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Mazda3 hatchback turned into a musical instrument courtesy Mogees device

Mazda3 Mogees device

The all new Mazda3 sports hatchback car

The all new Mazda3 is an ear-pleasing instrument too. Yes, if you go by the intuitive commercial produced for this sports hatchback car. Mazda teamed-up with Mogees to make the commercial that shows this all new car being used as an electronic musical instrument. They used an app and electronic Mogees device the collaborated team managed to turn every part of the car into musical melody, a 5 piece percussion band to be precise. The device captures vibration of the sound produced whenever someone taps the exterior of the car.
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Expect to see Santa’s sleigh soar in the sky this Christmas!

Monty Mendenhall homemade flying sleigh

Christmas is not that far and kids will be really excited about seeing Santa flying high in the sky and shower some blessings on them. Whether Santa really flies with his toys from the northern skies is still a mystery but you can bet to see a remote controlled sleigh flying. Monty Mendenhall, a 71-year-old retired United Airlines pilot from Thomasville has created a remote controlled sleigh with a rotor that can fly.
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Jaw-dropping Star Wars themed Christmas light display

Christmas light display

So how do you decorate your home on Christmas Eve? Decorative trees, ornaments or with Santa’s decorative items? Have a look at this Star Wars Christmas Lights Show by Tom Bet George, a music teacher/director from COVA Conservatory in Oakland and Centerville Presbyterian Church in Fremont. And it is done for a good cause as the money collected from the display will be used to raise money for poor and homeless. The light show boasts a total of 100,000 LED lights on 12,500 channels making it a mesmerizing spectacle all-together.
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White House drenched in digitized holiday decorations this Christmas

Bo obama dog

For the year’s holiday celebrations this Christmas season, the White House is all set to get a technology boast. As planned, the East Wing and outside décor will have robotic First Dogs that react to anyone passing by, crowdsourced tree lights and interactive greeting card for the First Family. Going with the tech savvy aesthetics of the current administration, officials are all set to petrify the residents with their initiative.
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Roland Iten Calibre R822 “Predator” mechanical belt buckle is smokin expensive!

Roland Iten Calibre R822 Predator mechanical belt buckle

When we talk about the perfect attire, belt buckles always compliment a perfect look. Roland Iten Calibre R822 “Predator” mechanical belt buckle limited to just 3 pieces is a testimony to that fact. This belt buckle is one of the most expensive ones out there carrying a price tag of 450,000 Swiss Francs (USD 466012) owing to the 167 components including 387 baguette, round cut diamonds, 18-karat white gold and titanium.
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BMW to present two iconic art cars at 2014 Art Basel

BMW 320 by Roy Lichtenstein

Art Basel 2014, modern and contemporary art world’s premier platform will run from December 4–7, 2014 at Miami Beach. German auto giants BMW will be announcing a new global art initiative in partnership with Art Basel aimed to encourage emerging artists. Also, at the show the automaker will present two of its iconic BMW art cars. The vehicles on display will be the BMW 320 by Roy Lichtenstein (1977) and the BMW M3 by Michael Jagamara Nelson (1989). Interested visitors can feed their eyes by watching the art car by Roy Lichtenstein in the Botanical Garden next to the fair and the other one by Michael Jagamara Nelson at display in Art Basel`s Collectors Lounge in the Convention Center.
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Lizard Desk – DIY Computer desk that’ll catch your eye

Lizard Desk DIY Computer desk table

We haven’t seen an eye-candy type of PC case mod in a long time now. But that just changed as this Lizard Desk computer desk caught our eye. This PC desk is built by Awadon from Lodz, Poland who made use of oak wood planks for the counter-top and legs. While for the detailed carvings he made use of beech wood which exemplified the artistic look of this desk table.
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SYPNATIQ – Wearable concept car that morphs into three different forms

Infiniti enters "SYNAPTIQ" in 11th Annual Los Angeles Auto Show

For this year’s LA Auto Show Design Challenge based on the theme “Sensing the Future: How will Cars Interact with us in 2029?” one entry that outshined is the humanoid pod by Infiniti Design called SYNAPTIQ. This HMI (Human-machine interface) concept for the year 2029 can morph into three different vehicles: F1 like circuit racing car, buggy styled off-roading vehicle and a flying jet!

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Vintage record player artistically crafted from Legos!

Lego vintage record player

It’s been a long time since we showed you an interesting Lego project that has the goodness of steampunk element attached to it. This vintage record player made from Lego bricks is a fully functional player complete with nixie tubes and LED for a steampunkish. All the electronic components are fitted neatly inside the frame of this Lego dominated record player which has amplifier and speakers that presumably will sound good.
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Chinese stunt driver sets Guinness World Records for tightest parallel parking and donut drifts

Han Yue sets Guinness world records for tightest car parallel parking

Han Yue, Chinese stunt driver has broken the world record of tightest car parallel parking. Squeezing his MINI 3 Door Hatch into a tiny gap measuring just 3.15 inch bigger than his car, the stunt driver reclaimed the Guinness world records title for the tightest parallel park from British Alistair Moffatt. This is for the second time that Han has taken the record after claiming the title back in 2012 where he managed to steer into a space of 5.91 inch bigger than his car. However, Alistair Moffatt surpassed that by setting a record of 3.4 inches in July 2013.
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