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CES 2015: Slimport NanoConsole lets you enjoy cross-platform multimedia content

Analogix Slimport NanoConsole revealed at CES 2015

Analogix Slimport NanoConsole revealed at CES 2015 is an innovative device that’ll change the way we play media, games and cloud compute. This small little gadget aims to eliminate the need for any gaming consoles, set-top boxes, computers and much more. The device comes with a wireless Nano Remote that provides all the control features, thereby offering comfort and convenience to consumers.
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CES 2015: Razer OSVR headset is an open source platform for developers

Razer OSVR headset CES 2015

Razer OSVR open source VR headset

Razer at CES 2015 has come up with its own version of HUD headgear for virtual reality and it says that their version is not an Oculus Rift competitor in any way. We however, would like to question that thought as the Razer VR headset is going to give Oculus Rift VR a good complementing aid and perhaps in the future develop its own stand-alone VR headset. Enough to give Oculus Rift worthy competition in its own domain.
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CES 2015: Saygus V2 is a super smartphone with 320GB storage!

Saygus V2 smartphone CES 2015

Saygus V2 smartphone at CES 2015

Whenever we talk about smartphones, top brands reap all the limelight. But behold this phone that I’ll like to call a super smartphone simply because of its unbelievable features. Revealed at CES 2015, the Saygus V2 smartphone is a powerhouse when compared to current breed of smartphones. With 320GB storage (64GB on two MicroSDXC slots) , 3GB RAM and 2.5GHz quad core Snapdragon processor this smartphone totally rocks the block.
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CES 2015: Renovo Motors Coupe is world’s first all-electric supercar power-packed for thrill

All eletric Renovo Motors Coupe Supercar

All-eletric Renovo Motors Coupe Supercar

CES 2015 was destined to surprise us with all new wearable technology, robotics and 3D printing. But little did we know that CES would bring first all-electric American supercar that is just jaw-dropping to say the least. Renovo Motors Coupe powered by a lithium-ion battery is capable of going from 0-60 in under 3.4 seconds with a top speed of 120 mph. Now comes the interesting bit, the coupe is the first car powered by the Nvidia Tegra X1 Super Chip to keep the all-digital cluster and 11.6” touchscreen optimized.

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CES 2015: 3D printed animatronics dress that safeguards your personal space

3D printed Smart Spider Dress CES 2015

When you combine wearable technology and 3D printing technology, the result is surely destined to be spectacular. Going one step ahead of the Synapse Dress that is programmed using the Intel Edison microcontroller chip is the Smart Spider Dress. What it does, well protect you from any intrusion into your personal space. The 3D printed dress is currently on display at the ongoing CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2015 in Las Vegas.
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CES 2015: Power-packed CyberPower Fang Trinity gaming PC is unearthly!

CyberPower Fang Trinity gaming PC CES 2015

CyberPower Fang Trinity gaming PC at CES 2015

Is it a PC or a futuristic pod? That is the question I asked myself when I laid my eyes on the CyberPower Fang Trinity gaming PC. Showcased at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, this gaming PC is nothing like anything that we have seen before, and it is simply awesome. Packed with a liquid-cooled 4GHz Intel Core i7 4790K processor, Gigabyte Z97 Mini-ITX motherboard, full-size GeForce GTX 980 graphics card and three SSDs.

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CES 2015: Wearable Nixie drone amuses everyone at the mega event

Wearable nixie drone clicks selfies

Yes we love drones and in particular the Nixie drone that caught our eye just a few months ago. The winner of Intel Make it Wearable competition held in San Francisco, Nixie drone got the much deserved attention at CES 2015 when developer Christoph Kohstall showed the Intel Nixie drone camera in a keynote at the mega event. Intel’s keynote presented by CEO Brian Krzanich also included the Intel Curie module for modern wearables.
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CES 2015: Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Moment is world’s first wooden touch interactive music player

Bang and Olufsen BeoSound Moment

Bang & Olufsen has announced its arrival at CES 2015 with a definite bang with the world’s first touch sensitive wood interface. Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Moment is a wireless music system that integrates your music collection and music streaming services into one. BeoSound is a double sided music player which has aluminum interface on one side for browsing through endless online music collection. The other side is a wooden interface to access your daily music collection just by one touch on the wooden wheel.
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CES 2015: Range of Alienware gaming laptops revealed

Alienware 17 laptops

At the ongoing CES, Dell have announced a range of laptops in the XPS, Alienware, Venue and Inspiron series that it deems as the best ones in company’s history. The laptops have been designed using premium material and styling is also rejuvenated for demanding users. Alienware 15 and 17 Windows laptops are the ones that caught our eye as they come packed with the latest gaming technologies.
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