Author: Monika Thakur

Rio Firefly Handcycle transforms manual wheelchair into electric vehicle

Rio Firefly Handcycle

Moving around outdoors is a painful task for wheelchair users, when done manually as it causes great strain on upper body. However, many electric wheel chairs are also available commercially, but they also have their own limitations for speed and directions. To sort the problem, San Francisco-based Company Rio Mobility has launched the latest Firefly Handcycle that easily snaps onto any ordinary wheelchair to transform it into a high speed electric vehicle for outdoors.

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Bug-A-Salt: Plastic shotgun that takes down insects with a pinch of salt


It’s that time of the year when unwanted creepy insects constantly irritates you while entering your house or spoiling your outdoor picnics. You often end up hitting them with flyswatters, which are not very effective and also creates a mess due to smashed bodies of these creepy crawlies over it. To solve this annoying problem, Santa Monica-based artist Lorenzo Maggiore has created a pump-action shotgun called Bug-A-Salt that expels a pinch of salt at high speed to kill undesired insects around you. The gadget pierces body of bugs with minute pellets of salt without creating any mess like flyswatters. Read More…

Happiness Blanket monitors in-flight experience of passengers

Happiness Blanket by British Airways

British Airways has been testing the latest Happiness Blanket on passengers to figure out their in-flight comfort level. This particular piece of material is installed with woven fiber optics and neurosensors to measure the user’s brainwaves. It comes with a headband made by MyndPlay that sends brain signals to the blanket over Bluetooth and instructs it to change color accordingly.
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Indian women invent Anti-Rape Jeans to combat sexual violence

Anti-Rape Jeans

In a country where government statistics reports that a rape occurs every 22 minutes, two young women have come up with the solution in form of ‘Anti-rape Jeans’ to fight back the crisis. The creators Diksha Pathak, 21, and Anjali Srivastava, 23, from Varanasi, India installed a small electronic button in the jeans that sends distress signals along with victim’s location to family members and local police when pressed. Read More…

Watch FIFA World Cup finals on Sony’s Ultra HD 4K screen

Sony’s Ultra HD 4K Screen for FIFA World Cup 2014

Image credit: Daniel Incandela, Flickr

In 2010, Sony came up with 3D technology for fans to watch FIFA World Cup straight from South Africa. Now, the company has launched an Ultra HD 4K technology display which will be installed in Vue Cinemas London, especially to telecast two FIFA World Cup matches. As we all know, 16 teams have successfully qualified for the final round but only quarter final and final matches will be shown on this particular multiplex. Quarter final match will be broadcasted only for guests whereas, the final match will be open for public. Read More…

Chicago’s smart Lamp Post keeps check on surveillance and pollution levels

Chicago Smart Lamp Posts

Popular cities have always drawn attention of masses to reside there for better lifestyle, but more people in a city means a lot of hustle and bustle, and also increased pollution. To keep that in control, Chicago is about to fix smart lamp posts attached with data collection sensors all over the streets of this city. This step will make Chicago one step closer to Watch Dogs, a real life hacking concept in a virtual world. But, the lamp posts will surely exist in the real world and will be able to keep track on pollution as well as population. Read More…

Dad and his kids bring R2-D2 Droid into the real world

R2-D2 Droid

Many avid fans purchase their favorite Star Wars merchandise online or from stores but, Kansas-based George Westwater and his sons have brought the fictional character R2-D2 Droid from the Sci-Fi flick into the real world. Westwater built the fully functional droid with his 7-year-old son Alex and 5-year-old son Zach. It is installed with a motor that is controlled by a remote to move it around a room and play sound clips from the movie, including the theme song. It also beeps and flashes multi-colored LED lights using its computerized software. Read More…

3D-printed strapless dress turns transparent when sharing personal data online

3D printed Strapless Dress x.pose

We often have more control over what we display on our bodies than what personal information to share online. We never think too much before sharing any information online, thus, making ourselves more transparent or ‘naked’ online. This real world nakedness is combined with online transparency in a very unique way by designers Xuedi Chen and Pedro Oliveira in form of a 3D-printed strapless dress called x.pose. This 3D-printed dress is correctly named x.pose as it literally exposes your skin based on your location, and how much amount of data you share online. Read More…

Ringly buzzes on your finger when there is a notification on smartphone

Ringly Smart Ring

Forget smartwatches or other contemporary wearables as smart technology is now launched in a new shape with bling, especially for women. The New York start-up has recently unveiled Ringly, a stylish smart ring that alerts the wearer about smartphone notifications, texts or phone calls by vibrating and blinking a flash of light on its stone. Christina Mercando, CEO and cofounder of Ringly, created this smart ring to offer an easy solution to all busy women who usually miss out important phone calls, texts or notifications because they cannot hear the phone ringing in their purse. Read More…

Charge your phone while walking with these power generating shoes [w/video]

Mobile device charging shoe by Angelo Casimiro
We have seen many solar-powered gadgets and use of other energy sources to generate electricity before. But, what if we told you that you can produce electric energy with your footsteps to charge mobile devices? Well, it is actually possible with these ‘power generating shoes’ unearthed at Google Science Fair 2014, all thanks to, a 15-year-old boy Angelo Casimiro from Philippines. This teenager has come up with a technology to produce energy from an individual’s footsteps and convert the energy into electricity to charge mobile phones or other small battery-powered devices. The technology is quite reminiscent to the one used in shoe charger invented by Rajesh Adhikari that we featured couple of months ago. Read More…