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Vixole E-Sneakers – World’s first customizable sneakers with endless prospects

Vixole Sneakers 2

Do you remember any sort of hi-tech, digital, and multipurpose shoes from any science fiction that you would wish to come true? We don’t remember one, but we do recall imagining prospects of shoe as fashion accessory. Well, engineers and coders have found their way into one of the most profitable and glamorous industry – fashion world. This time, we aren’t referring to anything like Bojian Han’s SoSole sneakers. This one is way more exciting, if claims by the developer to be believed.
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Researchers reveal 3D printed hands can fool fingerprint scanners

3D Printed Hand Replicas

Two researchers from Michigan State University, Kai Cao and Anil K. Jain, have developed skin-like 3D printed hand replicas to standardize calibration of fingerprint scanners. However, the team found out that these 3D printed hands offer a relatively cheap and effective way to beat fingerprint readers. This means identity thieves can easily replicate a human hand – all they need to do is lift a fingerprint off of the fingerprint scanner, scan it, format it, and print out a copy. Read More…

‘Heavy Metal’ 3D printed electric guitar is treat for the ears and eyes

Heavy Metal 3D printed electri guitar

We have seen all kinds of guitars which a musician would love to get their hands on, and now it’s time for another one. This time it is a 3D printed aluminum guitar which looks impressive, and it plays like any other high-end electric guitar. With all the rose and barbed wire shapes on the guitar it won’t seem out of place in a G’NR concert. Using additive manufacturing technique to make an electric guitar dubbed ‘Heavy Metal’ makes complete sense as one can get any desired look. This guitar is created by Xilloc, an expert in 3D printing who got a request from Olaf Diegel of OddGuitars to make the base for one.
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You can soon take home licensed 3D printed Star Trek spaceships

3D printed Star Trek spaceships

It’s difficult to kill the Star Trek fan within. Therefore, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that we all crave for artifacts related to the franchise. To satiate our yearning, San Francisco-based Eucl3d in partnership with Cryptic Studios, Perfect World, and CBS has created and allowing fans like you and me to create 3D printed Star Trek spaceships. Presently, there are almost 400 replica vessels up for grabs all of which are modeled after ships from Star Trek Online, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Cryptic Studios. Read More…

Glowing-eyed 3D printed Terminator head is one cool creation

3D printed terminator with glowing eyes

There are so many 3D creations to talk about, but this terminator head with glowing eyes was the pick of the day. Created by Multi3D, using T-800 model by machina and circuits made of Electrifi filament, the 3D printed terminator head with terrifying eyes is neat creation. It’s not really a beginner’s deal, but surely a fun creation, considering Halloween is just around the corner, and you’ll need spooky stuff for home décor. Interested 3Ders can download all files from Thingiverse, and read details about the project on Instructables. Read More…

9-year-old boy 3D prints prosthetic hand with functional fingers

Calramon Mabalot 3D printed prosthetic hand for teacher

When most 9-year-olds you and I know are busy playing with their hot wheels and iPads; San Diego, California-based 9-year-old Calramon Mabalot has 3D printed a prosthetic hand complete with articulated fingers for a local teacher he met while learning about 3D printing. Together with his brother and father Carlos, Calramon was able to build the hand for Nick, a high school teacher, who needed a usable 3D printed prosthetic. Read More…

Blind mothers can now feel unborn child’s features, thanks to 3D printing

in Utero 3D printed baby scan

Nothing can be more awe-aspiring than seeing the magic of nature unfold inside the mother’s womb. Yes, I’m talking about the phase when parents start seeing the development of legs, arms, head and other body parts of their baby, visible through an ultrasound scan. But what if a parent is blind and can’t see the magic unfolding? That is quite an unfortunate situation, and thankfully In utero 3D, a startup from Szczecin, Poland has a solution. They create bas-relief of an unborn child based on the 3D ultrasound examination, isn’t that amazing?
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5-year old Katelyn gets 3D printed prosthetic hand in her favorite pink color

Katelyn Vincik 3d printed prosthetic arm

It’s heartbreaking when you see a kid having disability, basically it just shatters you. That is where technology come-in to restore some faith in humanity. 3D printing is one example of technology being used for good, as we have seen so many times in the past. Yet again, 3D printing has given a small little kid a new lease of life. Meet five-year old Katelyn Vincik from Vitoria, Texas who was born with an underdeveloped left hand. The cute little girl has been in the queue for receiving a prosthetic hand for a very long time, and finally her eagerness has been rewarded.
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‘Purps’ the penguin gets 3D printed boot for her injured foot

Purps penguin gets 3D printed foot

Penguins are lovable and they just make a place in everyone’s heart for their cuteness. An endangered African penguin named Yellow Purple (a.k.a Purps) damaged her ankle flexor tendon after a fight with another penguin about five years ago, leaving the poor bird unable to walk properly. Although veterinarians at Mystic Aquarium created a boot for Purps using moldable plastic, but it was a bit cumbersome and uncomfortable for the 23-year-old birdie. So, the aquarium staff got in touch with Mystic Middle School and technical experts from 3D Systems partner ACT Group decided to give Purps a better solution.
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