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NEC’s Smartphone app detects fake products to curb counterfeiting

NEC Duplicate Spotting Technology

NEC Duplicate Spotting Technology

In a world flooded with brands like Gucci, Luis Vuitton or Tommy Hilfiger; their fake counterfeits are minting money riding on the success of innumerable brands across the globe. So how do you make sure that you are not purchasing the counterfeit clothing from the well renowned brands across the globe? Well, scan their surface to find if it is the real deal or a fake one. Not only buyers, but the new technology developed by Japanese firm NEC is going to help retailers in unintentionally importing fake apparels. It can not only detect apparels, but anything right from a nail to automotive part!
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Wireless Ring Mouse is tailor-made for giving PowerPoint presentations

Wireless ring mouse

Sanwa Direct (a Japanese online retailer) has come-up with a wireless ring mouse that doubles as a laser pointer too. Compatible with Windows and Mac, this ring like mouse pointer is perfect for making presentations or operating your system wirelessly from a distance while watching a movie for instance. The mouse is tailor-made for use with PowerPoint or any other presentation applications. Other than that, you can use this wireless mouse for normal PC operation too.
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Panasonic Guth Mini DX: Power-assisted electric bicycle with safe seating for your kid

Panasonic Guth Mini DX electric bicycle

Panasonic has released an electric bicycle for carrying children dubbed Guth Mini DX which has power-assisted pedals to help you in ascends. This electric bicycle has a front section on the handlebar which can carry your kid safely anywhere you go. This new kind of concept for an electric bicycle is quite unique and is all set to make a debut in January 2015.
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Vintage record player artistically crafted from Legos!

Lego vintage record player

It’s been a long time since we showed you an interesting Lego project that has the goodness of steampunk element attached to it. This vintage record player made from Lego bricks is a fully functional player complete with nixie tubes and LED for a steampunkish. All the electronic components are fitted neatly inside the frame of this Lego dominated record player which has amplifier and speakers that presumably will sound good.
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Lunar Mission One looking to drill moon’s surface to reveal new secrets

Lunar Mission One robotic moon lander

Lunar Mission One robotic moon lander

Those of you who are interested in astronomy and fascinated by the Apollo Moon landing mission, here is your one-off chance to make history. A project is up on Kickstarter that goes by the name Lunar Mission One which plans to send an unmanned robotic landing module to the South Pole of the Moon. After successfully landing on the uninhibited moon surface the probe will attempt to drill the surface to the depth of at-least 20m and to a maximum of 100m. This will give the chance to discover geological composition of the Moon and understand the evolution of solar system in greater detail.
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Stanford university students develop smartphone-controlled quadcopter

Smartphone controlled quadcopter

Coming as an able example of mechatronics – the combination of mechanic and electronics, the Stanford engineering students have developed a quadcopter which can be controlled by a smartphone. This prototype quadcopter made by the mechanical engineering course ME 202 students as a part of their mandatory project. This project requires the students to turn open-source smartphone operating systems into powerful control of mechatronic devices.
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Motorola Keylink: Phone and key finder for the absent minded generation!

Motorola Keylink phone and key finder

Phone and key finder for just $25

Now you’ll never have lost keys or phone again as Motorola Keylink is here to do all the remembering bit for you, especially when you are the absent minded type. This attractive looking key fob by Motorola makes sure you never have to go through the grueling drill of finding your lost phone or car keys again.
Motorola Keylink pairs-up with your Android or iOS phone with the help of Motorola Connect app and whenever the phone is near the key fob it remains unlocked since the Motorola Keylink is added to the list of trusted devices.
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Colin Furze’s tuk tuk loaded with weapons and a Honda CBR600 engine!

TUK600 Colin Furze tuk tuk with weapons

TUK600 Colin Furze tuk tuk with weapons!

Colin Furze, the crazy but intelligent geek is at it again with a whooping creation of his. With the release of Far Cry 4 yesterday, Colin also revealed his new creation which is an adaptation of the vehicle shown in the Ubisoft game. A weaponized tuk tuk that Colin made, since Ubisoft asked him to do so and agreed to bear all the expenses of the project. He bought a Bajaj tuk tuk (mobility three wheeler) from eBay and then modified it with upgrades that enhanced its performance. And yes he gave it a name too, the TUK600.
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Interview : Maximilian Büsser, founder MB&F Swiss watches

Maximilian Büsser MB&F interview

They say, persistence and hard work always pays-off in the long run as long as you have the will to follow your dream. Maximilian Büsser, founder and CEO of MB&F is one living example of persistantly following your dream no matter how many hardships you face. Giving a new dimension to the watchmaking industry with his far-sighted vision of making exclusive horological machines, backed-up by intense belief in his abilities, makes Maximilian Busser one of the pioneering Swiss watchmakers. His unique timepieces a
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Nokia N1 tablet PC unveiled, looks more like a polished iPad mini version

Nokia N1 tablet PC

Today Nokia has revealed its Android 5.0 Lollipop powered tablet, the Nokia N1 which looks strikingly close to the Apple iPad mini. The one-piece aluminum tablet PC will be launched in China by Q1 of 2015 for an expected price of $249 and then later-on in Russia and select European countries. It will be powered by a 64-bit Intel Atom processor clocked at 2.3GHz and have PowerVR G6430 GPU for added processing power.
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