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Get your 3D printed nude mini-figurine to break the taboo

Firebox Nudee 3D printed nude selfie

3D printing is giving us options that we never had before. One of them is getting our faces 3D printed as a Star Wars Stormtrooper or superhero in a scaled down version one can keep on their desk. The idea is quite nifty and creates a memory that we’ll never forget. Now taking it a step further, British retailer is creating almost nude 3D printed mini-figurines, and they call it Nudee. The idea is to get your face 3D printed on one of the six body types; three for men and three for women. Practically speaking you have three body types to choose from and get your 7.8-inch 3D Printed figurine selfie, well an almost nude replica of yours.
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Intricately detailed 3D printed Millennium Falcon you can also make

3D printed Millennium Falcon  replica

Star Wars Millennium Falcon spacecraft is so popular it has been replicated so many times I don’t even remember. There have been a handful we have done here, and there is one more to add to the list. This is a 3D printed Millennium Falcon by Gameboy who want you to also 3D print all the external and internal parts of this extremely detailed 1:34 scale model replica. To give you an idea of its detailing, the set is made from 236 different 3D printable parts and took almost 800 man hours to put together!
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Want replica 3D printed AK47 gun or Halo 5 MA5D assault rifle?

DIY 3D printed assult rifle replicas

3D printed things are slowly taking precedence over currently used manufacturing techniques for good reasons. Guns are no exception in some instances where people have taken the onus of making deadliest weapons for themselves. Designer Sergey Kolesnik has made a 3D printed AK47 as a gift for the players of massive multiplayer survival game ‘Rust’ which is developed by Facepunch Studios in Walsall, UK. The gun is a replica of AK47 used in the game and Sergey has managed to emulate it perfectly into a real one. Apparently, Sergey himself played the game set up in a post-apocalyptic environment in which 300 players can play simultaneously.
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Macaw receives world’s first 3D printed titanium beak, gets second chance at life

Gigi the Macaw gets 3D printed titanium beak

Gigi the Macaw gets 3D printed titanium beak

Gigi, a bright blue and yellow Macaw was found in a captivity in Brazil, having severe damage to its beak which meant difficulty in eating. This would seriously lower its chances of receiving nutrition and luckily for Gigi as team of veterinarians from the Animal Care Center Ipiranga in São Paulo came to her rescue. They created a 3D design of the bird’s beak and with help from facial reconstruction specialist Cicero Moraes and veterinary dentist Paul Miamoto, Gigi received the world’s first 3D printed titanium beak.
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Can you help Mr. Ben get a robust 3D printed leg?

Mr Ben cockatoo gets 3D printed leg

This sweet little bird named Mr. Ben, a cockatoo who had a hard time standing on the perch or sleeping owing to a missing leg. His owner Lorraine Hollingworth wasn’t quite sure how to get over this problem able help came from 3DPrintUK, a London-based 3D printing service. The 3D printing company were more than eager to help the poor bird and therefore requested Lorraine to send mould of Ben’s legs so that they could get the artificial claw perfect to fit.
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Japanese kid gets a 3D printed hand thanks to mom’s herculean effort

Seigo 3D printed hand

3D printed prosthetics have gifted many kids around the globe a new lease of life which is great for humanity. The kind of costs involved in making 3D printed prosthetics is far economical to the more hardcore prosthetics which are almost out of the reach of many people. One such company that has been helping kids with new economical prosthetics is e-NABLE and their first such initiative was helping Liam, a South African boy with missing fingers back in 2013. Incidentally, Yukako from Japan came across the story and found out that her son Seigo had a similar hand to the boy. Thankfully she decided to go for the 3D printed prosthetic hand and since then Seigo has been having a good time with the new artificial hand.
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3D printed Apple Watch charging station replicates a Classic Macintosh PC

Mac 3d printed Apple Watch charging station_10

The classic Macintosh is one computer a lot of us will remember for a long for its nostalgic memories connected to Apple. Fast forward to 2015 and Apple Watch is the new trend in what we call as wearable technology. Combining these two seems a bit too much to ask for, but Erich Styger is here to make that a living reality. He has created a 3D printed Apple Watch stand that looks exactly like the classic Macintosh computer, and for a nerd it is nothing less than bliss. Taking design inspiration from an existing model of Mac PC styled Apple Watch stand on Thingiverse, Erich 3D printed the charging case with appropriate slot to put the Apple Watch sideways.
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CES 2016: Get yourself 3D printed as a cool toy or superhero mini-figure

3D printed minifigure at CES 2016

Mini-figures and 3D printed replicas of yourself sound so exciting. This is the new craze and everybody wants to have a small toy replicating them into a superhero or remembering a special moment in time. A few days ago we saw the cool way to turn yourself into a Lego mini-figurine and now we have two more amazing ways in which you can get your 3D printed as toys. At CES 2016 two different companies showcased how you can turn yourself into a superhero mini-figure or simply have your own self depicted in a toy like form.
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3D printed Stormtrooper steals all the attention at CES 2016

3D printed Stormtrooper at CES 2016_1

It was CES and Star Wars craze is at its epitome. So it would be safe to say you would see something from the super galactic empire that would rock the show beyond comprehension. And a life-sized Stormtrooper from Star Wars: The Force Awakens is what stole the limelight at CES 2016. Even better it is completely 3D printed. Made from 40 different 3D printed pieces, this is the creation of Anovas Productions who say that there are going to be many more such Stormtroopers to promote the movie.
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CES 2016: 3D printed personalized urn ensures you’ll be remembered in style

Foreverence 3D printed urn at CES 2016

Year will pass by and so will many CES convention before its time to finally say goodbye to this world. Ok, that sounded melodramatic but that’s the truth. So why not be remembered in style and get yourself an urn which reflects you love for something special. Foreverence is a company that believes you deserve a personalized urn and that is the reason why they are 3D printing such urns. Showcased at CES 2016, the company displayed one of the many ways in which your ashes will be preserves for loved ones to preserve.
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