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Portable JmGO View Projector comes with powerful surround sound speakers

JmGO View Projector

Home entertainment and media streaming are anyone’s top agenda for a fun weekend in cozy corners of the house. JmGO View Projector wants to make that craving even more entertaining by giving you a hassle free way to enjoy movies, videos, music, games and content from connected devices. Unlike other portable projectors that have speakers comparable to your laptop/smartphone, it has 4W Dolby Digital Plus speakers which create immersive surround sound. That means you don’t have to worry about connecting it to any home theater system for audio output. Moreover, it has a compact cylindrical design which facilitates easy portability.
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Alton Towers Galactica roller-coaster takes you on virtual reality space ride

Alton Towers Galactica rollercoaster

Space travel has always fascinated us and knowing what’s beyond our solar system is even more of a curiosity. Astronauts get the exclusive chance of space travel and experience a whole different dimension of life. Now, Alton Towers gives you the opportunity to buckle up your seats and go on a galactic ride to the vastness of this universe. They have revealed the world’s first virtual reality roller-coaster which gives you an unparalleled ride into the cosmos. The rollercoaster called Galactica is going to be opened in April and it is going to be the world’s first of its kind.
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This Star Wars game turns your smartphone into a Lightsaber [w/Video]

Lightsaber Escape game

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is just a couple of away from epic release and it is the perfect time to introduce a game themed on one. Lightsaber Escape by Google is a fun game that turns your phone into a cool Lightsaber. The game is developed as a collaboration between Google, Disney, Lucasfilm and Industrial Light & Magic. You’ll be able to battle Stormtroopers right in your Chrome browser with your own smartphone turned into a Lightsaber weapon.
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Ultimate Star Wars Medley played on Millennium Falcon-themed piano

Player Piano Ultimate Star Wars Medley

Hugely anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie is coming to theaters this week, and it’s going to blow the charts I have a strong gut feel. Everything related to the Star Wars movie is selling like hot cakes in stores as well as on the internet. No wonder there are many creative DIY’s too that are themed around Star Wars franchise. Film composer and concert pianist Sonya Belousova and Flimmaker Tony Grey have composed the Ultimate Star Wars Melody they call “Player Piano” adding their own take on this celebration. And yes, don’t forget to notice the custom piano themed on the Millennium Falcon design.
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Fender Stratocaster cardboard guitar flabbergasts Linkin Park on first look

Cardboard Guitar Stratocaster Fender Cardboard Chaos

There have been countless number of things crafted out of cardboard and infinite more to come as long as creativity is alive. Another cardboard creation that caught our eye is this guitar by Signal Snowboards inspired from the design of world’s most famous electric guitar, the Fender Stratosphere. Now that is a tall order for the sheer complexity required to create the guitar’s body. Called as Cardboard Chaos, this project came to life courtesy collaboration with Ernest Packaging.
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James Bond inspired Tesla Model S for ‘Racing Extinction’ creates heavy impact

Tesla Model S for Racing Extinction movie

On December 2 Discovery premiered the highly impactful documentary ‘Racing Extinction’ directed by Oscar-winning Louie Psihoyos and produced by Fisher Stevens which is all about our role in making animal species extinct. Things like Global Warming and hunting down of endangered species for our own benefits have all contributed in extinction of many species and a whole lot more lined-up for future. The star of this documentary was a Tesla Model S equipped with a 15,000-lumen projector, infrared FLIR (forward looking infrared) camera to spot CO2 emissions and draped in electro-luminescent paint job.
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Alamo Drafthouse Star Wars-themed movie theater opens in Nebraska

Alamo Drafthouse Star Wars themed movie theater

The mecca for future Star Wars movies could be in the Midwest as Alamo Drafthouse cinema chain has revealed their Star Wars-themed movie theater in Omaha, Nebraska. The movie theater has been designed by Kansas City firm Dimensional Innovations. As you can very well imagine, making a Star Wars-themed cinema requires quite a lot of detailing to live up to the expectations of fans, and this architecture absolutely lives up to the levels required.

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Want to enjoy your favorite TV shows inside the Thiksey Monastery?

Samsung The Catch up Grant

Samsung’s “The Catch up Grant”

We all have been addicted to binge-watching at some point in our life for those addictive TV series that keep growing every time you see an episode. Samsung wants to take binge-watching to a whole new level with their latest promotion stunt for the all new 65-inch curved screen SUHD TV. Imagine watching your favorite TV shows in a tranquil setting that compares to no other place on this planet. And to top it off you also get paid 100 days to catch up with TV series that you missed due to busy lifestyle.
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Youtube Gaming is what all the gamers wanted

Youtube Gaming

To compete with Amazon’s which concentrates on dedicated gamers community, Youtube will launch its own version later today. Pitched as the “go-to destination for anything and everything gaming” this new service dubbed Youtube Gaming will serve as a one stop destination for gamers. Keeping in mind the likes of gamers who want to learn A-Z of their favorite games, this new service will organize videos the way you want them.
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Galactic Dimension: Jumbo-sized pinball machine for pure arcade fun

Pinball Machine Galactic Dimension by Niklas Roy

You say Pinball and the feeling of nostalgia is all that oozes in one’s mind. That arcade music keeps ringing in my head and the metal ball bouncing against all the props placed. Niklas Roy, a die-hard pinball fan and DIY project maker has brought those sweet memories back, but in a jumbo design. This is Galactic Dimension, a supersized pinball machine designed by him for Phaeno Science Center in Wolfsburg, Germany; and it more than meets the eye. Everything about this machine is colossal as it invites pinball lovers to try their hand on a 3×6 meter machine inspired by the cosmic vastness and UFOs.
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