Author: Dattatreya Mandal

Elmo’s QBiC MS-1 wearable camera touts Full HD video recording capacity

Elmo’s QBiC MS-1 wearable camera

Small is not only beautiful, but also advanced – Elmo’s newest compact digital camera upholds this contemporary dictum with aplomb. Branded as the QBiC MS-1, the credentials of this wearable movie camera goes beyond its small form factor. For starters, the device boasts of an ultra wide angle lens that is tailored for recording grandiose landscapes and even dark settings. This dynamic, high-contrast range is further bolstered by image enhancing aspects like camera-shake correction and distortion correction functions, along with a minimum focusing distance of just 2 cm.

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Lego-inspired BrickS: A vibrant wireless speaker system for smartphones

Lego-inspired BrickS

Lego has been a part of our lives in a multitude of meaningful ways; be it a enthusiast’s drive for a grand DIY project, or a parent’s endeavor to gift his child something fun and ‘useful’. And, now with the ‘Lego Movie’ in top box office gear, we have come across the BrickS, a block shaped speaker mechanism that is clearly inspired by those vivacious plastic bricks. Based on a technology devised by Near Field Audio, the working scope of the contrivance is pretty unique in itself; you just have to place your smartphone over the brick without any wire, dedicated app or even Bluetooth connection. And the glorious result is – the active speaker automatically amplifies the music emanating from the phone, and that too by conveniently eschewing the paraphernalia of cords and connections.

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Sigma intros dp2 Quattro camera with improved Foveon multi-layer sensor

Sigma's dp2 Quattro camera

Sigma has finally unveiled the second generation of their DP series of cameras, with the brand new dp2 Quattro. The nigh dramatically conceived elongated shape is designed to feel more ergonomic when snapping photos. However, more than just the form factor, the DP series is driven by the Sigma’s Foveon multi-layer sensor design. In case of the Quattro, this sensor also goes through a technological evolution of sorts. Still boasting of its three layers for detecting color, the first layer is used for comprehending the improved 19.6 megapixels resolution (which is higher than 15.3 of its predecessors). The last two layers on the other hand are used for capturing 4.9 megapixels each.

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Panasonic’s Lumix DMC-GH4 camera boasts of 4K video capturing ability

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera

As this year’s CES aptly proved, Ultra HD (4K) resolution is fast emerging as the benchmark for display and video oriented electronic devices. And interestingly, Panasonic has jumped on this high-definition bandwagon albeit with an innovative twist. The company has gone beyond the ‘conventional’ allure of televisions to unveil their unique 4K camera system. Christened as the Lumix DMC-GH4, the digital camera is envisaged as a true hybrid contrivance tailored to both photography and capturing videos. It boasts of a credible 16.05 MP Digital Live MOS sensor and an advanced quad core Venus Engine image processor. This combined ‘power-train’ is apparently capable of snapping high-quality still images with quick response time and enhanced focus control. However, the ‘piece de resistance’ relates to the device’s ability to record Ultra HD 4K 3840×2160 at 30p/24 FPS and cinematic DCI 4K 4096×2160 video at 24 FPS.

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DIYer’s air hockey robot can precisely track and smack rebounding pucks

DIYer’s air hockey robot

It might just be a matter of time before humans have air hockey matches with robots. And, these robots will probably kick our puny arses in those matches! At least, that is what Jose Julio’s 3D printed robotic contrivance nonchalantly demonstrates with its ‘super-human’ ability to predict the course of the rebounding pucks. So, how will the robot actually respond to these fast moving pucks? Well, the contraption moves along a two dimensional linear path along the table’s edge on one side. And it craftily utilizes a built-in camera mechanism to follow and determine the whimsical trajectories of the small object.

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Bose releases SoundLink III Bluetooth Speaker with better audio and battery life

Bose's SoundLink III

When it comes to realm of audio speakers, Bose holds its own in terms of brand name and quality. And now the exalted company has unleashed the SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III, which as the name suggests, is the third iteration of the Soundlink models. As expected, the wireless speaker boasts of better audio capability with both improved sound and volume. On the less obvious level, the SoundLink III exhibits a refined form factor, along with substantially enhanced battery life.

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Jolla unveils The Other Half smart covers, along with SDK for 3D printing

Jolla's The Other Half smart covers

Back in 2010, Nokia had around 38 percent of global smartphone market share. Now the figure has plummeted to less than 4 percent. Of course, the demise already started when the Finnish company couldn’t bring out their big guns against the likes of Apple and Samsung in 2011, and even had to scrap off their own operating system development. But as periods of commercial despair has often shown, a new phoenix had emerged from the ashes of the development team. Boasting of around a 100 employees (most of them from Nokia), they call themselves the Jolla (Finnish for dinghy). And what’s more, the company had successfully launched their new smartphone, new Linux-based Sailfish OS, and are now unveiling their phone cover customization system known as The Other Half.

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Velocity Clip: The ultimate smartphone mount for recording outdoor videos

Velocity Clip

Previously we have harped about advanced camera mounts for extreme photography sessions. But what about turning your very own smartphone into a tool for capturing ‘extreme’ videos on the go? Well, that is exactly what the Velocity Clip is designed for, with its slew of effective features for safe mounting of your smartphone case. In fact, the design aim is quite ‘collective’ in nature with the product’s ability to mount smartphones and even small digital cameras (including Go Pro) to your chest, head, bike and a variety of hard surfaces. This is done via four special accessories included in the Velocity Clip kit – a Head Mount, a Chest Mount, a Bike Handlebar Mount and finally an Adhesive Mount.

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Sixense MakeVR for easy creation of 3D models by using just hand gestures


The scope of 3D printing has expanded and progressed to encompass more complex items, be it a fully working gun or an Aston Martin DB4 replica. However, as applauding audiences, we tend to overlook one crucial element behind a 3D printed project – the complex CAD that makes it possible to achieve these high levels of detailing. Ironically, it is the complexity of 3D modeling via software and their interface menus that keeps 3D printing out of reach for many interested DIYers. Fortunately, California-based Sixense team has found a solution to this predicament by creating the MakeVR. Billed as the world’s most accessible 3D modeling system, the ambit is all about an intuitive interface that makes it easier for amateurs to delve into the art of crafting three-dimensional objects.

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Lifehand 2 bionic arm successfully conveys the ambit of ‘feeling’

Lifehand 2 bionic arm

The realm of bionics had advanced through the recent years with an exhilarating pace which is arguably unmatched by other electronic fields. And, the latest example of this technological progression takes an inspiringly conscientious route by going beyond the ambit of just physical support. A research team from Switzerland’s EPFL and Italy’s SSSA has devised the Lifehand 2, as a part of their ongoing bionic limb project. The specialty of the prosthetic is that it actually allows the users to feel rather than just supporting them on an artificial level. In other words, it exhibits an advanced degree of sensory feedback that is perceptible by the human senses, as opposed to a mechanical device serving as an inanimate extension of the person.

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