Author: Dattatreya Mandal

Nokia unveils the interactive ‘smart skirt’ made from Lumia 1520 smartphones

Nokia’s Smart skirt

This is not necessarily the first time science has made its foray into the fashion world. But an advanced skirt made up of Lumia 1520 smartphones has certainly caught us by surprise, especially due to the antithetical combination of a fluent skirt fabric and a solid phone material. Presented at this year’s London Fashion Week, ‘ Lumia 1520 interactive skirt’ is the collaborative effort from from Designer Fyodor Golan and Nokia. This interactive essence is carried forth by the embedded 80 screens that either have stationary photos (snapped by the phones) or live feed transmitted to them. These images and videos change their color tone with the movement of the smart skirt, thus ensuring a dynamic pattern of shimmer that goes well with the techno vibrancy of the apparel.

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Fly6 safety device for cycles has HD camera for rear-view surveillance

Fly6 safety device

Cycling can be fun and helps you keep in shape. On the other hand, cycling can also be potentially injurious to your health. During such cruel dilemmas, it is always good to know that are a few dedicated devices that strive to improve upon our safety factor. The Fly6 from Andrew Hagen and Kingsley Fiegert is one such exclusive contrivance that is entirely tailored for bike usage. The design ingeniously combines a HD camera and a tail-light in a single package. In fact, it is envisaged as the world’s first cycling-oriented system that keeps track of what is happening behind the cyclist’s visual field. In other words, the camera works as a surveillance setup that can catch other rowdy (car) drivers in their despicable, unruly acts usually directed towards cyclists.

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Dash wireless earphones vaunt smart features and dedicated music player

Dash wireless earphones

Wireless earphones are the ‘go to’ gizmos of the mobile realm’s future; not just because of their easy flexibility when listening to music, but also due to their better usability pattern (fueled by the larger, unergonomic form-factor of smartphones themselves). The above pictured Dash from German company BRAGI, upholds both of these virtues with tact, and too with a technological improvement of its own. The end result is a discrete wireless ‘smart’ earphone with the capacity to playback music via Bluetooth when your smartphone is snugly resting in your pocket. So, now you can finally turn your neck without worrying about the cords getting tangled. Moreover, the Dash also flaunts its very own embedded 4GB music player that totally eschews the need to carry a smartphone during those leisurely outdoor walks.

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ERWIN: A companion robot that shows its emotions and personality


Robots – the very term initiates reveries of  those steadfast, glimmering humanoid contraptions doing our bidding without question. But beyond their shapes, is there is something more ‘humane’ about robots? Well, two British researchers – PhD student Mriganka Biswas and Prof. John Murray from the University of Lincoln, would like to believe so. In fact, they are looking forth to an ambit where robots can actually be friends to humans. Of course, the question naturally arises – what exactly does this scope of ‘friendship’ entail? According to the scientist duo, it involves the emotional attachment of the robot with its patron. As a result, they are developing the ERWIN (Emotional Robot with Intelligent Network), a robot that can be a companion to children or elderly people, by virtue of its intelligent network.

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Sony employs the ingenious tactic of selling MP3 players in bottled water

Sony's Bottled MP3 Player

A stroke of advertising ingenuity can go a long way in making a product commercially successful. And, that might just be the case with Sony’s waterproof MP3 player. The Japanese electronic giant has taken the uniquely novel approach of showcasing the ‘true’ waterproof quality of their product. As a remarkable result, the MP3 players are already immersed in a bottle of water when they are sold in their retail form!

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Company dabbles with the cool initiative of drones delivering flowers

Flower Delivery Drone program

Technology and emotions; the two vastly different fields are not always known to conform to each other. However, with our present-day applications of technology, the vast ‘mechanized’ scope is certainly crucial for the more ‘personalized’ side of affairs. This is aptly proven by the Flower Delivery Drone program. The innovative Valentine’s Day-oriented project is started by the, a multi-million dollar company that has been delivering flowers for over 67 years. And as this new program name suggests, the organization is now looking forth to develop a special delivery system that involves drones and flowers.

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ESAP wearable device will have the ability to track rare kinds of seizures

ESAP alert system

In the contemporary field of electronics, wearable technology is billed as the next stop for communication based systems. Unfortunately, the trend is mostly associated with the ambit of smartphone applications, and how such a conventional (albeit redundant) scope can be emulated in a wearable form. But on the brighter side, we also had the fortune of coming across a few projects that take the unique and conscientious approach to wearable tech. And, RTI International’s ESAP prototype belongs to this exclusive category. Envisaged as an alert system, the contrivance can detect epileptic seizures and notify other family members around the affected person.

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GE develops a new magnetic cooling tech for fridges, with higher efficiency

GE's magnetic cooling tech

It is almost poetic in its scope – GE introduced the world’s first commercially available electric powered refrigerator, more than 86 years ago. Sadly enough, the core designs of refrigerators have remain unchanged since then, with their characteristic combo of a refrigerant and a compressor. And, now GE is back once again to infuse a fresh technology into the realm of fridges. This time around the focus is on energy efficiency, and the company is looking forth to cover that with the incorporation of special magnetic material. According to the researchers involved, the new magnetic tech is based on the physical aspect of magnetocaloric effect, and can achieve temperatures that go beyond the freezing point of water. In a nutshell – the new application will be at least 20 percent more efficient than conventional systems, and might make its commercial foray by 2020.

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Ethos E30: The world’s first modular boat with transforming features

Ethos E30

Owning a boat is good, but owning a ‘modular’ boat is better! That is exactly what the brand new Ethos E30 (from Milano’s Azure Embark) aptly showcases with its myriad of innovative features. Billed as the world’s first hybrid crossover boat, the core design of the marine craft is based on the modular concept of construction. In simpler terms, this allows the user to re-arrange and transform various interior components (or modules) of the boat to suit their purpose. For example – now you can modify your boat specifically for fishing. However at a later time, you can also furnish it differently for other recreational activities, like pleasure sailing.

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Behold the lightest forearm crutch in the world, made from carbon fiber

INDESmed Carbon Fiber Forearm Crutches

In our contemporary realm of personalized accessories, carbon fiber equates to the new age style factor. The above pictured carbon fiber crutch from Indesmed upholds this essence of elegance, albeit with the familiar material advantages of durability and reduced weight. In fact, the contrivance is already touted as the ‘lightest forearm crutch in the world’ with just 220 g (0.5 lb) of weight. This structural benefit in turn is bolstered by an assortment of ergonomic features for improved maneuverability and comfort of the user.

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