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Be it technology, luxury, art & design, autos, gadgets or other categories that we cater to; craving for the extreme is our forte as we go on researching for you the gist of seamless latest happenings in the world around us. Everything awesome on the internet associated with geek culture that you would have never imagined about, you’ll surely find here at DamnGeeky as we take you on a ride that will dupe every bone in your body with the juice of geeky nectar.

With no holds barred we provide our readers with up-to-date eye-popping product releases, futuristic technologies, concepts in work, news on environment, automotive revolution and creative works of art as our portal becomes your one stop for keeping in pace with everything uber’-cool, ultra-futuristic, bling and of course geeky. So come satiate your zest for all things exhilarating and be a part of the modern geek culture with us.


DamnGeeky Editorial Team
    Gaurav Sood  –  Editor, Publisher
    Bharat Sharma – Contributing Editor
    Yash Sharma  – Contributing Editor
    Sunil Chandel  – Contributing Writer
    Monika Thakur – Contributing Writer