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World’s smallest folding bike can easily fit into your suitcase

Helix- world’s smallest folding bike

How about a folding bike that is small enough to fit into a suitcase? Handcrafted from titanium in Canada, Helix is one such compact folding bike that is designed to make the most efficient use of space possible. Peter Boutakis, founder and inventor of Helix has worked on various folding bike designs over the past 8 years and has worked with manufacturers in Asia to develop these designs. Helix- The world’s smallest folding bike is the result of Peter’s technical knowledge and his passion for cycling.
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Kwiggle folding bike is that last mile commuter you were waiting for


If you’re looking for a serious last mile commuting option, the Kwiggle is a good option. Yes there are many similar folding bikes out there, but this one makes the cut for being there amid the best because after about three years into make and brake, the wonderful foldable bike is finally headed for Kickstarter to realize its dream. That’s a lot of patience considering that there are new similar bikes rolling into the market every now and then. Read More…

This electric folding bicycle is the future of urban commuting

Gi FlyBike folding electric bicycle_1

The Gi FlyBike has been in the making for almost two years now and finally it has got past the prototype stage and ready for production. The makers have put up the project on Kickstarter and in just 3 days it achieved the funding goal and looks good to accumulate a colossal amount. Looking to transform the way people commute in urban areas, this foldable electric bicycle crafted from ultra-lightweight aircraft aluminum is ideal for any situation.
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A-Bike Electric: World’s most compact and lightweight e-bike arrives later this year

A-Bike Electric

Electric bikes give you the freedom to commute around in cities with one less thing to worry, that being environmental impact. And if an electric bike is lightweight and folds into itself, there’s nothing better than that. Meet A-Bike Electric, an electric bike that is up on Kickstarter for funding and has already achieved its funding goal to materialize the idea.
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Christmas gift ideas: Best bikes for new age cyclists

Innovative bicycles for Christmas Eve

Christmas bells have already started ringing in our ears and with less than 9 days to go for the Christmas Eve to arrive people around the world are on a shopping spree to celebrate this auspicious occasion. And from all the options that buyers have to gift something special to their loved ones, a bicycle/bike comes on top of the list simply because of its utility and eco-friendly credentials. Especially people who like to conserve nature and are acquitted with the benefits of eco-friendly living. So here we present some of the most stylish yet different bikes that will make for a very special Christmas gift to loved ones, followed by a few bicycles that attracted our attention buy unfortunately are yet not available for purchase.

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