrained from elaborating the reason for its decision. Read More…

3D printed Pokémon Go iPhone case lets you toss Pokéball dead straight

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There isn’t much you can do when you’ve found a Pokémon than to battle it and catch it by flicking that Pokéball at it. Chances are you’re pretty good at ball flicking, but if you’re struggling, a Pokémon Go fan and industrial design student in Australia, Jon Cleaver has created an iPhone case to help you perfect the art of ball flicking. The creative case guides your finger to launch the Pokéball dead straight at the Pokémon ensuring you gain experience points every time in the first go itself. Read More…

A Kiwi quits job to become finest Pokémon Go hunter ever


Pokémon Go has become an international phenomenon; people have gone bonkers after the augmented reality game and it has already climbed charts on Apple Store and Play Store to surpass applications such as Snapchat and Candy Crush. Playing the addictive game is one thing and sacrificing a stable career for its sake is another. Considering latter as a feasible option, one New Zealander named Tom Currie has given up his job at a café in Auckland to become the finest Pokémon Go hunter in the world. His idea is very simple, catch all the Pokémon’s there are, travelling length and breadth of the country over two months, and then returning to Auckland to find a new job. Read More…

3D printed Pokedex phone case for the Pokemon Go addicts

Pokedex phone case

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S4, and you have already become a Pokemon Go addict, you surely know the power of this augmented reality game to drain your phone’s battery. The game requires you to have the phone data, its screen and GPS running at full force with processor constantly trying to keep live maps running, and camera doing all the image processing in the background. The power draining game has got people to carry their power banks along while playing, which is not at all cool with the cable dangling – as an alternative, a DIY-er has created a custom 3D printed Pokedex-shaped phone case for his a Samsung Galaxy S4. Read More…

Augmented reality mobile game Pokémon GO is biggest ever in U.S. history

pokemon Go biggest game ever

Quite a few applications have taken Play Store and Apple Store by storm in the past – latest being the Pokémon GO – a Nintendo franchise game. The first real augmented reality game, this is a free download for iOS and Android devices, and it mixes real world elements with the virtual game, which is making people go bonkers for the app. People are fanatically downloading Pokémon GO, and according to a SurveyMonkey report, it is already the biggest mobile game in the history of United States. Read More…