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CES 2013: Limited Edition Tobii REX gaze interaction eye gesture control peripheral for your computer

World’s first ever gaze interaction computer peripheral by Tobii is going to be revealed at the CES 2013 next week. Taking gesture control and eye tracking technology to the next level for computer users, this peripheral is loaded with Tobii Gaze, an award-winning eye-tracking based interface which allows one to operate the computer with the combination of specific gaze and other controls like touch, mouse or keyboard. Initially Tobii will be making 5,000 limited edition Tobii REX peripherals which will be available by fall 2013 to the end consumer.

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Acer Predator 21 X world’s first curved screen laptop with eye tracking

Acer Predator 21 X curved screen laptop

Acer has brought to IFA 2016 a laptop that features a 21-inch curved screen – yes, it’s the world’s first laptop with a curved screen for a more immersive experience. Dubbed Predator 21 X, the laptop has natural curve of the eyes for wider view, which makes it a perfect machine for hardcore gamers. Touting a 2,560 x 1,080 resolution display, the laptop comes packed with NVIDIA G-Sync for that smoothest gaming experience. Read More…

Eye-tracking technology reveals superhuman reflexes of Formula-1 drivers

Formula-1 reation time

It was an utterly disappointing weekend for Team Force India in Austria, as they couldn’t even manage to finish the race with both their cars. It was particularly heart-breaking for Nico Hulkenberg who had a great qualifying run, finishing 2nd on the gird, but couldn’t manage to capitalize and had to retire in the latter stages of the GP. However, the German race driver had an interesting day leading up to the race weekend. Nico and Team Force India agreed to spare some time with eye-tracking experts Tobii Tech, just to learn how quick Formula-1 drivers are when it comes to reaction times.
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Starbreeze adds eye-tracking capability to its StarVR HMD

Star VR collaborates with Tobii for eye tracking  Tech for eye tracking VR headset

A few months ago we saw the Project StarVR headset impress with its 4K display and a 210-degree field of view HUD. Now Starbreeze VR is getting another addition to its hardware that will strengthen its portfolio a tad more. The makers have now collaborated with eye-tracking experts Tobii Tech to give the Star VR headset a hardware upgrade that’ll make it hard for other competitors to ignore. Yes, an eye-tracking function that’ll follow the wearer’s gaze and collect that information to improve the VR headset in its development stage.
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