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Student develops Express Dive, a lightweight underwater breathing system

Express Dive System by Cathal Redmond

Cathal Redmond, a 26-year-old student at University of Limerick has developed a portable and lightweight underwater breathing system. Called the Express Dive System, this innovative product will allow divers to breathe underwater for up to 2 minutes. The dive system which recently won the 2015 Irish James Dyson Award is a step forward for small scuba systems. It comes packed with an air tank, air regulator and a compressor which will allow divers to enjoy and explore the underwater world in a better way.
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Gatorade and Bryce Harper join hands to bring virtual reality experience to the fans

Gatorade Virtual Reality Experience

For those who are not good at baseball, but still want to experience the feeling of a baseball player on the pitch, Gatorade has come up with something amazing for you. The sports-themed beverage manufacturer has collaborated with Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper to release a 3-minute, 360-degree Virtual Reality Experience video. The VR will give fans the chance to see, feel and hear what Mr. Harper feels, hears and sees on the pitch while trying to hit the ball out of the park.
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Honda Project 2&4 debuts at 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show

Honda Project 2&4 at 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show

Honda has unveiled its Project 2&4, a combination of global creativity and craftsmanship at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show in Berlin. Celebrating Honda’s position as the world’s leading engine manufacturer, Project 2&4 merges the brand’s unique capabilities in two- and four-wheel mobility into one impressive vehicle. Honda’s Project 2&4 is based on the winning entry from Honda’s ‘Global Design Project’ and comes with an open cockpit and a floating seat design for immersive driving experience.
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Helicopters will be able to land anywhere with DARPA’s robotic landing gear

Adaptive robotic landing gear by DARPA

Although, helicopter and chopper pilots have been trained to perfection to fly them, landing and the takeoff still remains the trickiest part of the job. Till now, landing in rough seas and uneven terrains was almost impossible, but looks like DARPA have come up with an innovative solution to tackle the issue. The agency suggests to change the way a vehicle lands itself. Instead of using the traditional rigid landing gear, it proposes flexible legs for the helicopter which can assist in landing safely on bumpy terrains.
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Patso Dimitrov designs superhero-themed NBA signature shoes

superhero-themed NBA signature shoes

How can we relate NBA players to superheroes? Well, here is one thought! On one hand, superheroes use their extraordinary gifts and abilities to save the world whereas on the other hand NBA players use their passion, talent and superhuman capabilities on the field to win matches. Often praised for their inhuman abilities, it’s not hard for us to imagine NBA players as superheroes. Patso Dimitrov, Copenhagen-based graphic designer got the inspiration from this comparison and came up with a unique idea of designing superhero-themed NBA signature shoes.
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Immersive Math e-book makes Algebra interactive and fun to learn

Immersive Math e-book

There are very few kids who seem interested in Mathematics; for a large population Maths is just another word for nightmare. As a kid, I never liked the subject especially Algebra (one of its branches) which used to scare the hell out me. Hard to grasp and understand, Algebra seems to be the most complicated branch of mathematics for a student. Well, the sweating and fever before a math exam is likely to go away with the development of Immersive Math e-book. Publicized as the world’s first linear algebra book with fully interactive figures, Immersive Math explains the gruesome techniques and complex formulas with simple games, illustrations, and even ray tracing programs.
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Apple could have fuel cell-powered MacBook that’ll run for weeks without charging

fuel cell-powered MacBook

Apple fanboys are eagerly awaiting the launch of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus. Besides the new iPhones, Apple will be launching an improvised Apple TV and a large-screen iPad at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. Well, that will be from the Apple event later today (September 9), for now, let’s learn what Apple may be cooking for one of its events in coming years. The Cupertino tech giant is looking to build fuel cell powered electronics which could use various energy sources and run for days without recharging – at least the patent points at that.
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Samsung unveils In-ear Fit earphones for enhanced comfort and sound quality

Samsung In-ear Fit earphones

Earphones have become an essential accessory for the new generation. Whether it’s about listening to music, connecting to friends or minimizing the background noise; earphones serve various purposes for different users. Smartphone manufacturers know this well that is why they are paying extra attention to offer high-quality earphones to their consumers along with the new handsets. To provide rich sound quality and unmatchable comfort to their consumers, Samsung has built new earphones for their Galaxy S6 smartphone. Dubbed In-ear Fit, the earphones fuses design of two types of earphones- canal-type earphones and open-type earphones to deliver enhanced comfort and rich sound quality.
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Tabby EVO: OSVehicle introduces open source platform for electric vehicles

Tabby EVO by OSVehicle

In 2012, OSVehicle came into existence with an idea to bring a new vision to the transportation industry. The team of creative engineers with a passion for autos wants to revolutionize the aging industry which desperately demands innovation and sustainability. It was in October 2013 when the Hong Kong based company made public appearance for the first time during Maker Faire Europe. Now, the team have introduced their latest open source hardware platform for the creation of electric vehicles. Named Tabby EVO, the open source framework can be used to create your own vehicle, by electric vehicle start-ups, for education purposes and much more.
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GE engineers builds 3D printed mini jet engine that can reach 33,000 RPM

3D-printed mini jet engine by GE engineers

3D printing have opened so many possibilities for engineers and designers all around the globe to keep on trying something new and fun. Once in a while, there comes an innovative creation that displays the brilliance of 3D printing technique. The latest masterpiece showcasing the technology is a 3D printed mini jet engine which has been created by GE engineers. The fully-functional engine is not just for exhibition as it was power tested at 33,000 rotations per minute. About a foot long and eight inches tall, the small jet engine is built using additive manufacturing, a next-generation technique that make complicated 3D objects by melting metal powder layer upon layer.
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