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Driverless concept car by Dominic Wilcox for the year 2059

Dominic Wilcox Mini driverless concept car with stained glass

One look at this strange looking vehicle and you’ll assume that it has something to with the future of automation. And you are right, as this driverless glass car prototype designed by Dominic Wilcox for the Dezeen and Mini Frontiers exhibition, during the London Design Festival managed to attract many on-lookers. Dominic has a view that by the year 2059, driverless cars that are self-automated will be much safer than cars driven by drivers. Therefore, this will make sure there are no safety equipment like airbags or roll-cage inside the Mini car chassis as the car will be a living space on wheels.
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Jaguar’s last XE teaser is a Word Cloud Sculpture at London Design Museum

jaguar art

Jaguar has come up with a creative and clever idea to attract audience and outshine rivals vehicles like BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C-Class, and Audi A4.
Jaguar’s last teaser of its new XE model comes as a World Cloud Sculpture at showcase at the London Design Museum. Jaguar XE is due to be revealed on September 8, 2014, and will start selling in 2015. Read More…

Legendary industrial designer Marc Newson joins Apple team

Marc Newson, Bono, and Jonathan Ive.

Apple has recently been busy staffing up.  Apple had earlier acquired Beast Music, then hired Angela Ahrendts, a former Burberry C.E.O., Yves Saint Laurent’s Paul Deneve, and Nike’s Ben Shaffer. The legendary industrial designer Marc Newson is the new gem in the designer collection of Apple. Newson is one of the most celebrated industrial designers, and his range of product designs varies from shoes to jetpacks, clothing, automotive, furniture etc. He is well known for his versatility in designs. Especially, his bent towards biomorphism in styling has been well admired. Read More…

Watch-out for Twitter powered Selena Gomez NEO Runaway fashion show

Adidas NEO Fashion Event Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez, who is making great waves in the American acting and singing arena is now all set to rock the world with her latest fashion show powered by you. Yes, you heard it right, you will be the one to power up all the elements of this fashion show a.k.a NEO Runaway for her new collection with Adidas NEO. Everything from the hair and makeup to the styling and music chosen for this fashion show will be voted on Twitter, considering the amount of retweets and favorites on each idea. So, basically it’s the audience that will decide how the show goes forward, and that is downright cool.
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World’s Most Advanced Plane is a light sports amphibious aircraft

World’s Most Advanced Plane

When everyone is completely after flying cars, a Minnesota-based startup is designing an advance plane, which is out of comic books. The world’s Most Advanced Plane (MVP) is designed as a light sports amphibious aircraft that flies at 104-knots. According to the maker’s the aircraft will be available as a fast build kit (ELSA) and as a full experimental kit (E-AB) in about three years’ time. Read More…

Artist uses Electronic Make-up to transform a model’s face

Nobumichi Asai Electronic Make-up

Japanese projection-mapping artist Nobumichi Asai is well known for using computer generated images to project onto cars, docks, building and other objects. However, stretching the boundaries of his creations, he had come up with a unique canvas for his latest work: a real human face. Along with a team of creative digital designers, CGI experts, and make-up artists, Nobumichi has developed Omote, a combination of real-time face tracking and projection mapping. This futuristic technology transforms a model’s face into mesmerizing patterns.
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Cloud Piano: Instrument plays music by reading movement of clouds

Piano by David Bowen

It is hard for us to draw any relation between clouds and a Piano. However, artist David Bowen has somehow found a connection between the musical instrument and one of the nature’s mesmerizing creations. He has created a smart robotic device that plays the keys on a Piano by reading the movements of clouds overhead. Christened Cloud Piano, the unique installation will be coming up for the artist’s solo exhibition at L’assaut de la Menuiserie in Saint-Etienne, France.
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Exquisite Jaguar D-Type silver sculpture by Collective Studio

Jaguar D-Type silver sculpture

The Jaguar D-Type sports racing car ruled the roost back in the 50s with its innovative aviation industry technology to car design. And now, decades later this legendary sports car still finds itself as a source of inspiration for designers over at Collective Studio. They have come up with a 1/5 scale model silver sculpture of Jaguar D-Type that is carved out of solid silver. It took them around 7.5kg of pure silver to make this amazing sculpture which had moulds being shipped to a silversmith in Bristol, England.
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Energy Addicts by Naomi Kizhner – Invasive jewelry that harnesses body energy

Energy Addicts by Naomi Kizhner

Energy Addicts by Naomi Kizhner attaches to wearer’s body

We have been so rigorous in our consumption of non-renewable sources of energy that now it is renewable and also some unexplored sources of energy that we want to harness. With the rising demand of eco-friendly sources of energy, one intuitive designer has her own vision of harnessing energy. Naomi Kizhner, an industrial designer has put forth her vision of invasive jewelry called Energy Addicts which makes your body as the source of energy. The vision is to make jewelry that is embedded into the surface of skin to harness the kinetic energy generated from the flow of blood in the veins.

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