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DIY: Cool Woodburning art that can be fatal if touched!

Woodburning Art by Backyard scientist

DIY on a weekend is a good way to get your creative brain bits charged, and today we have one that is simple but should be performed under extreme precaution. The Backyard Scientist has put up a DIY in Youtube that shows how you can create some cool artwork for your home or office using microwave oven transformer and a pile of neatly cut plywood.
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U.S. challenges Japan to a giant robot battle in real life

Giant robots battle

We have seen robots fight it out in Real Steel movie and Pacific Rim will take that to another level come 12 July 2015. So why can’t we have robots fight it out in real life? There is a hot battle in the making as US company MegaBots Inc. has challenged its closest rival Suidobashi Heavy Industry to a duel through Youtube’s channel.
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Apple Music hits initial roadblocks, here’s an insight

Apple Music glitches

Apple Music has got off from its infancy stage and is steadily settling down. But are the subscribers liking it? Well, there are mixed reactions from the users who have tried out the service which will come for free in the first three months. There white spots and then there are the black spots for this music service looking to compete with Spotify. Since, there are people who have reported more bads than the goods in this Apple music streaming service, for today we’ll drill out all the loopholes in Apple Music.
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Batman Vs. Superman movie should feature this intimaidating 3D printed Batsuit

Arkham Origins Batsuit by Julian Checkley

Anything that has to do with Batman sells like hot cakes. Whether it is a Batmobile or Batsuit, DIYers have shown us the possibilities of creating merchandize related to this Gotham superhero. Another one that has come to light is a 3D printed Batsuit that seems to be inspired by the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight Origins video game which shows our superhero in a funky armored suit in a graphics intensive setting.
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Researchers develop device that uses smartphone to detect pregnancy

Pregnancy test with smartphone

Detecting pregnancy could very well be done with your smartphone in the future if we believe what is going on in Hanover Centre for Optical Technologies (HOT), University of Hanover, Germany. The researchers at this university have developed a prototype sensor for smartphone that is capable of detecting first signs of pregnancy and even diabetes. The fiber optic sensor in conjunction with a compatible app is going to monitor various body fluids like blood, urine, saliva or sweat and also analyze breath.
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iPod nano and shuffle get colorful touchup, might launch in two weeks’ time

Apple iPod

When iPod Classic was released in 200 it revolutionized the portable music player industry. But in the last decade or so its popularity has been shadowed by all the fancy new mobile devices that do much more than just playing music. So much that Apple no longer considers it a priority in its scheme of things for the long run and therefore has also removed a direct link to the iPod product page from their official website. However the Silicon Valley giant has made it clear through an update to the iTunes 12.2 software that iPod still sits in the back of its mind.
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Galactic Dimension: Jumbo-sized pinball machine for pure arcade fun

Pinball Machine Galactic Dimension by Niklas Roy

You say Pinball and the feeling of nostalgia is all that oozes in one’s mind. That arcade music keeps ringing in my head and the metal ball bouncing against all the props placed. Niklas Roy, a die-hard pinball fan and DIY project maker has brought those sweet memories back, but in a jumbo design. This is Galactic Dimension, a supersized pinball machine designed by him for Phaeno Science Center in Wolfsburg, Germany; and it more than meets the eye. Everything about this machine is colossal as it invites pinball lovers to try their hand on a 3×6 meter machine inspired by the cosmic vastness and UFOs.
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Get these Iron Man themed gadgets and you’re already a superhero!

Iron Man Gadgets

One superhero that has captured the imagination of many out there is surely Iron Man. This modern day, one man army against the evil is super cool and inspires many to follow suite. So it is pretty obvious that gadgets inspired by Iron Man are quite popular and in plenty out there. So, let’s check-out our choice collection of the best Iron Man themed gadgets that are too hard to resist and you’ll like for sure.
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Apple Music has arrived and it’s impressive, here’s all that you need to know

Apple Music service

Apple Music service was announced at WWDC 2015 for all the iOS devices and it was promised for an early arrival. That promise has been served as Apple launched the service along with Connect, Beats 1 Radio and Apple Music Radio service to beef-up the music streaming arena for Apple Music. This service will stream 24 hours of non-stop music that you like and comes with the unique way to connect with your favorite artists. Apple claims that the service will begin with over 30 million songs, going one-on-one with services such as Spotify.
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If Bugatti Veyron was not fast enough then just wait for Chiron to arrive

Bugatti Chiron

There have been rumors about Bugatti working on a Veyron successor, and now it is confirmed as VW Group chairman Martin Winterkorn confirmed it in an interview with German magazine Bild AM. The supercar is going to be called Buggati Chiron and it won’t be a surprise if it catches everyone by surprise when it is going to be finally released sometime next year. The car will be lighter and faster as compared to a decade old Veyron, all thanks to its technologically advanced electrically driven turbochargers with all-wheel torque vectoring.
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