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Microsoft’s ATL believes gesture control is the future of VR

Gesture control future of Virtual Reality

You hold up your wallet and the door opens, the lights come on as you step into the room, your computer unlocks at your approach and locks when you nip to the loo where you flush, wash and dry without having to touch anything.  Gesture control is already with us, isn’t it?  Well not quite, because those actions I’ve just described are single sensor responses. When you have a machine that recognises and responds to a sequence of gestures, that can in effect read a gesture language and respond appropriately, then you are talking about a sensing and computing device that has an ‘intelligence.’

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Lenovo shows-off flexible, wearable phone and foldable tablet at Tech World 2016

lenovo tech world 2016
Lenovo Tech World 2016 is rocking so far. Earlier, Lenovo had announced it new Phab 2 lineup including Phab 2 Pro with Google Tango AR technology. Now, Lenovo displayed near future of next generation portable gadgets – wearable with foldable or bendable design. The devices are only prototypes and the company has not released any commercial version yet. Two of such devices showed off by Lenovo included a phone that can be worn like a bracelet and a tablet that transforms into phone if folded. As per reports, both of these flexible devices with really flexible screens run on Android. Read More…

Apple gets go-ahead to construct ‘landfill gas to electricity’ plant in North Carolina

Apple landfill-gas-plant

A few days ago Apple had officially become a power company as it registered its subsidiary ‘Apple Energy LCC’ in Delaware (run from Cupertino headquarters). We are already aware of Apple’s stress on solar energy and this solidifies it further. Apple is pushing renewable energy movement and now it is generating more than it needs, so the giant will sell excess energy to the US. Now, Apple has obtained permission from North Carolina to establish a facility that will generate electricity from methane gas rising from landfill waste. The plant will be based in Catawba County. Not only will it generate electricity from waste, but will also prevent methane, a greenhouse gas, from dissipating into the atmosphere. Read More…

All you need to know about Apple HomeKit

Apple HomeKit

Apple HomeKit is a technology from Apple company focused on streamlining home automation. Technology such as actuators for standing desk help lift the desk with just a button pushes such that it changes heights depending on how the user wants to work. Manufacturers such as Philips Hue Lights adopt HomeKit into their smart devices. Siri a single interface commands HomeKit-aided accessories that are safe and easy to control. A HomeKit-compatible application is used to set the home plus all rooms with appliances, then triggers and actions are used to control the accessories.

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These emoji riddles have broken the internet

emoji riddles

With new advances and apps comes new ways to enjoy games or challenge your brain, whilst having fun at the same time. The rise of the emoji can’t be denied, so it was only a matter of time before they found a new use – other than simply expressing the feelings or opinions of someone when they’re sending a WhatsApp, Facebook or other form of message. Emoji riddles (such as this London Underground riddle which drove everyone crazy last year) are keeping people guessing. If you’d prefer not to be stumped like everyone else, you can see how a more simple formation works here.

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What could SkinTrack technology mean for the wearables market?

SkinTrack watchband prototype

SkinTrack watchband prototype

SkinTrack technology is a new idea by Future Interfaces Group that turns the user’s arm into a touchpad surface. From that touchpad, the user can play games, select music, and scroll up and down as they would on a smartphone or tablet. This invention could be a game changer in the world of wearable technology. Thus far, there has been much debate over the success of wearables such as smartwatches, but this added aspect could well help them to thrive. One of the most obvious uses for this piece of technology would be to enhance players’ gaming experience on smartwatches. So what can gamers expect should this tech hit the mainstream market?

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5 memorable gaming moments caught on livestream

online gaming livestreaming

In 1984, George Orwell told us of how Big Brother was watching. It’s a theme which has spawned reality TV shows and essentially has come true with CCTV on every street corner. But now we’re even letting it into our private lives when we’re behind closed doors, chilling out at home playing on our PlayStation, or bluffing our way through a hand of poker. Read More…

Table tennis champ takes on Ping Pong-playing Kuka robot [Video]

The Kuka robot fight against top-ranked Table Tennis Champion Timo Boll was hyped to be one of the biggest Man vs Machine battles that ever happened. However, it turns out this match of masters was more of a flash in the pan. The match was billed as a ‘fake competition’ between the Kuka pong robot developed by a German robotics company and Timo Boll – a former table-tennis star. Adam Clark Estes from Gizmodo even said this was to be one of the biggest matches in Ping-Pong history, further joking that table tennis would: “Fall prey to our new evil robot overlords.” A video trailer of the match, launched in February, helped stir up the initial hype for it.

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Creative cardboard creations put together in a gripping collection

Creative cardboard creations put together in a gripping collection

Cardboard as a material has structural strength to hold the heaviest of cargo and at the same time flexibility to be used according to your needs. It comes handy as a raw material for school projects, but a few genius artists can turn it into work of art. In the hand of a master craftsman who are blessed with the technical bend of mind, cardboard can be turned into jaw-dropping creations. As our dedication to such artistic people and of course the cardboard material that makes it all possible, here is a collection of the best cardboard creations that’ll you’ll ever see.
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Will VR bring about a decline in mobile gaming?

Virtual Reality Gaming

Everywhere you turn now you read something about the imminent advent of virtual reality. As yet, nobody knows exactly how it’s going to affect other technology, but there is plenty of speculation. Will virtual reality blow tablets, wearable tech and other consoles out of the water? Or will it be used alongside all these things? As it stands, one of the most popular formats of gaming is on mobile, but this could all change when games start to be developed in virtual reality.

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