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Create your own panoramic 360-degree photo umbrella with Panorella


We’ve seen some technically advanced umbrellas coming from the Far East, all suggesting Japanese have an unbiased fad for umbrellas. Latest example is Panorella – an umbrella handstitched meticulously from 100 percent polyester. Panorella lets you print your favorite panoramic 360-degree image on the umbrella and customize it to enliven your walk through the streets in sun and rain. Panorella is made from double layered polyester which allows finest quality of high resolution images to be printed on to the umbrella.   Read More…

Smart umbrella connects to your phone, alerts if you forget it behind

Jonas smart umbrella

We’ve seen a few smart umbrellas in our time, it turns out, Jonas by Fantastik is by far the smartest of them. This smartphone controlled umbrella is priced at 10,778 yen (about US$105) and runs via an app. Jonas connects to a smartphone through an app over Bluetooth, and lets you receive an alert as and when you’ve left the umbrella behind. Additionally, the umbrella also vibrates in case you’ve left your phone unattended somewhere. Read More…

Wind-resistant Cyprus Umbrella is best way to beat the rain

Cyprus Umbrella

How many times have you drenched in heavy downpour just because your umbrella couldn’t handle the strong winds and it turned inside out. Since, we’ve all been through it; two mechanical engineers in Vancouver have designed a way around it – a robust umbrella with telescopic ribs that never flips inside out on you. Dubbed Cyprus Umbrella, it’s the world’s most durable umbrella. Brainchild of inventors Kevin Truong and Cahay Ho, the Cyprus features independent suspension system that ensures the umbrella stands strong through chaotic winds. Read More…

Revolutionary umbrella design that solves an age old problem!

Inside out umbrella for monsoons

Japanese are always at the fore-front of innovation when it comes to the little things in life. Small issues that we are all bugged by, but never pay attention to are all in the list of Japanese people to sort out. For example, when it is raining and you have to get in or out of your vehicle with an umbrella it is a big hassle. You have to get out of the car or first open your umbrella and vice versa in order to avoid the rain, but in doing that you get yourself wet. Same is the case when you have to get into the vehicle and close your umbrella. Now, that is something that we all have done, but not yet figured out how to get over.
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In India husbands are empowering wives with ‘self-defence umbrellas’

self defence umbrella

Did you know an umbrella could be used as a weapon; not as most effective weapon of course, but surely as an easy tool for self defence? Vodafone India has realized the incessant virtue and is running a campaign to empower women in rural parts of the country with self-defence umbrellas. The initiative is part of Vodafone m-pesa to educate, protect and empower women, reminding them that ‘safety, after all, lies in their own hands.’ Read More…

Air Umbrella creates air flow over the head to shelter from rain

Air Umbrella

Umbrellas are getting smarter by the day, but the basic design of an umbrella hasn’t seen a major change yet. Umbrella still have long poking tips and they still tend to flip inside out on a windy day. Not anymore – the basics of umbrella could be in for a change with the real “invisible umbrella” up for fundraising on Kickstarter. Dubbed the Air Umbrella, this is designed to take advantage of cone of jetted air to shelter from rain. Air above the head to protect from rain may sound hard to believe, but the video demo bellow shows the Air Umbrella actually works. Read More…

Sensing Umbrella detects quality of air you’re breathing

Air pollution Sensing Umbrella

Air pollution is gradually getting higher day by day as a result of increasing number of vehicles, chemical factories, deforestation and numerous other factors. As a common citizen, I guess we all wonder about the level of pollution in the air that we breathe every second in to our lungs. Well, a team of students at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design are looking to provide us with the answer as they have developed a sensitive umbrella to gather, display, and share hyperlocal air pollution data.
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Sada Bike: Hub-less bike that folds to the size of an umbrella

Sada bike folding bicycle

A bicycle that folds down to the size of an average umbrella! Yes, you heard it right. This prototype bike dubbed as Sada Bike is a spokeless bicycle that folds into itself to reduce its original form down to just a mere stick like form for easy transportability in a backpack. Sada Bike is made from a system that anchors the wheels using small frame and a clamping device. This allows for quick folding into the compatible backpack.
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UnBRELLA solves the ‘wet umbrella’ problem with its reverse folding

UnBRELLA Upside Down Umbrella by H Concept

We don’t know anything about re-inventing the wheel; but re-inventing the umbrella? Now, that’s cool enough! Japanese designer Hiroshi Kajimoto has come up with what he terms as the ‘UnBRELLA’, an umbrella-like contraption with upside down features. Now, before we push more of your confusion buttons, the conception works like a regular umbrella. However, its metal frame is constructed on the outer surface of the canopy. This ‘opposite’ mechanism allows you to fold your umbrella with the wet surface being enclosed (rather than the lower dry side being enclosed). The end result is a simple solution to our eternal ‘wet umbrella’ predicament.

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Illuminated Umbrella lights up in dark rainy conditions

Bright Night Illuminated Umbrella

Let me picture a scenario for you, rainy night with no lights around and you can’t even see the path you are walking on. Either you switch on the screen light of your smartphone or use a flashlight to lighten up the paving path. But what if you are holding too much in your hands and don’t have a flashlight handy in your bag? Then you’ll surely have to watch your step in that rainy dark night and hope that you reach home safely without toppling over. Having an umbrella which can protect you from the rain and at the same time lighten up the road you are walking on will surely have you one less to worry about these monsoons. Bright Night Illuminated Umbrella by a Japanese product manufacturer has a 6V krypton light bulb mounted inside that lights up anytime you want to have a clear vision of what you are walking on.

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