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Solar-powered scooter that charges your smartphone and plays music too

Solar-powered Daymak Photon Solar Boombox Scooter

One basic problem with electric scooter is that you need to constantly need to charge them after use. This somehow prompts the user to ditch the ride after some time of use and search for alternative means of commuting. Solar-powered Daymak Photon Solar Boombox Scooter is all set to change that since it is self-powered and comes with a lot more utility than just riding around the streets.
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Seymourpowell Grazor: Pedal-powered lawn mower for the health conscious lot

Seymourpowell Grazor lawn mower

London-based design agency Seymourpowell have got their act together to create a lawn mower that not only keeps your garden in well-groomed condition. But that’s not all. This carbon fiber body lawn mower is pedal-powered which makes good enough for fitness freaks too. Seymourpowell call it Grazor lawn mower, and although it is still in concept stage, the product could see day light soon.
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Make a budget Terminator Arm from household items

Dustin McLean, the famous DIYer from the low budget Prop Shop is back again with a how to. This time he shows how one can make the popular Terminator arm for just $15 from daily household objects. If you want the hand to look fancier with an attractive stand, the budget extends to $30. Any which way it is quite cheap for what you get in the end.
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Twisted Evil is a four-wheeled chopper destined to set the road ablaze!

Twisted Evil four wheeled chopper

Twisted Evil four-wheeled chopper

Stuck between the love for two-wheelers and cars? Why not make something that is a two-wheeler with four wheels. As stupid as it might seem, the above picture clouds all thoughts and makes me focus on what’s in front of me. A chopper that is bad to the bone and looks like a lady killer. Mike Forbes who wanted a Harley, but was not allowed to do so by his wife, decided to make a chopper with four wheels. That way, technically he wasn’t building a bike, but actually he was.
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Flintstones would have loved to ride this $2000 T-Rex tricycle

Giant Rideable T Rex Art Bike

Riding a T-Rex is never a good idea, not even in the movies or fiction series. But once you see this crazy tricycle, your perspective will change. This Giant Rideable T-Rex Art Bike reminds me of the Flintstones who had dinosaurs as their work horses. But in real world it is a ride for pure fun as you can see from the pictures. It is made to look like a Tyrannosaurus-Rex’s skeletal with the tail and legs attached to wheels. The rider can climb on-board and sit on the comfortable chair while paddling a dinosaur carcass on the tarmac.
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You’ll soon see high resolution photos in your Instagram feed

Instagram app HD photos

Instagram is finally going to show high resolution 1080×1080 size pictures, giving up the 640×640 resolution that it kind of got stuck with for so many years. Whatever the reason might be, but Instagram users had to beg for the needed upgrade since their big screen phones didn’t like what this Facebook owned app had to offer. According to TheVerge, Instagram is storing the pictures in 1080×1080 resolution and that is a clear sign of it rolling out the new feature anytime soon.
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Things to know about the GoPro Hero4 Session action camera

GoPro Hero4 Session action camera

Good news for adventure seekers and people who are always amidst the action, as GoPro has released its lightest and smallest action camera yet. This is GoPro Hero4 Session action camera that buries the traditional rectangular design aesthetics of the earlier models and adapts a cube design, much like the Polaroid Cube+ action camera. GoPro has concentrated on keeping the weight down to 2.3 ounces and form factor just 1.4 inches on each side.
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Jaguar XJR-9 LM in 1:8 scaled Lego replica is totally nostalgic

Lego Jaguar XJR 9 LM replica

I just love writing about Lego cars, ever since one of my neighbor bought a cool Lego car that could be configured into various looks. Every time a Lego maker creates something related to four wheels, my instinct pushes me to learn more about it. Enough of the emotions and talking about what I like. Pals this is a 1:8 scaled down replica of the legendary Jaguar XJR-9 LM supercar in Lego that won 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1988.

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Stella Lux is a solar-powered family car well-prepared for the World Solar Challenge

Stella Lux solar-powered faimly car

Stella Lux solar-powered faimly car

Solar-powered vehicles that have unearthed so far are two-seater cars that haven’t paid much attention to family. That fact has just got a reality check as a team of 21 Dutch students from the Eindhoven University of Technology have developed a solar-powered family car which is self-sustainable in itself for World Solar Challenge in Australia. The family car dubbed as Stella Lux looks quite unlike than your usual commuter and it comes as no surprise as most of the futuristic vehicles look different from the current breed of automobiles.
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