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World’s fastest jet-powered 3D printed UAV clocks 150 mph

3D printed jet-powered UAV

With a goal to show the aerospace industry just how fast companies can design and develop their aircrafts in the future – Virginia-based Aurora Flight Sciences collaborated with 3D printing specialists Stratasys to develop what is now the world’s fastest 3D printed unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) ever created. The 3D printed jet-powered aircraft was recently showcased at the 2015 Dubai Airshow, where the UAV managed to achieve speeds of up to 150 mph (approximately 240 km/h). The high speed drone (if we may call it so) is built from lightweight materials, which make it only 15 kilograms in weight. Read More…

Local Motors LM3D Swim: First mass produced 3D printed electric car


We have been anxiously waiting for electric cars to be part of our daily rides. With the LM3D Swim, by Arizona-based Local Motors, it could be a reality soon. With LM3D Swim gunning to be the first mass produced 3D printed electric car that can be customized to user preference, Local Motors could take the electric car market to a new high. According to the company CEO Jay Rogers, the company will be launching an Indiegogo campaign for the car in spring next year. Eager buyers will have an option to claim a car for an early bird price. Read More…

3D printed hair is closest to the real thing

3D printed hair

Everything is getting 3D printed, so why not hair too? Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have managed to 3D print synthetic hair using a very simple trick. That trick being the use of a hot glue gun that leaves behind strands of fiber when you pull gun away from the surface hot glue is applied to. Very basic, but a very useful idea and the researchers have managed to create artificial hair which can be used in troll dolls, bristles, brushes and much more.
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Researchers develop 3D printed teeth capable of fighting 99% of oral bacteria

3D printed teeth

Researchers at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands headed by Andreas Herrmann have come-up with 3D printed teeth material that kills bacteria. This revolutionary new teeth design is 3D printed using an antimicrobial plastic using stereolithographic process which eliminates a major problem of tooth decay and saves your teeth from any major damage. Effectively this material helps greatly in killing 99% of bacterium Streptococus mutans which is the major cause of tooth decay.
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The new fashion mantra – 3D printed jewelry designed according to your liking

Trove 3D printed jewelry

3D printing has already proved its potential in ultra-customized manufacturing and there is no denying of its future prospects in revolutionizing every aspect of our daily life. Now, yet another application of 3D printing is all set to change the way you buy and flaunt jewelry. For the most demanding jewelry lovers who are very particular about the design and look of their flatulence, Trove has brought 3D printing to the jewelry manufacturing arena. They give the user option to customize their design, test it on a 3D plastic mold and then finally order the jewelry in stainless steel, bronze, copper, sterling silver or 18K gold.
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$99 OLO transforms any smartphone into a 3D printer

olo smartphone 3D printer

According to statistics, about 80 percent of adults use smartphones yet, the remarkable gadget is devoid of an awesome technology. Not anymore! Unveiled at Maker Faire in New York, OLO by Solido3D is first device that transforms any smartphone under the sky into a functional 3D printer. Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows phones, OLO visions to make 3D printing easy, quick and tremendously affordable. OLO is expected to be available for purchase at only $99 post Kickstarter campaign for the device is launched. Read More…

Amputee kitten gets 3D printed wheelchair to walk again

3D printed wheelchair for Cassidy

A courageous kitten that was aimlessly surviving after losing both his hind legs at birth, has received a wheelchair, which allows him to walk most comfortably. The two-legged kitten found fighting for life in forests of Aldergrove, British Columbia, took his first steps recently thanks for a 3D printed wheelchair. Reportedly, the kitty’s hind legs were accidentally chewed off by his mother while trying to snap off the umbilical cord. Read More…

Spanish doctors implant 3D printed rib cage and sternum inside a cancer patient

3D printed rib cage and sternum

3D printing has lately played a very important role in medical science, to be particular in saving lives of people and giving them a new reason to enjoy it to the fullest. Good example of 3D printing saving someone’s live include a 3D printed skull for a patient suffering from chronic bone disease. The latest instance is the implant of a 3D printed rib cage and sternum inside a 54-year old Spanish cancer patient who had sarcoma tumor removed from his chest and major part of ribs too at the Salamanca University Hospital.
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MIT researchers develop optically transparent 3D printed glass

MIT 3D printed glass

It’s only matter of time when everything we use will be 3D printed. In preparation for such a future, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have unveiled a method of 3D printing glass. MIT’s Mediated Matter Group, MIT Glass Lab, and MIT’s Mechanical Engineering Department have in collaboration developed world’s first fully functional method for optically transparent 3D printed glass. Read More…

Jigsurf: 3D printed surfboard you can carry in a duffle bag

Jigsurf 3D printed surfboard

Riding the waves on your surfboard is fun and thrilling, but taking your surfboard from one place to the other is a big hassle. A normal surfboard measures anywhere between 5’7” to 9’4”, which makes it extremely bulky to transport. Seeing this predicament as a major speedbump in the ability of a surfer to commute easily, prompted Robotham to make a 3D printed surfboard that can be carried in your bag.
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