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Crazy Colin turns into Iceman freezing stuff with liquid nitrogen

Colin Furze Iceman

When it comes to Colin Furze’s inventions, you can expect nothing but craziness. The witty Brit is good at making things no one else ever thought of, and they are downright impressive. This time Colin decides to turn himself into a superhero, to be precise, Iceman from X-Men. Although he doesn’t turn himself into a blob of ice, but he does manage to freeze everything that comes his way. All thanks to liquid nitrogen gas (Temperature -192 degree Celsius), the inventor manages to do it with ease. He calls it the Colin Furze Ice-Man CryoPack and you can learn how to make it yourself.
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Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini robot could be your future housekeeper

Boston Robotics SpotMini Robot

Boston Dynamics have been making serious headway into the field of robotics and practical robots which are going to shape the future. Their most famous creation is the Spot Robotic Dog which seems to have an active conscious and is very smart indeed. Now the Alphabet-owned (presumably, as Toyota is in talks to buy it) company has something ever better for us. A cute little version of Spot which is aptly named as SpotMini.
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Expand iPhone 6s storage with SanDisk iXpand Memory Case

SanDisk iXpand Memory Case for iPhone 6s_1

Apple don’t provide the iPhone with expandable memory storage option and that’s their USP. Although the latest Apple phone, the 6s Plus do have ample memory space, but at certain point you are going to run out of it. The large app size, recording videos in UHD and HD photos are going to choke your phone’s inbuilt memory and you are going to be forced into deleting some data. To avoid that SanDisk has an iPhone 6/iPhone 6s case which provides added memory for the phone and also comes with an optional battery pack which fits into the case itself.
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Seek Thermal CompactPRO – Thermal imaging camera accessory for smartphones

Seek Thermal CompactPRO camera

Seeing thermal signatures in the dark has its own advantage, especially when you are searching for someone in pitch dark or maybe looking out for dangerous wild animal in the wild. Or perhaps seeking out the problem area in a commercial setting, like a gas leak. The advantages of thermal imaging are countless and it’s an exciting prospect to own a thermal imaging camera. But they don’t come cheap, do they? Seek Thermal imaging camera accessory for iOS and Android smartphones created quite a buzz last year and now it has become even better.
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Used to listening subwoofer bass? Now feel it with Basslet wearable

Basslet wearable_1

Berlin-based startup Lofelt is on its way to change how you listen to music. For audiofiles who like their bass to be crisp and thumping, this new way could be feeling (rather than listening) the bass generated. Basslet is a wearable gadget that can be worn on the wrist and enjoy bass in the music. So, you can call it a wearable subwoofer which is apparently first of its kind in the world. It’s more like feeling the deep sensation of bass in audio, rather than listening it through your ears. Basically it adds another dimension to your gaming or audio listening experience, perfect for people who want something unique.
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World’s largest Nerf gun fires cannon to the length of a football field

DIY Nerf Gun

Nerf guns, whether they are homemade or purchased from a toy store are always on the top list of kids. Not only that, these safe guns can shoot anything that won’t cause any harm. For this very reason Nerf guns are the inspiration for any DIY creation by people obsessed with guns for fun. Mark Rober, an electrical engineer and YouTuber, seems be one such guy, and he has taken his Nerf gun DIY to another level which is both intimidating and cool.
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Leak suggests Apple is not ditching 3.5mm headphone jack in iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7 leaks

Internet was all flooded with the news that Apple might ditch 3.5mm jack in its iPhone7 phone. Contrary to that rumor, a new one has emerged which claims that Apple in-act is not going to do that. A leak from a repair shop in Ganzhou, China makes us believe that iPhone 7 is going to have the 3.5mm jack and also a dual-SIM version which will be Apple’s first ever. Release of Moto Z Force strengthened the fact that now phone manufacturers are going to adapt the USB Type-C as the standard audio jack.
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Sphero SPRK+ rolling robot is fun way to teach coding to kids

Sphero Sprk + robot

Sphero has created a USP for itself with rolling robots in the last couple of years. Initially it was the 2B robot (a.k.a Ollie) and then later last year we saw the popular Star Wars themed Sphero BB-8 robot which was gesture-controlled. Sphero has taken the next step forward with its improved Sphero SPRK+ rolling robot. The rolling bot has better scratch-resistance and new version of Bluetooth to make pairing with multiple devices much easier. Also, it is completely water-resistant and can easily swim across in water. Other than that the cool toy is similar to its big brother in size and battery life.
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‘Olli’ 3D printed self-driving bus debuts in Maryland, interacts with people on-board

Olli 3D printed self driving bus

Local Motors, the creator if world’s first 3D printed car has again surprised us with their new presentation. ‘Olli’ is a 3D printed electric vehicle which also happens to be autonomous. Well, it looks like every hot technology has been out together into one cool bus for urban commuting. This self-driving bus equipped with IBM Watson IoT (Internet of Things) for automotive industry is capable of transporting up to 12 people in one go. The vehicle is designed to give a personal touch to the passengers with ability to chat with them in a very natural manner.
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Solar powered phone charging station by Edinburgh University students

Project Elpis, Solar powered, Edinburgh University, Solar charging station, Charge phone, Kara Tepe camp, Solar power, Entec, Solar powered charging station

For us all electricity is not much of an issue, and rarely do we think much about it, since it an abundant resource for us. Refugees and migrants in Greece have electricity on their priority list because it is scarcely available. In a world dominated by smartphones, these people require electricity to juice up their device to stay in touch with loved ones. In such a situation getting access to electricity is like striking gold and it comes at a steep price tag. Seeing this, students at Edinburgh University have come up with a charging station that uses sun’s power. Called as Project Elpis, the device was created with help from Entec, a Greek solar technology company.
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