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Official Star Wars drones (crafts) can fly and shoot laser cannons for real

star wars drone

Next generation of toys is apparently revolutionized by advent of drone technologies.  The dreams of children obsessed with Star Wars icons have come true. Toy drone maker Propel has joined Lucasfilm for manufacturing of official quadcopter versions of Starfighters and other crafts like Tie Fighter, X-Wing Starfighters, Speeder Bike etc.  Along with serving the purpose of being memorabilia, these drones are meant to recreate Star Wars dog fights indoor.  These Starfighters can fly, hover, and shoot green and red colored lasers. Included sensors can detect hits taken by a craft and switch to crash mode. It sounds awesome, right? Read More…

India completes world’s biggest solar power plant in just 8 months, Can power 150,000 homes


Kamuthi Solar Power Plant

India has unveiled world’s biggest solar power farm in Kamuthi, Tamil Nadu. Plant can generate massive 648 megwatts of clean, green electricity by harnessing sun-rays via 2.5 million solar modules spread over 2,500 acres area. With this feat, India has left behind California’s Topaz Farm as the world’s biggest plant prior to Kamuthi plant.  Entire setup includes 576 inverters and a network of 6,000 kms cables. Read More…

Renovated Gallery House features a wall display of art and ceramics


Architect Neil Dusheiko has recently renovated the Gallery House in Stoke Newington, London for his father-in-law.  The biggest change in the house is the new kitchen, which extends over the old side alley. Moreover, an array of skylights extends across this extra space, along with a wall storage that’s built from oak. This wall display is designed for displaying ceramics, glassware, and framed pictures. Read More…

Kwiggle folding bike is that last mile commuter you were waiting for


If you’re looking for a serious last mile commuting option, the Kwiggle is a good option. Yes there are many similar folding bikes out there, but this one makes the cut for being there amid the best because after about three years into make and brake, the wonderful foldable bike is finally headed for Kickstarter to realize its dream. That’s a lot of patience considering that there are new similar bikes rolling into the market every now and then. Read More…

Final Fantasy XV inspired Xbox One S is fully functional

Final Fantasy XV inspired Xbox One S-6

Designed to sit along the Xbox One, the all new Xbox One S is just more than a mere slimmer version of the console. The new game console is 40 percent smaller and packs an internal power supply with up to 2 terabyte of internal storage, which makes it the most advanced Xbox ever.  This prowess isn’t enough to save the Xbox from modder fantasy – amid other modifications at the latest exhibition at the Châtelet in France, the Final Fantasy XV inspired Xbox One S is what’s really keeping the onlookers riveted. Read More…

Atlanta MARTA is the world’s first metro station to have soccer field

Station Soccer_8

Good news for soccer fans has just come in as they’ll be able to show-off their skills at Atlanta’s MARTA public transit system. Yes you read that right, as Atlanta United Football Club has funded the MARTA public transit system to create the world’s first soccer field inside a metro station. Just imagine the size of this transit system would be so huge that it will fit inside Atlanta’s downtown hub, Five Points. The authorities have done so because they want to encourage Atlanta’s youth to go for sports like soccer.
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8 meter tall robotic dinosaurs debut in a hotel hall in Japan

Robotic dinosaurs

A Japanese company has brought to life one of the largest and heaviest animals to ever walk the earth. The company called On-Art Corp unveiled large human-controlled robotic dinosaurs at a hotel hall in Japan, where the dinosaurs stomped and roared loudly to impress one all with the realism of might and structure. Modeled after fossilized skeletons of dinosaurs, the realist replicas are made from carbon fiber. Read More…

DFDS employees build world’s largest LEGO ship to celebrate company’s 150th anniversary

World's larger LEGO ShipDFDS, largest shipping and Logistics Company in Norther Europe, is celebrating its 150th anniversary. The employees at the DFDS created world’s largest LEGO ship “Jubilee Seways” using 1.015 million bricks to complement the occasion. You can listen to more details on a video posted by the “Beyond The Brick” in which LEGO artists Warren Elsmore and Julie Broberg of DFDS explained their efforts behind building world’s largest LEGO ship. Read More…

Photographer captures larger-than-life LEGO vehicles on Italian roads


domenico franco Lego Vehicles1

Obsession of own passions is rare, but it can inspire masterpieces and create master-artists. Passionate photographers, too, dream of a world that suits their perspective. In fact, the art of photography is nothing without a perspective. Italian photographer Domenico Franco has taken his passion to new level and created surreal scenes in which he placed life-size Lego creations on Italy’s cobblestone roads. He wanted to place the Lego toys in realistic setting at their suitable places. Read More…

Transformers costume made from Amazon Prime boxes


People keep surprising us with their unique ideas and artwork which have never been seen before. This one is right up there with the unique dirt cheap creations. Caron Arnold, a creative director of Fusions Marketing agency in St. Louis has come up with her own version of a Transformer costume made from cardboard boxes.
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