Author: Monika Thakur

Comfortable Borgezie Riviera stilettos will last for 1000 years!

Borgezie Riviera stilettos with 1000 year guarantee

Women can understand well the sad feeling of throwing away their favorite pair of heels after it is worn out. But now they do not have to face that, if they have Borgezie Riviera stilettos. The beautiful pair of stilettos will be going strong even after your dancing days are done. Jewellery Quarter designer Chris Shellis from Birmingham, has created the pair of stilettos which will last forever. Borgezie Riviera stilettos is made out of stainless steel and tough silver with a thousand year guarantee. Yes, that is right. The designer has created the pair of shoe which you can even pass on to generations within your family.
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Russian photographers illuminated Arctic Ice Lake for a car photoshoot

Illuminated Artic Lake

Playing with lights is every photographers favorite pass time. Some photographers take the liberty to stretch their imagination beyond parameters, and this illuminated Artic ice lake setup, created for a photoshoot of a new car, is just one fine example. The set-up looks spectacular, you cannot take your eyes off it for even a second, but creating it was not an easy task. Russian photography duo Dmitry Christoprudov and Nikolay Rykov drilled a fully frozen lake and installed a powerful lighting system and a 1000 lumen Chinese torch under the iced lake – the magnificent outcome is right here for you to see.

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