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How long can Apple dominate the stock market?

iPhone, the best-selling phone of all time, made Apple the world’s most valuable company. But with the flagship phone now in its seventh generation and not having launched a new line since their iPad in 2011, could the California tech star be losing its shine?

Certainly compared to Google and Facebook, Apple’s ongoing investment in research and development is staggeringly low. But while Apple could be seen to be underspending on their product line-up, they ploughed over $45 billion into buying back shares in 2014. Investor Carl Icahn, who holds a 1% stake in the company, wrote an open letter to Tim Cook entitled Sale: Apple Shares at Half Price encouraging an even more aggressive buyback programme.

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Is Apple Pay the first truly mainstream mobile payment solution?

Is Apple Pay the First Truly Mainstream Mobile Payment Solution

Online payment services have gained a new entry with “Apply Pay.” More people are turning to the convenience of monetary transactions on the World Wide Web. Now people can use their iPhone 6 devices to buy products and services online. Is Apple Pay the first truly mainstream mobile payment solution?

Can you do anything using mobile devices?

People already text, talk and surf the World Wide Web using their mobile devices. They take “selfies” and make “Vine videos” using their “always-handy” smart phones. Now, the major Apple brand wants to empower them to complete monetary transactions using their cell phones also.

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Apple’s approach to retail is truly inspiring

Apple retail store

It’s no secret that Apple has transformed itself into a juggernaut of the retail and tech world, building its customer base with staggering numbers each successive year. The real secrets to Apple’s success are in the minutiae of its operations, and the processes it employs to keep itself at the top of the scoreboards. With practices revolving around interconnected digital worlds, evolving tech, and paying attention to market demands; Apple has given itself a name and unmistakable brand in the eyes of consumers. The real question is how can you apply these genius tactics to your own business? What makes Apple’s operation so profitable? And is your business primed to take up the mantle with its own twist? Read below to find out what Apple is doing, why it works, and how you can implement these strokes of genius in your own business.
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Wireless Accessories for Your Wi-Fi Store connected with POS System

WiFi store

Most business owners try to save as much money as possible during the first few years of business. In a way, this is right as they are struggling to make their fledgling businesses off the ground and unnecessary expenses can be difficult to justify. As a result, most small business owners now use iPad-based POS systems, as they are very easy to use at realtime locations. This web-based POS system runs on a Wi-Fi or dial-up connection and it can be connected to the store’s website and shopping cart system as well.
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Why are iPad Stands ideal for small businesses?

POS iPad Stand

We all enjoy our iPhone and iPads and we use them every day, especially if we run a small business. An iPad is perfectly compact, so it does not take up too much counter space and it is easier to move around or take with you around the shop. It also provides great accessibility for customers when you are out at shows or events for your shop, giving them the ability to order directly from your store. A perfect accessory for for iPad, an iPad stand lets you help move the iPad around easily and safely additionaly making the device aesthetically pleasing for both you and your customers. This article is going to take a look at why iPad stands are perfect for your small business and why you should consider purchasing one with your point of sale (POS) system. Read More…

Bodywell Chip helps counter harmful radiations from smartphone

How would you like to reduce the risk of radiation emitted by your cool smartphone reduced drastically and hence possible related health hazards that vary from headache to cancerous tumors? Sounds pretty good, does it not? But reality is a bit different from this ideal scenario and many experts suggest that it is next to impossible to avoid exposure to some dosage of radiation when using the fancy new handheld gadgets. Of course, each manufacturer has to stick to a strict code of what is permissible, but there are raging debates on that as well. But a tiny little chip called ‘Bodywell claims that it can avoid this harmful exposure to radiation and can do so easily!

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StormFly allows you to carry your PC in a cool wristband

Okay, let us get one thing cleared up right at the beginning. StormFly will not fold your PC and stretch it out into a stylish wristband with a display that you can just sports as a fashion accessory. But considering all the ‘flexible display’ technology being paraded these days, maybe that day is not very far off as well. For now, you will have to do with is a super-fast storage device with an open source operating system that is ultra-portable and amazingly convenient. Currently being developed and perfected by Now Computing, this audacious wristband design allows you to simply carry your operating system along with you at all times and that pretty much translates to having a PC strapped onto your wrist! Read More…

Explore the underwater wonders with the snazzy Submarine Camcorder

We humans know far less about the world beneath them than the world above them. Fascination with the night sky and the shining stars combined with an ancient myth of ‘heavens above and hell below’ ensured that we know little about both the earth’s inner layers and the vibrant oceans that cover  most of the planet’s surface. Of course, unlike space, the ocean is not empty and this poses a challenge in itself for those who wish to explore its many hidden mysteries. The Submarine Camcorder might not promise a journey to these deep dark fathoms below, but it will at least make you feel like an awesome marine explorer! Read More…