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MIT’s MoVR system cuts the cord in virtual reality

wireless-vr-headset using MoVR

Virtual Reality is all the rage; it’s the next best thing to wearables and it’s being used for everything from gaming and entertainment to medicine. Sadly, VR tech is still in its infancy and is limited to PC’s periphery – almost all VR headset require to be tethered to a computer system to enjoy the immersive experience. Since, ability to go cordless can help better immersive experience and open new applications for virtual reality headsets; researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have developed MoVR system that allows any VR headset to be used wirelessly. Read More…

Xiaomi Mi VR headset promises immersive virtual reality at lowest possible price

Xiaomi Mi VR headset

Xiaomi is fast becoming the leading gadget manufacturer with high quality products pitched at the most competitive prices. With the right arsenal at its disposal, Xiaomi is venturing into wearable technology with its virtual reality headsets which wants to compete with the like of Samsung, Oculus, PlayStation and HTC. They proved that with its initial step revealing the Mi Play headset a few months ago, and now they have come-up with their latest offering at the Mi Product Launch Event.
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Oculus Touch controller lends added dimension of realism to virtual reality

Oculus Touch Controller_1

Battle for the best VR headset is getting stiff by the day with all major players trying to improve their design. Oculus has inched forward gradually with its winning Oculus Rift headset, and they have made some major improvements to the Touch controller seen last year. They have reached a point where the VR headset controller is going to land in the hands of consumers come December 6, 2016. Yes, Oculus Touch controller is up for pre-order and it is one major development in the arena of VR gaming.
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GoPro’s six-camera Omni virtual reality rig to ship from August 17

CES GoPro Booth 2016

Filmmakers and high-end customers waiting for GoPro’s six-camera Omni virtual reality rig could have their pre-ordered units shipped beginning August 17. A considerable solution to shooting videos in 360-degree, the metal cube is designed to house six GoPro Hero4 Black cameras and comes with required hardware and software to create perfect 360-degree videos. At $5,000, the Omni may not be the best of consumer gadgets, but it’s a reasonably priced rig for filmmakers who can now shoot high-quality immersive videos in 360 degree at the most reasonable cost. Read More…

Alienware VR Backpack PC: A take on hassle-free virtual reality experience

Alienware VR Backpack PC

We already know VR headsets are a glimpse of what we all are going to be a part of in the future, but for now the technology is bulky. The reason being, lot of wires that need to be connected to a high performance PC. Alienware wants to free us from those shackles with their exciting VR Backpack PC. That means the VR hardware can be self-contained in the backpack and give you the freedom to carry it anywhere. Plus, that means less clutter of wires and all the hassle that comes with it.
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Google’s Tilt Brush virtual reality app brings 3D digital painting to life

google tilt

Virtually reality, which was mostly limited to video games, has now caught attention of painters, designers, architects, and fashion industry. Google launched Tilt Brush app last week, and recently invited a select group of artists at The Google Cultural Institute in Paris to try their hands on this technology. These artists admitted the virtual world is incredibly dynamic and fun. Read More…

BEE-R GOGGLES virtual reality headset for beer lovers

BEE-R GOGGLES VR headset for Beer lovers

VR is good, but some people make it go too far. To the limit that is not required and is absolute waste of effort. How you perceive this wearable technology application depends on what’s your perspective, but for me this is sheer comic book stuff. Joseph Davies has created the BEE-R Goggles, specifically for the beer lovers who can’t get enough of the frizz. In fact this is perfect for people who want beer all over their vision as they drink it from their glass.
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Google to launch new virtual reality headset in plastic body

Google virtual-reality headset

Going into 2016, virtual reality is going to be of great interest to all tech companies and most geeks out there. The inexpensive Google Cardboard, introduced back in 2014, has somehow made virtual reality headsets accessible to random users, but it has its own limitations. According to a report on Financial Times, Google Cardboard, which comprises cardboard housing, a pair of lens stuck up together with Velcro, could soon be released as a new VR headset in a better, stronger plastic housing with more support for VR programs built directly into Android OS. Read More…

Alton Towers Galactica roller-coaster takes you on virtual reality space ride

Alton Towers Galactica rollercoaster

Space travel has always fascinated us and knowing what’s beyond our solar system is even more of a curiosity. Astronauts get the exclusive chance of space travel and experience a whole different dimension of life. Now, Alton Towers gives you the opportunity to buckle up your seats and go on a galactic ride to the vastness of this universe. They have revealed the world’s first virtual reality roller-coaster which gives you an unparalleled ride into the cosmos. The rollercoaster called Galactica is going to be opened in April and it is going to be the world’s first of its kind.
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