Author: Dattatreya Mandal

NTT DoCoMo showcases the Hitoe nano-fiber suit for smart tracking

Hitoe nano-fiber suit

NTT DoCoMo are surely flaunting their portfolio of wearable technology. A few days ago, we talked about the Move Band, and now the Japanese mobile carrier has teamed up with materials developer Toray to contrive an innovative technological application of nano-fiber. Christened as the Hitoe (Japanese for one layer), the design entails a special cloth embedded with nano-fibers that are coated with highly conductive resins. There are additional patches on the shoulders that are equipped with sensors for measuring our biological signals. This combination of accouterments accounts for more precise and less time-consuming gauging of data in ECG style, while at the same time being less invasive than regular electrocardiogram tests.

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AB GRIP 2: A neat iPhone grip with integrated shutter system


This year’s CES brought forth a few dedicated camera lenses that could be attached to your smartphone for better mobile photography. The above pictured AB GRIP 2 from Japan Trust Technology follows the same functional principle albeit with an improved usability factor. Envisaged as a gripping mechanism that holds onto your iPhone, the contrivance also consists of a shutter system that positions itself over the phone’s camera. So basically, it works like a phone mounting device, with the grip considerably reducing the shaking of the mobile device when you are gleefully taking your outdoor snaps and selfies.

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Project Wedge: A dedicated wall projector for your mobile devices

Project Wedge

No sirree, Project Wedge is not a project by your high school bullies! And, if you get over the name, the endeavor relates to quite an interesting conception which allows your tablet (or smartphone) display to be expanded onto a wall. Started by an Olympia (Washington) based company of the same name, the Project Wedge entails a special wedge-like contraption where you can put your tablet. You can then connect the mobile device via an HDMI cable, and voila; your tablet display is projected in a clear and crisp manner onto the wall. In simpler terms, the portable contrivance acts as dedicated projector for your mobile devices.

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Hadoro’s plush iPhone 5s crafted from 18K gold, with 3D printing tech

Hadoro's Gold iPhone 5s

The impending glory of the bling! We have finally come across a plush iPhone 5s extravagantly bedecked with solid gold. Hadoro, the French craftsmen team behind this opulent project are already known for their expertise in dabbling with precious elements and Swarovski for decorating Apple mobile devices. This time around, they have opted for a substantial 125 g of 18K gold for ornamenting the smartphone. The figure might make more of an impression on you when we say the original iPhone 5s is only 112 g in its total weight. So, the gold usage easily crosses the threshold of the commercial product’s mass, which says something about the high level of lavishness showered by the creators. And, even beyond the bling factor, the designers utilized 3D printing to achieve a finer degree of elegance that is usually not found in ostentatious electronic objects.

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Starwood hotels to offer smartphone keys to guests for unlocking their rooms

Starwood Keyless Hotel Door Unlocks with Smartphone

Is this the beginning of the end of hotel check-in desks? Well, it might just be, with Starwood, the famous hotel and resort chain all set to integrate the ‘holy grail’ technology of smartphone keys for guests. The accommodation giant will be trying out their hi-tech set up at two Aloft hotels in Harlem, New York City and Cupertino, California by the end of March. So, what does the ambit exactly entail? Well, according to the client, this will allow the guests to directly access their room by using their personal smartphone as the room key.

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Scent Rhythm smartwatch notifies you of time via unique fragrances

Scent Rhythm smartwatch

We have been prattling about smartwatches and their dedicated technologies for quite some time now. But when it comes to their core level of purpose, smartwatches are envisaged as alerting devices that notify us about incoming messages, e-mails and schedules. Now, while such set of functions are handy at times, they can also prove to be quite stressful to a person especially when iterated throughout the day. Well, Aisen Caro Chacin (a teacher at the Parsons New School for Design in New York) has found a way around this stress induced predicament by bringing forth the aspect of smell. Similar to the scope of our earlier covered Ophone, the designer has opted for what is branded as the Scent Rhythm, a wearable wrist piece that can emanate various fragrances. These fragrances can be used for daily activities like waking up, relaxing and even optimized sleeping.

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Google Glass line-up unveiled, with groovy frames tailored to prescription lenses

Google Glass models

It might be one of the better news pertaining to Google Glass in the recent months; the internet giant has finally unveiled their line-up of both Google Glass spectacles and sunglasses. The exalted series will contain two variant shade designs and five different vivacious colors to choose from. With permutations and combinations, this assortment results in a whopping 40 different types of AR glasses. But more importantly, the showcasing of the product types may signify the actual commencement of Google Glasses’ availability in the coming months. As Isabelle Olsson, lead designer at Google X research lab, has made it clear – this alludes to the high level of customization people can expect from the actual contrivance in its commercial stage.

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Toyota utilizes Reflection Mapping graphics to create the Mirror Harrier

Toyota Mirror Harrier with Reflection Mapping

Is it a car? Is it an art form? No, it is car art! The world’s largest automaker Toyota has utilized a form of 3DCG (three dimensional computer graphics) known as Reflection Mapping to showcase the Mirror Harrier. The Harrier, which is also known as Lexus RX, is the company’s crossover SUV for the luxury segment. And, now Toyota has successfully demonstrated the bling factor via the car’s exterior by creating a uniquely reflective surface that almost replicates the surface of a mirror. So, in a nutshell – it is the nifty automotive fusion of both technology and art.

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Bhargav Gajjar contrives drones with perching legs for improved spying

Drone with perching legs

Military drones generally tend to be stealthy in their design, but at the same time they are also meant to be bad-ass in their features. Well, Bhargav Gajjar of Massachusetts based Vishwa Robotics, does envision a military drone that conforms to the later consideration in quite an innovative manner. As a result, he specializes in creating add-ons like legs for bantam US air force drones. These ‘legs’ are normally utilized as advanced landing gear by the tiny machines, which is in stark contrast to the prevalent crude practice of crash landing or hard landing of drones. However beyond just practicality, there is an elegant side to this ingenious scope. The precision landing mechanism mimics the posture of a perching predatory bird, thus bringing that bad-ass essence into the mix.

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Eco3Spray transforms regular water into germ-neutralizing ozone

Eco3Spray cleaner

Most large-scale catering facilities utilize the chemical element of chlorine for sanitizing purposes. But there are certain disadvantages to the ambit of chlorine usage, firstly because of their relatively pungent odor, and secondly and more importantly, because of their propensity to leave residues in tanks and compartments. Well, the futuristic looking Eco3Spray counters this chlorine related predicament with its patented diamond electrolysis cell. This built-in mechanism allows the hand-held spray bottle to remarkably transform regular tap water (H2O) into ozone (O3). And, the dissolved ozone by virtue of its bleaching property is used to safely eliminate harmful micro-organisms such as E.coli, salmonella and other bacterial intrusions.

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