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TA+TOO detachable bicycle saddle prevents thefts and vandalism

REmovable Bicycle Saddle

The number of people opting bicycle as their primary means of commuting in city and its outskirts is certainly on the rise owing to environmental concerns. So, that will directly affect the number of bicycles and their accessories. The prime ones are going to be related to the safety of your bicycle as thefts are going to be a common happening. Keeping this in mind, Selle Royal has a very different take on safety with their patented system saddle. TA+TOO theft-proof bike saddle has a removable top that goes with you when you park your bike, therefore no thief will think of laying hands on your bike.
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NetSpot creates visual heatmap of Wi-Fi signal strength in home/office

NetSpot app for WiFi signal analysis_2

What does a modern geek require to stay alive? Food, air, water and of course a Wi-Fi signal. Such is the requirement of modern life that you can’t do without internet connectivity, and it is mostly satisfied by a stable Wi-Fi connection. Whether you are in office or at home, lack of internet connectivity can bring your life to a virtual halt, only to be restored back when you reestablish Wi-Fi connectivity. Having a Wi-Fi connection is one thing, and ensuring that you make the most out of it is completely another.
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Georgia Tech develop self-driving car capable of drifting on dirt tracks

Self driving drifting car

Self-driving technology is being aggressively explored by automotive experts to one day eliminate manual driving completely. That dream is just in the infancy stages, although giants like Google and Tesla Motors are making impressive developments for the same. Autonomous cars are good, but don’t you think they are little boring? Always going by the book and not taking account for error by other motorists or unforeseen situations like bad weather conditions or a semi-truck losing control and hurling towards the self-driving car. In those situations an autonomous car would be more of a danger rather than safe commuter. To cover that situation, Georgia Tech have developed a technology which prepares autonomous vehicles for the rough rides as well.
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RoboBee – Harvard University’s perching bee robot derives inspiration from nature

RoboBee Perching Robot

Nature has been the core source of inspiration for sophisticated designs that we humans have invented. Flying has been one nature-inspired craving that has led to many new kind of advents for a long time now. Moritz Alexander Graule, who is currently a PhD student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has developed this tiny little flying robot while he was a Harvard University Microrobotics Lab. RoboBee, as he likes to call it, uses the phenomenon of perching to conserve energy. Just like a bee that weighs about 100mg, this small little robot perches to any surface using electrostatic energy.
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These human-like robots are so real you’re eyes will fail to distinguish


We live in a world where distinguishing reality from illusion is becoming difficult to comprehend. Thanks to robotics and technology advancements, creating artificial humans is inching closer to the ultimate goal of perfection. The robots we were accustomed to see till now are no more just a piece of metal with flashing LEDS waiting for their master’s next command. In fact, now robots have become more human-like, both in looks and behavior. The day isn’t far away when robots are going to overtake humans which is kind of scary. For now though, let’s leave that for the future and have a look at some of the most realistic looking humanoids seen so far.
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Creative cardboard creations put together in a gripping collection

Creative cardboard creations put together in a gripping collection

Cardboard as a material has structural strength to hold the heaviest of cargo and at the same time flexibility to be used according to your needs. It comes handy as a raw material for school projects, but a few genius artists can turn it into work of art. In the hand of a master craftsman who are blessed with the technical bend of mind, cardboard can be turned into jaw-dropping creations. As our dedication to such artistic people and of course the cardboard material that makes it all possible, here is a collection of the best cardboard creations that’ll you’ll ever see.
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Unreal Selfie stick with fans and beauty lights will make you forget the rest

Unreal Selfie Stick

Who’s better at putting together geeky pranks and gobbling down millions of views? Thinkmodo that would be. The pioneers in putting together viral video campaigns for brands is back with another one of its creation. To promote the new season of drama-reality show Unreal, they have created two high tech selfie sticks that you’ll want instantly after reading this. Just like any other selfie stick, this one also connects to your phone via Bluetooth, but the comparison ends there.
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Ross becomes world’s first robotic lawyer hired by Baker & Hostetler

Robot lawyer IBM Ross

Robots are making their way into many walks of life which brings exciting new prospects for us. Human-beings have developed robots with the intelligence and smartness to perform complex tasks. We recently say Robot Kingdom – an amusement park run entirely by 200 robots and in another story a robotic card dealer named Min. Both these examples clearly show the prowess of modern day robots to go all solo when it comes to performing tasks. Now in another instance, Law firm Baker & Hostetler has shown faith in IBM’s Ross robot to take care of their bankruptcy practice.
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“Jack”: The autonomous Audi A7 concept drives like a well-mannered motorist

Audi A7 self-driving car Jack

Self-driving cars are the next frontier in what you would call the future of safe commuting. All the major manufacturers; in particular Google, Nissan, Hyundai, Baidu, Ford, Mercedes, Tesla’s semi-autonomous software update and many more. Audi has also been in the thick of the action with its LG G Watch R smartwatch controlled self-driving Audi A7 teased at CES 2015. The German automotive manufacturer recently gave more insight on its self-driving car which is more like a civilized human-being driving on the roads. Responsible driving is its prime concern, and that is why Audi A7 piloted driving concept named “Jack” is different from the competition.
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Flens boosts iPhone flashlight by 10 times, turns it into a focused beam

Flens phone flash booster_1

Your phone’s flashlight comes handy for many purposes. Searching for a key in the dark corners of a room, lighting-up pathway in the night or navigating your way through the house during a power cut. But do we need an improvement to the existing flashlight that comes with a phone? The makers of Flens think so, and there is a good enough reason for it. This accessory boosts smartphone LED flash up to 10 times and converts it into a focused beam which goes further. Now I’m starting to believe that I do need this accessory for time when phone flashlight is just too scattered for the task at hand.
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