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Hover Camera: Hovering pet like AI drone by Zero – Zero Robotics

Hover Camera Drone_1

Technology has been advancing every day in all the spheres of life, and we benefit from the new tech-developments which are coming in the market every day. One such amazing development is the Beijing’s Zero – Zero Robotics (self-flying) Hover Camera. The drone is invention of Wang Mengqiu, the SEO of Zero – Zero Robotics. It is more than a personalized drone which captures the pictures of users by hovering over and around them from different angles. The major catch in this artificial intelligent drone flying camera is that unlike the big and heavy drones available in the market, this passport sized 4K camera is very light weight, takes almost no space and takes beautiful 13 megapixel photos with 4K video recording capabilities. Another good feature of this camera drone is that it does not use stereo vision (which is used by nearly all the drones), rather it uses facial recognition and follows a specific user to take their pictures.
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Is your email safe from hackers?

Secure Email, Email Security

There are 74 trillion emails sent every year, making it one of the most prolific communication formats in the world. Recently, Microsoft published a list of some of the most common email security problems happening today – and many are ones that people completely ignore or don’t know exist.

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Online gaming: What does the future hold?

Online gaming

Online gaming is a commonplace concept within the industry now as developers have continued to adapt to the need for multiplayer platforms, DLCs and creating a more social experience in the games they create.

You can trace online gaming back to SEGA and their Dreamcast console, which allowed players to download extra content via an internet connection – which we imagine was painfully slow. Microsoft and Sony quickly caught onto the idea when SEGA didn’t manage to get it off the ground and have gone on to develop the concept of online gaming further over time.

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Is it possible to 3D print human organs now?

3D Printed Human Organs

Few people know this but industrial 3D printing actually existed since 1980s. It was utilized to mainly create manufacturing prototypes. Nowadays, technology has advanced to a level that is highly promising. Although the 3D printing of actual organs is not fully possible, additive manufacturing is likely to change that in the future.

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Why hackers love XSS attacks, and how to stop them

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks

When it comes to cross-site scripting or XSS attacks, it may seem challenging to feel as though you’re imparting any new information. After all, XSS attacks are one of the oldest as well as one of the most common types of attacks in the entirety of the internet. The XSS story has been written again and again.

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5 end users who can rely on rugged laptops

Panasonic Toughbook

Your job or work is something you cannot ignore; along with that in today’s tech savvy world; a computer is what you essentially need to help increase your productivity at work. While most normal desk jobs within a secure working environment require ordinary computers and laptops which perform well in terms of speed, have good performance and so on; there are few end-users whose field of work and environment necessitates them to rely only on rugged computers.

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