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Bobtail -A fun way to convert a stroller into scooter

bobtail-stroller-scooter-3To make a stroller dual purpose, a San Diego-based maker is offering to manufacture BOB-specific accessory that would convert strollers into a skateboard within a few seconds. User can attach it to the rear of the stroller and skate instead of walking while strolling. As compared to some complex concepts like self-driving strollers, the Bobtail is quite simple and doesn’t require any time-consuming assembly. Read More…

Parents test dive giant stroller before finalizing one for their baby

Kolcraft parent-sized stroller

Kids love being in their strollers. And it’s now time when parents will love being in the strollers too. A stroller company Kolcraft is presenting parents this exciting option. To allow parents to experience how it feels being in one of company’s prams, Kolcraft has built test ride – a 7.6 feet high, 6 feet deep and 4 feet wide stroller which parents can actually test ride before buying a kid-sized stroller for their child. Read More…

Self-driving stroller keeps your baby safe and cozy

Smartbe Intelligent Stroller

Baby strollers haven’t changed much since their inception and pushing them around for a long time can be tiring at times. Keeping this in mind, an Indiegogo project wants to end all the pushing and pulling of baby strollers and turn them into self-propelling ones. This is Smartbe Intelligent Stroller developed by a New York startup that is right in the category of self-driving wheels. The stroller is driven by an electric motor which drives it equally well in sloping roads and gives the caretaker a breather.
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Teenager makes an easy-to-use wheelchair stroller for paraplegic mother

Wheelchair stroller

For 35-year-old paraplegic Sharina Jones from Detroid, Michigan using a conventional stroller to carry around her newly born baby was a major hassle. This is where 16-year old Alden Kane stepped-in and changed the way she used to carry her baby in her wheelchair. Sharina, who herself is a strong-willed individual helps deliver wheelchairs to disabled children who cannot afford it in developing countries, found herself in a situation where she needed someone else’s help to make a wheelchair-friendly baby stroller.
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Volkswagen making a self-driving baby stroller, but is it safe?

Self-driving stroller with automatic braking system

Self-driving baby stroller with automatic braking system

Baby strollers have always been a popular way to commute little ones in style. And for that very reason Volkswagen is developing an automated stroller that makes sure your kid is not in harm’s way. This stroller came into existence as a result of an idea sharing drill by the Automotive giant. When asked about products they could improve other than cars; one suggestion came as a stroller that could automatically brake.
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Tumbler Batmobile baby stroller for your superhero kid

Batmobile baby stroller

We are all obsessed with superheroes, and in particular Batman and his Batmobile saving Gotham city from evil. No wonder there have been many Batmobile DIY’s by people all around the world trying to emulate the superheroes ride to perfection. This time around it’s kind of cute, as Tim Baker (Hollywood prop designer) and his friends make a Tumbler Batmobile (from Batman begins/Dark Knight movie) which is a baby stroller. Now your little one is going to love this superhero treatment as you go strolling in the park and on-lookers are flabbergasted by your cute superhero.
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Five car inspired baby strollers, from fastest to flame shooting

Five car inspired baby strollers

Baby Strollers have lately become the hottest and highly-engineered performing vehicles on the market. Having seen some pimped up strollers, we were really thrilled with ones inspired by cars. Therefore, for dads who want their toddlers to be transported around the block in style, we have listed below five best car-inspired baby stroller which includes the fastest and a flame throwing stroller amid other breathtaking ones. Hit the jump to enjoy! Read More…

Skoda vRS Mega Man-Pram is one pimped up baby stroller

Skoda vRS Mega Man-Pram is one pimped up baby stroller

Skoda and baby strollers have nothing in common but their new creation will change your perception for good. Skoda in celebration of their launch of the fastest Skoda car ever, dubbed as Octavia vRS have found some love for dads who want their toddlers to be transported around the block in style. They call this baby stroller as the vRS Mega Man-Pram and to transport their little devils, dads will definitely love this one. Bringing in the same credentials that we are accustomed to in a Skoda car, the pimped up pram has all the design cues and qualities of the Czech automaker.
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TRON Baby Stroller is the coolest thing for a geeky kiddo

We’ve seen a host of Tron-inspired all this while since the movie has made debut, but unless that kid in me isn’t dead, I can proudly claim that this baby stroller is probably the best iteration possible. Created by ILM research engineer Bhautik Joshi, the TRON lightstroller as it called is probably a good cool reason why a geek must have a kid.
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The Big Wheel is that intimidating bicycle in Skoda Octavia vRS commercial

The Big Wheel bicycle

Just a fortnight ago we got you acquainted with the Skoda vRS Man-Pram that was specially created for the fastest car in their line-up so far, the Octavia vRS. And in the commercial we saw quite a few niche props including the pimped up pram itself. But if you watched it carefully there was a huge front-wheeled three wheeler that a kid was riding. That very vehicle was made by the director, Keith Schofield of that commercial specially for the Octavia advertisement. Well it was hard to handle one cool pram in that commercial but to know that this vehicle called The Big Wheel which looks utterly intimidating had been specially designed just for one advertisement speaks volumes about the dedication of the production team to showcase their talents on screen and off screen as well.
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