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The new Pebble Time smartwatch comes with color e-paper display

Pebble Time smartwatch

It was about two years ago in 2012 when the first smartwatch by Pebble was launched that took the world with surprise. Well, the innovative team is back with their third-generation smartwatch that comes with a new color e-paper display and microphone for responding to notifications. Called Pebble Time, the smartwatch features a slimmer body and is the first to include a color e-paper screen. Easy to read and always-on, perfect for displaying incoming notifications and your favorite watchface, the color e-paper screen of the Pebble Time is the most impressive feature of the smartwatch. Looks like Pebble are betting on this feature to compete with the like of Apple watch and other smartwatch manufacturers.
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The Momento Pearl: World’s first smart pearl comes embedded with NFC chip

The Momento Pearl by Galatea

Galatea of San Dimas, California is well known for its beautiful and unusual jewelry collections. Founded by award winning Vietnamese-American jeweler Chi Huynh in 1994, the artistic collections rely upon pearls and other gemstones that have been transformed by the patented and proprietary processes of the company. Well, taking their designer jewelry to a whole new level, Galatea have unveiled The Momento Pearl, which is claimed to be the world’s first Smart Pearl. Combining jewelry with ground-breaking technology, the Smart Pearl aims to add a human touch to these stones.
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Cloud Cast: Your personal cloud of mist to keep you cool

Cloud Cast by Carlo Ratti

As summers are approaching, it’s about time to start preparing for the hot season. Well, forget about cooling fans and air conditioners as Carlo Ratti have developed a new technology to keep you cool this summer. The Italian architect have invented “Cloud Cast”, a ground-breaking technology that uses motion tracking to cool you down with your personalized cloud of water vapors. As the ceiling–mounted installation senses that someone is walking beneath through its motion sensors, cloud of mist is generated that cools the air around it.
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Fire equipment manufacturer unveils PodRunner cargo-pod

PodRunner by Rescue 42, Inc.

Rescue 42, Inc., designer and manufacturer of innovative fire and rescue equipment have come up with a mobile cargo carrier so that required equipment can be carried from one location to another quickly and efficiently. Designed to mount on a vehicle’s trailer hitch, The PodRunner cargo carrier can be a very efficient tool for workers in the fire and other similar industries. With its strong scissor-lift chassis, the PodRunner allows a single person to comfortably roll up to 600 lbs of total weight and assemble the complete unit on a standard 2″ trailer hitch.
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Bang & Olufsen unveils Beolit 15 portable speaker for $599

Beolit 15 portable speaker by Bang & Olufsen

Beolit 15 portable speaker by Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen, Danish consumer electronics company have unveiled a portable, powerful Bluetooth speaker which looks like an updated version of their iconic Beolit 12 AirPlay speaker which was released back in 2012. Christened Beolit 15, the portable Bluetooth speaker is crafted from strong and durable polymer. The stylish look to the speaker is provided by the anodized aluminum grill that smoothly wraps around it and from its full grain leather strap that lets one carry it around with ease. Also, there is a non-slip rubber tray on top of the speaker for your mobile devices.

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Researchers develop ultra-sensitive UV light sensor for improved fire detection

ultra-sensitive UV light sensor for improved fire detection

Detecting smoke is crucial in saving lives and property during the early stages of a fire outbreak. However, the currently used photo-electric smoke sensors can only detect larger smoke particles found in dense smoke and fails to sense small particles of smoke from rapidly burning fires. Looking into the situation, researchers at the University of Surrey’s Advanced Technology Institute have developed a method. Manipulating zinc oxide, they have produced nanowires from a new material to develop a ultra-violet light detector. The ultra-sensitive UV light sensor is 10000x more sensitive to UV light than the traditional smoke detectors.
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Self powered wearable armband sounds alarm in case of fever

self-powered fever alarm armband

Researchers at University of Tokyo have developed a smart wearable device that sounds an alarm when the wearer runs a fever. Named Fever Alarm, the self-powered armband comes with a silicone solar panel and a thermal sensor to detect body temperature of the wearer ranging between 36.5C and 38.5C. Thus, the wearable can sound the alarm when wearer’s body temperature either falls one degree than the average of 37C or rises high than it. Besides incorporating a silicone solar panel, the fever alarm armband is packed with a piezoelectric speaker, temperature sensor and an organic power supply circuit.
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Ray Super: Touch-screen remote for enhanced TV experience

touch-screen universal TV remote

Though our televisions have gone through lots of transformation, the design of our remote have remained almost the same as it was a decade ago. Well, that’s about to change as Ray Enterprises, a New York-based company have created a modern touch-screen universal remote control. Shaped like a smartphone, the Ray Super Remote is designed to control TVs, cable boxes, DVRs, video game consoles as well as internet streaming players such as Roku and Apple TV. The remote comes with a 4.8-inch diagonal capacitive touch screen which offers an 1120×480 resolution. Featuring durable glass with fingerprint and scratch-resistant oleophobic coating, the Ray Super Remote has four physical buttons for mute, volume up and down, and sleep/wake functions.
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GuardBot: US marines testing amphibious robot for military operations

GuardBot ball-shaped vehicle system

GuardBot Inc., a Connecticut-based robotic company focused on development of spherical unmanned amphibious vehicle systems have developed a sphere shaped robot. Called GuardBot, the ball-shaped vehicle system comes with cameras on both sides and is integrated with variety of defense and commercial sensors. Currently being tested by the US marines, the amphibious robot can perform efficiently on road, sand, mud, snow, sloped surfaces and water. It can be used by the armed forces to guard soldiers, carry explosives to enemy location, detect bombs and perform reconnaissance.
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Apple plans to enter auto market with an electric car

Apple is working on an electric car

Apple Inc. is one of the leading companies in the consumer electronics industry that have conquered the market with their well-known hardware products. After delivering advanced technology gadgets such as Mac line of computers, iPod media players, iPhone smartphone and the iPad tablets to their consumers, the Cupertino, California-based technology giants have turned their attention towards the automotive industry now. Yes, you read it right! The company is currently working on an electric car. According to reports, Apple have hired several hundred of people including some from the auto industry as well to develop an electric car which will resemble a minivan.
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