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Parents build Millennium Falcon costume for 5-year-old son with cerebral palsy

Millennium Falcon costume Sebastian Bailey

Alright, you’ve seen the coveted Millennium Falcon in many avatars – here’s a Force struck husband and wife who’ve built their 5-year-old son with cerebral palsy a spaceship as Halloween costume. The awe-inspiring spaceship is built by Chantelle and Patrick Bailey for their son Sebastian. The Millennium Falcon with wooden foundation is made from corrugated plastic and it fits snugly around Sebastian’s walker. Read More…

Could this Hello Kitty assault rifle find its way into Call of Duty?


For some reason, we love all things Hello Kitty – an explanation so simple, we couldn’t just pass this Hello Kitty assault rifle by Israeli graphic designer Reno Levi (aka Lonewolf). Levi who is famous for his amazing firearm designs has seen his designs feature in many games such as Killzone 2, Hawken and Halo Anniversary. Though, Levi is part of Infinity Ward, company behind Call of Duty, this cute firearm – the Hello Kitty rifle, is not going to feature in a CoD game anytime soon. Read More…

Concept iPhone 7 without home button has a edge-to-edge curved screen

iPhone 7 concept-1

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are doing reasonably well in the market, but the phones retaining the same design as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has not been received with real enthusiasm by many Apple fanboys. While the world is busy speculating what the next version of the iPhone would look like, designer Marek Weidlich has created his version of the iPhone 7, which is line with what most experts are predicting – a iPhone without a home button. Marek’s design proposes a radical change in the iPhone’s design, which removes the home button and turns the phone into a single touchscreen. Read More…

Mom creates Halloween costumes for her son’s wheelchair

Wheelchair costume for Halloween

We’re all waiting for Halloween. Most of us have the leverage to design best of cosplays for ourselves, but it’s not so with those bound to their wheelchairs. Thankfully, one Caleb has Cassie McLelland, the famous wheelchair costume designer from Mansfield, Texas, as his mother. Cassie, who is taken the internet by a storm, has been designing Halloween costumes for wheelchairs since 2008. A fad that started as a way to please her son Caleb McLelland, 3-year-old then, who suffers with Spina bifida and is wheelchair bound, is now a routine for Cassie who has a tutorial blog running, teaching other parents to make breathtaking wheelchair costumes for their chair-bound kids. Cassie also has an Etsy shop selling ready-made wheelchair costumes for not so creative parents. Read More…

[Watch] Life-size Lego R2-D2 that moves at 18 miles per hour

It’s not made from half-a-million Lego bricks like the life-size Batmobile, but this life-size Lego R2-D2 is no less impressive. Made from 16,000 bricks, the remote controlled L3-G0 (as it’s called) is the first Lego R2-D2 that actually moves – if makers are believed, he can drive at 18 miles per hour. Well received at the Brickcon 2015, the L3-G0 bagged the People’s Choice Award for the best Lego Build. Watch the robot wear the cool trophy as a hat. Read More…

You can actually live inside this world-record holding Lego caravan

Lego Caravan

A life-sized caravan made from Legos and actually habitable. Yes, this Guinness World Record holding caravan made from 215,158 Lego pieces was recently unveiled at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, UK. As unbelievable as it might sound, the Lego caravan designed by 12 professional Lego builders over a period of 12 weeks took almost 1,000 man hours to complete. After all the hard work, the world can rejoice this 2.2 meter tall by 3.6 meter long caravan that is currently on display at the Motorhome and Caravan Show 2015.
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Make a funky Darth Vader disco ball for your Star Wars-themed parties

Darth Vader disco ball

Darth Vader, the famous villain of Star Wars series is more of an inspiration and probably a hero for all the DIY’ers out there. We have seen so many Darth Vader-inspired DIY’s in the past and many more to come in the future. For now we concentrate on this easy DIY by Justin Poulsen who has made a Darth Vader disco ball which is perfect for Halloween, and more so for people who keep away from the gore stuff.
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Want to enjoy your favorite TV shows inside the Thiksey Monastery?

Samsung The Catch up Grant

Samsung’s “The Catch up Grant”

We all have been addicted to binge-watching at some point in our life for those addictive TV series that keep growing every time you see an episode. Samsung wants to take binge-watching to a whole new level with their latest promotion stunt for the all new 65-inch curved screen SUHD TV. Imagine watching your favorite TV shows in a tranquil setting that compares to no other place on this planet. And to top it off you also get paid 100 days to catch up with TV series that you missed due to busy lifestyle.
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Artist creates abstract 3D human figures inside glass enclosures, displayed in NYC

Psyschogeographies by Dustin Yellin

Brooklyn-based contemporary artist Dustin Yellin best known for his unique and large scale collages encased within layers of glass is back with his new collection – Psyschogeographies. Psyschogeographies, the study of human form, from abstract perspective, is the newest exhibition commissioned at the New York City Bellet for the annual Art series. Like his previous works, the interesting collection of life-sized humanoid figures is also cased inside glass enclosures. Read More…

Life-size Lego Batmobile crafted from half a million Lego bricks

Lego Batmobile by Nathan Sawaya

Lego Batmobile by Nathan Sawaya

New York-based Lego artist Nathan Sawaya has been fashioning Lego creations for 10 years now, and his love for Lego artwork provides him a medium to channel his creativity when he is not a corporate lawyer. His best master-piece yet just got revealed and it draws inspiration from Batman’s famous ride, the Batmobile. It is not surprising that someone has made a full-sized replica of Batman’s crime fighting machine, but mind-you it is the first time one has crafted a Lego Batmobile of such huge proportions. To make this 18-feet long Batmobile sculpture, Sawaya took help from acclaimed DC Entertainment Co-publisher and artist Jim Lee.
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