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Wallet Drone – World’s smallest pocket quadcopter will bring out the kid in you

Wallet drone by Morrison Innovations

Morrison Innovations who successfully funded their tiny little Nano Drone on Indiegogo are now back with a bang in just two months’ time with another improved version that promises even more. This is Wallet Drone, a quadcopter small enough to fit inside your pocket and its striking feature is the ability to fit inside the controller, making it a compact unit that is going to lure buyers. In fact the drone measures just 1.57 x 1.57 inches making it the smallest drone in the world. The controller that it fits inside isn’t that big either at 3.35 x 1.1 inches!
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Chop your Moto X 2nd Gen twice in the air to turn on flashlight!

Chop Twice for flashlight Moto X feature

Motorola has made a strong comeback into the phone market with its Moto E smartphone and never looked back since then. Moto X has also been performing good, and positioned as a high-end phone for premium users, it has delivered to the promise in the last year or so. Plus it is a Google owned mobile device so it enjoys the perk of getting the latest updates to the Google Android OS. Now Motorola has rolled out the Android 5.1 Lollipop update for Moto X (2nd Gen.) and it comes with a handy new feature that will be adopted by other phone manufacturers too.
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StoreDot invents electric car battery that charges in just 5 minutes!

StoreDot Flashbattery for electric vehicles

StoreDot, the maker of super quick charging technology that charges your smartphone in a matter of seconds is now looking at the bigger segment of electric vehicles. The company has now built a prototype battery using organic materials that can be charged in just 5 minutes which is a huge leap in car battery charging technology. By developing this innovative nanotechnology, StoreDot is looking to reduce EV charging time dramatically, thereby attracting more automotive manufactures to go for electric vehicles in their line-up.
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This hydrogen fuel cell powered drone is ideal for long-lasting missions

Hycopter hydrogen fuel cell drone

Hycopter – hydrogen fuel cell powered drone

Making steep progress in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology is this hydrogen fuel cell propelled quadcopter that is destined for glory. Hycopter is going to be the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell powered multi-rotor drone that is going to fly for a record 4 hours duration non-stop. Mind you, that is almost 6 times the average flight duration of UAVs. Breaking the shackles of current drone flight times means extended job profile for the hydrogen fuel cell powered UAV in war zones, spying, aerial surveys and other applications.
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Soft keyboard for smartwatch lets you send text from the wrist

Soft keyboard for wearables by Universitat Politècnica de València and University of Stuttgart

What is the most important feature of wearable gadgets like smartwatches or fitness trackers? Their size, the smaller the better. Although wearables like smartwatches have a small screen size area to read notifications and alerts, they lack any input method like sending back an email. This has prompted researchers from Universitat Politècnica de València and University of Stuttgart to design two different soft keyboards that can be used with wearables. The researchers presented their prototype soft keyboards at ACM conference on Human Factors in Computer Systems (CHI 2015) held in Seoul, Korea.
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Affordable white shirt repels oil-based liquid for zero maintenance and care

The unstainable white shirt_2

Clothing manufacturers have always craved for a fabric that is hydrophobic and repels any kind of staining. White is perhaps one of the most susceptible clothing fabric that is rendered useless in case it is stained beyond cleaning. Moreover, sporting a white formal shirt or tee always exudes confidence, but it is also a dirt magnet which deters many from wearing this soothing colored clothes. A Kickstarter campaign that is on course to attaining almost 5 times the funding goal is all set to change that. This is The Unstainable White Shirt which can take any liquid or oily substance, and still manage to be squeaky clean with the wipe of a cleaning cloth.
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Galaxy S6 Edge coming in Iron Man themed attire, Samsung confirms

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Avengers Age of Ultron themed phone

The rumored Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man themed version has finally been confirmed by the South Korean company. To promote the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie, Samsung has formed alliance with Marvels Studio to release this special edition series by early June. As expected, these exclusive smartphones is going to sport red and golden colors, customary to the Iron Man theme. This limited edition theme will include wallpapers, lock screen and icons.
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AM37 Yacht – Aston Martin powerboat design is epitome of luxury and performance

Quintessence Yachts,  Mulder Design and Aston Martin create AM37 yacht

Quintessence Yachts Aston Martin AM37 yacht

Aston Martin, Mulder Design and Quintessence Yachts have formed an association to bring to the world a high-end water craft that is a perfect representation of luxury and high performance. You can call AM37 super boat the Vulcan supercar of yacht world, all thanks to its cool sporty looks and power performance packed under the hood. The 37-foot long super yacht is all about driving pleasure, handling and comfort for the riders; things you mostly associate with supercars.
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Seven foot tall Star Wars sculpture crafted from automotive parts resurrected back to life

Star Wars Boba Fett metal sculpture

Star Wars Boba Fett metal sculpture made from automotive parts

Star Wars Day has just passed us and it is good time to reflect some light on a DIY project that celebrates this day in all its glory. Have a look at this seven-foot tall sculpture of Boba Fett (Star Wars antagonist) created from nothing else but motorcycle parts. This metal figure is resurrected by John Burden, 44 from Axwell Terrace, Swalwell and it cost the artistic builder around £3,000 to bring back to life. The original creators of this sculpture were University students in Scotland who celebrated the nostalgic release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 1999.
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