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Russian photographers illuminated Arctic Ice Lake for a car photoshoot

Illuminated Artic Lake

Playing with lights is every photographers favorite pass time. Some photographers take the liberty to stretch their imagination beyond parameters, and this illuminated Artic ice lake setup, created for a photoshoot of a new car, is just one fine example. The set-up looks spectacular, you cannot take your eyes off it for even a second, but creating it was not an easy task. Russian photography duo Dmitry Christoprudov and Nikolay Rykov drilled a fully frozen lake and installed a powerful lighting system and a 1000 lumen Chinese torch under the iced lake – the magnificent outcome is right here for you to see.

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Lix pen: Sleek 3D printing pen lets you create tangible 3D drawings

Lix 3D printing pen

For those who want to go beyond the canvas to show off their 3D painting and rendering skills 3D printing has the apt answer. 3D Doodler 3D printing pen took the world by the storm as it gives creative artists a chance to showcase their skills, but it has one real downside, it was too big to hold and carry around. So it is time to introduce Lix 3D printing pen developed by Anton Suvorov which is sleek and very easy to handle while rendering 3D drawings and a viable answer for what 3D Doodler lacked. Slated as the smallest 3D pen so far, Lix is all set to rock Kickstarter in a few weeks’ time.

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A drone that is a graffiti artist

graffiti drone by KATSU

KATSU the famous artist, graphics designer, vandal and hacker based in New York is once again in the news with his latest interpretation of what drones can be used for other than package delivery, in restaurants or rescue missions. His new project is all about attaching a spray can to a quadcopter and put its graffiti skills to the test. So why choose a drone to paint walls with random art? Well, there is a very good reason. Painting the walls of canvas with quadcopter means that the artist can get access to high walls that otherwise would be impossible to reach.
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20-year old Taiwanese student makes wearable Cardboard Iron Man Suit

DIY Carboard Iron Man suit by Kai-Xiang Xhong

The world is fascinated with the idea of Iron Man, and no wonder why so many creative beasts are embarking on the idea of making their version of Iron Man suits and accessories. 20-year old cardboard artist and student from Taiwan, Kai-Xiang Xhong has made Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit using just corrugated cardboard. What’s even more surprising is that it can be worn and one can walk freely or move body parts while wearing it. This artistic student took time from his free hours and made this amazing Iron Man suit over the course of one year which is a herculean effort considering he is a full-time student.
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Starfleet Machine L’Epée 1839 by MB&F draws inspiration from Star Trek’s Deep Space Nine

MB&F Starfleet Machine clock BaselWorld

At Baselworld 2014 conceptual micro-engineering lab MB & has put on show a very unique timepiece designed by L’Epée, Switzerland’s only remaining specialised high-end clock manufacture founded in 1839. The desk clock, Starfleet Machine L’Epée 1839 takes inspiration from Star Trek’s Deep Space Nine is one of the most visually stunning desk clock designs that I have seen so far. It sits on top of a flat surface and looks nothing less than a well-designed futuristic looking timepiece from another world.
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Chinese dad creates Iron Man suit for his little kid

Iron Man suit DIY

In this fast paced life working parents get very less time to interact with their kids, only on weekends perhaps. But an intuitive DIY can compensate for all that lost time as your kids get overwhelmed with joy at the niche creation. A Chinese dad, Huang Chu from the Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province who didn’t get much time to spend with his son apart from the few minutes of bedtime stories in the evening decided to give his child a gift that is priceless. An Iron Man suit with his own creative twist that cost him only 300 Yuan (US$49) and a month to put together.
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Cowasaki – A bone motorcycle fit for Pirates of the Caribbean

Cowasaki Bone Motorcycle by Reese Moore

Reese Moore, a 65 year old Orange City, Florida resident obsessed with making cool art out of animal bones has come out with his latest $55,000 creation. He likes to call this non-functional motorcycle ‘Cowasaki’ primarily because it is made from cow bones and a few bones from alligators, raccoons and pigs. Even though Moore has never rode a chopper himself, but his obsession with making motorcycles is not hidden from anyone who knows him as he has created several other bone motorcycles in the past too. But this one is simply amazing as this bone chopper looks perfect for another Ghost Rider movie.

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Seven – A wooden sculpture of Michael Schumacher’s F1 Ferrari F2004 car

F1 Ferrari F2004 car Dennis Hoyt wooden sculpture of Michael Schumacher F1 Ferrari F2004 car

Master craftsman Dennis Hoyt, who is acclaimed for making completely different car sculptures is at it again with his latest creation. Paying a fitting tribute to the legendary Formula-1 driver Michael Schumacher who is fighting for his life after a skiing accident, Dennis Hoyt has created an in-motion sculpture of the champion driver’s F1 Ferrari F2004 car. The Formula-1 car in which Michael clinched 13 victories from 18 starts in his seventh World Formula-1 Championship, and his fifth for Scuderia Ferrari. Made completely out of wood carved carefully into an in-motion Formula-1 Ferrari car, the sculpture weighs only 8 kg in total and is titled ‘Seven’, apt to the champion driver’s accomplishment during his unstoppable run.

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Official Lego Ghostbusters kit to celebrate the blockbuster’s 30th anniversary

Gohstbusters Lego kit for 30th anniversary

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of blockbuster movie Ghostbusters that created huge waves on the 80s era, Lego is going to release an official kit designed by Brent Waller. The idea was up for support on Lego Cuusoo platform and it did so well that Lego decided to make an official kit for the blockbuster movie that rocked the 80’s. This iconic Lego set will include the Ectomobile ambulance as well as mini-figurines of the movie characters Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore. There is no word yet on the release date or price of this Lego kit but we can expect it to be a big hit just like the movie.
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Japanese Astronaut creates spectacular spiral light paintings aboard ISS

Spiral Top spiral light painting on Internatianal Space Station

If you are an astronaut, and on a mission that requires you to be up in some station for days or even months, there can be times when you don’t do much. There is nothing much to pass your time when you are not amidst a task on-board the station and it can get boring at times. But creativity knocks your head even in zero gravity as one astronaut proved it. Astronaut Koichi Wakata decided to get his creative hat on a-board the International Space Station and made light paintings that you or I cannot make on Earth. Free from any gravity pulling things down, Koichi used a Spiral Top device created by Takuro Osaka which has a tendency to spin around in zero gravity to come up with random patterns. So take a jump and have look at the mesmerizing spiral light paintings created by Koichi Wakata on International Space Station.
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