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CES 2017: Nvidia’s self-driving car seems to be a strong contender in the race

Nvidia self driving car

The race for self-driving cars is getting hotter by the day, and big automotive giants are already deep into the development. Latest in the run for supremacy in self-driving cars is Audi. They have joined hands with Nvidia to develop a self-driving car they call BB8. The autonomous car will be based on a Drive-PX computer which makes all the critical decisions on busy roadways.
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Apple’s first real hint on its ambition to develop self-driving car

self driving car Apple

Since the deployment of Project Titan, Apple’s separate organization to develop automotive projects – Apple has been rigorously working on a future self-driving car. The Cupertino tech giant had been secretive about the project until recently when the company gave out a strongest hint through a letter submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Read More…

Why self-driving cars may not actually happen

Self-driving cars

The last few years have taken us from a time when cars that drive themselves were science fiction to a real possibility. Uber recently announced that it will debut a fleet of self-driving vehicles (with assigned drivers for safety) and Google has already created driverless prototype vehicles that are being tested in secure environments by riders. There have been investments from major companies to make real strides in the autonomous driving industry, and people feel that these vehicles will be superior in mastering various obstacles, such as safety issues and inclement weather.

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Georgia Tech develop self-driving car capable of drifting on dirt tracks

Self driving drifting car

Self-driving technology is being aggressively explored by automotive experts to one day eliminate manual driving completely. That dream is just in the infancy stages, although giants like Google and Tesla Motors are making impressive developments for the same. Autonomous cars are good, but don’t you think they are little boring? Always going by the book and not taking account for error by other motorists or unforeseen situations like bad weather conditions or a semi-truck losing control and hurling towards the self-driving car. In those situations an autonomous car would be more of a danger rather than safe commuter. To cover that situation, Georgia Tech have developed a technology which prepares autonomous vehicles for the rough rides as well.
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Goodyear Eagle-360 concept tire works in harmony with self-driving cars

Goodyear Eagle 360 concept tire_1

Self-driving cars are inching closer to worldwide acceptance and it is imperative that they have major components which are designed for autonomous driving conditions. At the Geneva International Motor Show 2016 Goodyear revealed their concept tire for the future that is tailor-made for self-driving vehicles. Eagle-360 is a spherical-shaped tire which ensures maneuverability, biomimicry and connectivity to the whole driving system for such cars. It has ItelliGrip technology with advanced sensors to adapt the tread design according the road conditions for optimal performance. Read More…

Google ready for testing self-driving car in rainy conditions of Washington

Google self-driving cars

Google’s self-driving car project has been under development, testing and improvement for a long time now and the internet giant wants to make it 100% full-proof before even thinking of rolling it out for commercial use. One thing that Google haven’t demonstrated so far is their self-driving car’s ability to drive in adverse conditions like rain or snow. However, Ford have been proactive with their self-driving car which they tested in snowy conditions. Most probably this has prompted Google to test its self-driving cars with over 1.4 million miles to prove their metal in rainy conditions.
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Ford tests self-driving car in snowy conditions, announces plans at Detroit Auto Show 2016

Ford self-driving car in snow

As a proactive move towards the self-driving dominated future that has already been initiated by Google and Tesla Motors, more auto giants are joining the bandwagon. One thing automakers so far have not accounted for is bad weather conditions like rain/snow and Ford wants to fix that. They have developed a new fleet of self-driving Fusion Hybrid cars which use radar, LiDAR sensors with range of 200 meters and real-time 3D mapping technology.
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Google and Ford partner to make invincible self-driving cars

Google self driving car

Google has invested a lot of time and money in their self-driving car project, and like many other automotive giants they also believe that the next decade will see a lot of autonomous vehicles on the road. Living by this belief, Google has partnered with Ford to make self-driving cars to bring automotive technology and their own self-driving software prowess together to create a vehicle which is invincible. The two will create an independent company to take forward this dream and it is most likely that they will announce more details on this at CES 2016.
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Hacker invents self-driving car software package that’ll cost just $1000

George Hotz self driving car_1

Tesla Motors already has a strong foot-print in the electric cars section and their technology is hard to reach and implement for other manufacturers. However, 26-year old star hacker George Hotz has taken the first step towards making his own self-driving car. He has been building the self-driving technology on his 2016 Acura ILX car for about a month in his garage and so far he has been able to drive it through the San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood and the Interstate 280 autonomously. That’s impressive for the little time he has taken to tinker with the car. George believes that he is going to be the next multi-billionaire CEO and his self-driving car package will cost just $1000.
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Baidu successfully tests self-driving car in Beijing

Baidu self-driving car

Lately there has been a rage for self-driving cars and automotive manufacturers have put a lot of time and effort into developing prototypes which are almost ready for commercial testing. Joining the race to develop fully autonomous and safe self-driving cars is Chinese internet giant Baidu Inc. which has plans to put such vehicles on road within 3 years. The search engine giant has already tested their self-driving car on an 18.6-mile route in Beijing city which includes side streets and highways. They have been working on this project since 2013 and this successful testing phase means positive way ahead for the company.
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