Author: Dattatreya Mandal

British ex-MI5 officer sells his limited edition Breitling on eBay!

ex-MI5 officer sells limited edition Breitling

For strange contrivances, we already have electronic tongues tasting our beers and precious jewelry precariously placed on our eyes. However this time around, the ludicrous scenario is driven by a bitter real-life situation – a former British MI5 officer is selling his special-edition Breitling diver’s watch on eBay. And reason behind this ‘momentous’ decision? Well, according to sources, he is simply a bit short on cash at the moment. After serving with the British secret service for 18 years as a surveillance officer, he was let go due to his frequent rows with the agency’s superiors. Sadly enough, he has been unemployed for three years now, and supposedly requires money to study for a new profession.

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Reserator 3 Max Dual cooler flaunts its nano fluid tech and blue LEDs

Reserator 3 Max Dual cooler

There are two crucial components to every overclocked gaming rig – the first is obviously the processing capability of your dedicated GPU. And, the second, less conspicuous hardware is the PC cooler that supplies the much needed low temperature for your cabinet systems to work efficiently, even in hotter conditions. Well, concerning the later function – that is where the water-cooled Reserator 3 Max Dual really shines with its slew of robust credentials. The very first thing that strikes us about the flagship product from Korean manufacturer Zalman is its dual fan design, which is similar to the hefty assembly of an upscale graphics card. Moreover, the contrivance is touted to be the world’s first PC cooler mechanism that applies nanofluids for better cooling performance.

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MX6 mountain bike exhibits advanced 3D printing with unitary frames

MX6 mountain bike

Previously, we have come across classy looking bikes with 3D printed frames. But the collaborative effort of Renishaw and Empire Cycles ingeniously changes this conventional 3D printing game. Instead for crafting frame components from the usual materials of metal and plastic, the designers have opted for 3D printed parts made entirely of special titanium alloy. The glorious outcome is the MX6, an advanced mountain bike design that eschews regular frames in favor of  sleeved and bonded sections. According to the creators, the new process has several structural benefits that equate to better design, performance and durability of the bike. But  more importantly, it allows the designers to customize and quickly replicate their manufacturing steps, thus ultimately resulting in better products with improved commercial potential.

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Now smartphones might come to the rescue of avalanche victims


It is no secret, an avalanche can prove to be the greatest bane to winter sports enthusiasts. This is because the chance of escaping considerably falters with every passing minute beneath the buried snow, with the ice’s property of solidifying over time (almost like concrete). Well, during such baleful scenarios when time is of essence, rescue workers only get a flimsy 15 minutes to respond before the victim’s condition gets serious or even fatal. And, the worst part is: current systems are either costly or not just good enough to cope up with such quick rescue operations. Well, Fraunhofer Institute (for Material Flow and Logistics) has been developing a streamlined network based system that could address these shortcomings. Their innovative ‘Galileo-LawinenFon’ solution entails smartphones to have special transmit and search functions that could send crucial help signals within mere seconds.

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Scientists demonstrate water as an effective substitute to printer ink

Water-jet rewriteable paper

It is understandable that some of us like to read our stuff on printed material. But does that justify the wastage of paper, especially when it concerns those neatly laid out one-time emails or insignificant office notifications? In the present era, where cutting costs and ecological impacts stand out as crucial issues, statistics reveal some startlingly ‘lazy’, uninspiring figures. Around 40 percent of all office printed papers are just used for a single time! In fact, according to EPA’s estimation, USA generated over a whopping 70 million tons of paper related waste in 2011 alone. But as it turns out, everything is not so bleak in the long run; some Chinese researchers have potentially found a solution to this high cost predicament of printing ink. As a result, they have devised a set-up that remarkably utilizes water instead of conventional printing ink.

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Stubilizer: The planet’s very first 3-axis head mount for GoPro Hero 3

Stubilizer head mount

When it comes to the realm of extreme photography, GoPro cameras already have better mounting features than most comparable outdoor portable camera systems. And, this time around, we have come across a cool contrivance that will make your GoPro experience even smoother. We are talking about the one and only ‘Stubilizer’, the world’s first 3-axis stabilizing helmet mount for GoPro Hero 3. About to commence its Kickstarter campaign by this month, the head mounting system is the brainchild of RockSolid Technologies. So what exactly are its advantages? Well, according to the designers, the Stubilizer will totally eschew the paraphernalia of wires, along with other external electronic contraptions, like computers and balance chargers. In other words, it will be a solid consumer based device that ‘flexibly’ comes to your rescue during those exhilarating photography sessions fueled by motion.

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SFGoodwill’s green proposal – goBINs in every San Francisco apartment by 2020

SFGoodwill's goBINs

Doing our bit for the environment – now, this phrase sounds all well and good in theory. But practicality dictates otherwise, when willing citizens have to actually go out of their way to remain environmentally conscious. Well, SFGoodwill’s new initiative might make things a bit easier for the nobly ‘green’ souls in San Francisco. The proposal entails innovative recycling bins branded as the goBINs (developed by the ‘frog’ design firm) to be placed in majority of the city apartments by 2020. This will allow the residents to donate their textiles without having to physically leave the building for their conscientious actions. The variety of textiles that can be donated include clothing items, shoes, and even various accessories.

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Gerbing’s battery-powered socks fuel Bruno Mars’s Super Bowl gig

Gerbing's battery-powered socks

Now, before you are confused about why we are talking about Bruno Mars; well, our geeky focus is not at all on the skinny singer. What rather entices us is the warm clothing (or lack thereof) he nonchalantly sported in the nigh frigid conditions of New Jersey’s Metlife Stadium for the Super Bowl XLVII. Well, according to the grapevine, the mystery behind his light clothing is apparently an inconspicuous wearable from Gerbing, a company with expertise in making heated apparels since 1976. And, they have specially contrived advanced battery-powered socks that kept Mars and others (including the Fox sports crew) warm all through the Super Bowl event.

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The advanced Exosuit is tailored for complex underwater tasks

Exosuit by Nuytco Research Ltd

While the suit might have that buzz of Buzz Lightyear, the contrivance has actually been designed for ‘infinity and beyond’ below the water surfaces of the earth (remember Pacific Rim!). Developed and built by Canadian company Nuytco Research Ltd, the hard metal apparel is christened simply as the Exosuit. So what is its envisioned functionality? Well, according to the designers and researchers involved, the robust suit with its integrated technology allows divers to easily operate at a substantial 1000 ft below water-level, while still endowing them with freedom and flexibility to achieve complex tasks.

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Prvy: A hulking armored SUV that can even stop machine gun fire!

Prvy SUV by Dartz Motorz

If the figurative level of boisterousness was symbolized in a literal way by an automobile – that car must be the Prvy. Created by Riga-based Russian-Baltic Engine Company Dartz Motorz, the Prvy is an hulking, armored SUV with a familiar Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG chassis. In terms of power-train, the vehicle boasts of everything expected from a hefty contrivance, including a 5.5-liter bi-turbo V8 engine (AMG’s pedigree), which is capable of achieving 557 hp power and 760 Nm of torque. However, beyond the robust specs, it is the sturdy body that makes the automobile special (special as to be used by Russian presidents!). This remarkable armor comprises of an advanced composite material made from titanium basalt fabric. The titanium offers a durable structure advantage, while the basalt improves upon the ballistic and blast resistance, along with insulation and sound-proofing.

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