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Solar-powered eToilet shines for the Clean India Campaign

Solar powered eToilet

Eram Scientific took the Clean India Campaign (announced by central government) really seriously, and therefore came up with the country’s first ever eToilet unveiling it in Thiruvananthapuram, India. The toilet is completely automated and comes with solar panel built on-top to fulfil all the energy requirements. It comes with an automatic flush that works before and after use along with an automatic floor cleaner that keeps the toilet squeaky clean. The sensors in the flush make sure that the water usage is controlled to avoid any wastage. The company has plans to install 6000 units all across the country with these eToilets, thereby giving more importance to cleanliness and hygiene.
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Colossal power matched with stunning looks, that’s Kawasaki 2015 Ninja H2R for you!

Kawasaki 2015 Ninja H2R 300 horsepower bike

Back in the 1970s Kawasaki H2 surprised everyone with its 750cc 3-cylinder engine and since then the H2 model never had an upgraded big brother. Although Kawasaki has again taken two-wheeler world by the scruff of its neck courtesy the Kawasaki 2015 Ninja H2R motorcycle which apparently is the most powerful bike in the world. Capable of thumping out 300 horsepower via its hyper-efficient supercharged 998cc four cylinder engine, this motorbike is a monster on the road. It has a lightweight carbon-fiber bodywork turning it into an aerodynamic masterpiece and a treat for the eye to watch. It has Brembo radial monoblocs and a single sided swing arm, fully adjustable KYB gear suspension, ABS and traction control system for a balanced ride at such high acceleration.
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Cardboard Surfboard glides on ocean water without any damage

Cardboard Surfboard

Normally a surfboard would be made from strong, robust material that is capable of taking on the wrath of nature. But, if I told you that a surfboard made out of cardboard and paper could be strong enough to bear the brunt, then you’ll think I’m insane. In fact, I’m not, as Ernest Packing Solutions working in association with blokes over at Signal Snowboards have come up with a honeycomb like cardboard design for a surfboard that can take on any kind of ocean waves and after a grueling session of riding the waves, sit in your living room.
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Portal is a wearable smartphone with a flexible display

Portal is a wearable smartphone with a flexible display

Portal wearable smartphone with a flexible display

Wearable gadgets are trending like anything and there are numerous examples of intuitive wearable technology applications that are all set to revolutionize the gadget market. Portal by Arubixs is one flexible wearable smartphone that will remind of all the sci-fi movies with the fancy electronics fit for altering the climax. Deemed as flexible, shatterproof, waterproof (up to 10 meters) and made from the new age electronic components, this wearable smartphone is on a mission to eliminate all the anomalies with current day smartphones and mobile devices. This new age wearable phone made from resistive Kevlar material is targeted for geeks, professionals and active individuals who like to flaunt their gadgets like a piece of jewelry, and for good reasons too.
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Listen to that one all-time favorite station with The Public Radio

The Public Radio

How many of us start our radio and seek for some channel that we like the most? I guess not many, because the channel is already running since we like it the most. So why go with the hassle of turning those knobs or seeking through the limitless radio channels, when deep down we always know what channel we are going to listen to. On the same belief Centerline Engineering has put up their project on Kickstarter and amassed almost thrice the funding goal with almost 20 more days to go! They call it The Public Radio and it comes pre-tuned in just one radio channel mode. The channel you like the most and will always listen to no matter what.

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Underboob Sweat Absorber: Because no one likes sweating there

Underboob breast sweat absorber

Working out or performing any athletic activity for long duration means a lot of sweating, especially under the armpits and boobs. Under the armpits almost everyone sweats, but sweating under the boobs is a problem that many face while working out and it can be embarrassing at times. Worry no more as Fashion first Aid is out with a solution to the problem of underboob sweating with their Underboob Breast Sweat Absorber. Sweating under the breasts can result in sweat marks on your clothing which is quite embarrassing when you are working out in a unisex gym or performing athletic activates in mixed company.
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Nixie – A wearable quadcopter on your wrist !

Drone Nixie Flyable & Wearable Camera quadcopter

Quadcopters and drones have captured our imagination, giving birth to new perspectives in which one can shoot videos and click aerial pictures. On the other end of the rope wearable technology is also going great guns with innovators coming up with some really cool stuff. But, I got to admit it, this project by team Nixie in the Intel Make it Wearable Challenge is simply awesome. Envisioned by Christoph Kohstall and his team, the Nixie – Flyable & Wearable Camera is a new way to amalgamate wearable technology and quadcopters. This surreal quadcopter equipped with a camera sits on your wrist like a wristband and when the moment arrives you can set it free to capture the action.
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Special edition Ferrari 458 Speciale A to debut at Paris Motor Show 2014

Ferrari 458 Speciale A sports car

If you are planning to visit the Paris Motor Show 2014, then watch-out for the Ferrari 458 Speciale A (Aperta which means open in English) limited edition special series sports roadster. Ferrari has announced Ferrari 458 Speciale A as a celebration for the success of its various 458 versions. Clearly, this Ferrari is for the most avid 499 collectors, as it has the most powerful and eco-friendly V8 engine under the hood capable of 605 cv (135 cv/l specific power output) and 540 Nm of torque at 6000 rpm with just 275 g/km of CO2 emissions. Meaning, it can go from 0-100 km/h in 3.0 seconds flat!

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Sony ICD-TX650 voice recorder is must have for media personnel

Sony ICD-TX650 voice recorder for press

Sony has released a digital voice recorder with superb audio quality of recordings, specifically targeted for modern business professionals. Sony ICD-TX650 is ultra-lightweight and thin so that you can carry it anywhere with you like in business meetings, conferences or anywhere else where you need to record quality vocal audio and process it later on. The audio voice recorder is equipped with Stereo Emphasis function that allows for a very realistic and deep voice recording to identify the position of the voice while recording. For example if there are multiple people having a conference in a conference room then the digital audio recorder records the voice in such a manner that it is clearly identifiable from which corner of the room voice was coming. The device has built-in speakers so that audio can be played back to check for the quality of recording.
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BMW iWallbox Pro charging station to juice-up electric vehicles

BMW iWallbox Pro charging station

Electric and hybrid vehicles are going to be the future of emission-free emission that is why BMW is investing its time in developing technology that relates to any such commuters or gadgets. BMW iWallbox Pro is a home charging station that fits easily inside your garage and lets you charge EV with minimal fuzz. This charging unit compatible with European Type 2 standard connectors can charge an EV like BMW i3 in just under 3 hours at charging rate of 7.4 kW. Just like the BMW automobiles, the charging unit also has the signature BMW design aesthetics. It comes with a 7-inch touchscreen display to keep a check on all the information like the amount of charge left, charging cycles and the settings for customized charging.
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