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Race Formula-1 toy cars on this customisable wooden race track

Wooden race track Formula 1

With all the technology around, the essence of real toys has diminished somewhere. We have RC cars, quadcopters, video games and other tech savvy products that make all the old school toys look lame and uninteresting. Ikonic Toys wants to bring that nostalgic era back with its cool Wooden Race Track which can be expanded, tinkered or modified for visual uniqueness depending on your kid’s creativity.
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Dad makes life-size Bumblebee Transformer replica for his demanding son

Bumblebee Transformer replica by Wang Liansheng

After watching the latest Transformers: Age of Extinction movie, Wang Liansheng’s son wanted a big transformer toy of his own. Wang, who is a local shipyard welder in Suqian City of East China’s Jiangsu province bought a toy transformer replica for the kid, but he wanted a bigger one! That motivated the creative dad to start building a 5 meter tall Bumblebee Transformer from discarded automotive parts and it took him almost a year to achieve the desired result. And just for the records, he promised his son to make a cool life-sized transformer and fulfilled the promise with heart.
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Furoshiki Shoes wrap around your feet for snugly comfort

Vibram Furoshiki Shoes

Some people always rue the fact that no shoe fits them at all. Even if it fits them, after some time either the sole cracks from a particular point or the shoe cloth tears-apart due to the odd make of their feet. To get over this problem you need a wrapping shoe which encapsulates your feet; and rather than your feet fitting the shoe form-factor, it is the shoe that takes shape of your feet. These shoes do exactly that and use the age old technique called Furoshiki (cloth wrapping for transporting goods) to give the traditional shoe design a completely new style.
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Youtube Gaming is what all the gamers wanted

Youtube Gaming

To compete with Amazon’s which concentrates on dedicated gamers community, Youtube will launch its own version later today. Pitched as the “go-to destination for anything and everything gaming” this new service dubbed Youtube Gaming will serve as a one stop destination for gamers. Keeping in mind the likes of gamers who want to learn A-Z of their favorite games, this new service will organize videos the way you want them.
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Battlecade gaming console by Love Hulten fits inside a small briefcase

Battlecade portable gaming console

Retro gaming consoles and their DIY counterparts always attract attention for all the right reasons. Simply because arcade gaming will never lose its essence, come what may. Modders like Ben Heck always push the envelope of modding and things possible with DIY projects. Not far behind is Love Hulten who has come-up with some really cool PC mods in the past and now he is back with yet another creation.
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Seven coolest life-size homemade transformer costumes [Videos]


We all need fancy dresses for Halloween. When most out there will be adorning horrific designs – you can keep it tidy yet impressive with these really awesome homemade transformers costumes. The cool life-size costumes, some with motorized wheels, can even move for real in vehicle mode. If you have been fascinated with Optimus Primes and Bumblebees, here are options you can choose from for Halloween this time. Read More…

Darth Vader Electric Guitar for a Star Wars fan

Darth Vader Electric Guitar_1

Darth Vader, the superhero of this universe and the super villain of Star Wars is quite popular among DIY’ers and artists. For his sheer presence and cool looking apparel that he carries so well, the Sci-fi villan won’t fade away soon in popularity. It is quite obvious that cool stuff themed around Darth Vader sell like hot cakes. This electric guitar by Etsy user [RainyDayInstruments] is also right up there amongst the Darth Vader merchandize that you would die for.
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Lego sculptures that’ll blow away your mind


Lego creations always absorb us, and every other day we see a unique creation come-up that brings a smile to our face. In a way Legos are a childhood toy that attracts big boys too for its ability to craft into limitless figures. Basically, sky is the limit if you are creative enough. Sean Kenney, a Brooklyn-based artist is trying to touch the apex of the creative limits with his collection of Lego sculptures that are brilliant.
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Fold your favorite superheroes into cool origami art

Superheroes origami art

Who doesn’t love superheroes; they give us hope, courage and reason to live life with a purpose. Alright that was a bit dramatic, but superheroes rule our minds subconsciously, no denying that. For this reason superhero merchandize and DIYs related to superheroes are so popular worldwide. Now, Capstone Publishers gives you another reason to turn your superheroes into playful origami for unstoppable fun.
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Lexus Hoverboard recreated in Lego stop-motion video

Lego Hoverboard

Liquid nitrogen cooled hoverboard by Lexus is one of the hottest invention in current times all set to arrive on 5th August. Millions watched the teaser video of this cool urban accessory that any junkie would die for and appreciated the design no matter what. Not much is known of this hoverboard and that is the reason it has invoked so much interest worldwide. And it comes as no surprise that Lego Buildz has recreated the teaser video in Lego stop motion.
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