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6 most appealing announcements at E3 2015 by Microsoft and Sony


It’s that time of the year when you see best of Entertainment unleashed upon us by some of the largest names in business. It’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) time, yeah right! On the first day of the kick ass event, it was Microsoft and Sony that probably awed everyone present with their glitzy and futuristic announcements. While Sony overwhelmed all in attendance by announcing one game after the other; Microsoft was the big daddy on the day with a couple of announcements, which surely got Sony thinking what better they could do at the event. Interesting? Well, without holding you further then, here are six most appealing announcements by Microsoft, followed by Sony. Read More…

DJ Avicii creates world’s first 360-degree interactive music video for his new single

avicii waiting for love interactive music video
We know him for his wonderful music and exciting videos. But in his latest single “Waiting for Love”, Avicii has come up with something that we have not seen in his or any other music video before. Taking advantage of Youtube’s new 360 degree interactive video support, the Swedish DJ Avicii has created what is the world’s first fully interactive music video. We saw an animated lyric video of the song last week, but this is completely different and takes music video capabilities to a whole new level.   Read More…

Mazda3 hatchback turned into a musical instrument courtesy Mogees device

Mazda3 Mogees device

The all new Mazda3 sports hatchback car

The all new Mazda3 is an ear-pleasing instrument too. Yes, if you go by the intuitive commercial produced for this sports hatchback car. Mazda teamed-up with Mogees to make the commercial that shows this all new car being used as an electronic musical instrument. They used an app and electronic Mogees device the collaborated team managed to turn every part of the car into musical melody, a 5 piece percussion band to be precise. The device captures vibration of the sound produced whenever someone taps the exterior of the car.
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Jaw-dropping Star Wars themed Christmas light display

Christmas light display

So how do you decorate your home on Christmas Eve? Decorative trees, ornaments or with Santa’s decorative items? Have a look at this Star Wars Christmas Lights Show by Tom Bet George, a music teacher/director from COVA Conservatory in Oakland and Centerville Presbyterian Church in Fremont. And it is done for a good cause as the money collected from the display will be used to raise money for poor and homeless. The light show boasts a total of 100,000 LED lights on 12,500 channels making it a mesmerizing spectacle all-together.
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White House drenched in digitized holiday decorations this Christmas

Bo obama dog

For the year’s holiday celebrations this Christmas season, the White House is all set to get a technology boast. As planned, the East Wing and outside décor will have robotic First Dogs that react to anyone passing by, crowdsourced tree lights and interactive greeting card for the First Family. Going with the tech savvy aesthetics of the current administration, officials are all set to petrify the residents with their initiative.
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Chinese stunt driver sets Guinness World Records for tightest parallel parking and donut drifts

Han Yue sets Guinness world records for tightest car parallel parking

Han Yue, Chinese stunt driver has broken the world record of tightest car parallel parking. Squeezing his MINI 3 Door Hatch into a tiny gap measuring just 3.15 inch bigger than his car, the stunt driver reclaimed the Guinness world records title for the tightest parallel park from British Alistair Moffatt. This is for the second time that Han has taken the record after claiming the title back in 2012 where he managed to steer into a space of 5.91 inch bigger than his car. However, Alistair Moffatt surpassed that by setting a record of 3.4 inches in July 2013.
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World’s first live concert with 3D printed instruments held in Sweden

World’s First 3D Printed Live Concert

World’s First 3D Printed Live Concert

Olaf Diegel, a professor at Lund University in Sweden is a well-known figure when it comes to the creation of 3D printed musical instruments. His 3D printing work includes guitars, a keyboard, drum kits and recently he has completed the very first 3D printed saxophone. However, his work isn’t limited to construction process of these unique musical instruments, recently he produced the world’s first musical concert that was performed using 3D printed musical instruments. Featuring band members from the University’s Malmö Academy of Music, the concert took place at the Lund University.

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Spaxels – Fleet of Quadcopters spell-bound with their 3D light show

Spaxels light painting quadcopters by Ars Electronica

Quadcopters can be used for n number of tasks; right from surveillance to rescue operations. But the team of robotics over at Ars Electronica have given them a new dimension of light painting art too. Called as Spaxels, you might take the swarm of these 30 quadcopters for UFOs, as they take to the skies in pitch dark to create complex 3D shapes in the air. Although you cannot identify the art being put-forth by the naked eye, but later on when you see it on a camera with long exposure, the art comes to the forte.
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Oculus Technologies to launch Odyss infotainment device at Monaco Yacht Show

Odyss by Oculus Technologies

Oculus Technologies is a Netherlands based company which specializes in software and hardware development of infotainment products for luxury environments. The company has added a new device to its range of infotainment product in the form of Odyss. A bespoke devices for journey intelligence, Odyss will be launched by Oculus Technologies at Monaco Yacht Show. Encompassed in a timeless design, the device complements the yachting experience of the owners and guests along with elegantly sharing its intelligence. Odyss reveals, informs and puts you in control. Its intelligence, intuitive LeatherTouch interaction and inventive technology enriches every aspect of time spent onboard.
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Official Lego Ghostbusters kit to celebrate the blockbuster’s 30th anniversary

Gohstbusters Lego kit for 30th anniversary

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of blockbuster movie Ghostbusters that created huge waves on the 80s era, Lego is going to release an official kit designed by Brent Waller. The idea was up for support on Lego Cuusoo platform and it did so well that Lego decided to make an official kit for the blockbuster movie that rocked the 80’s. This iconic Lego set will include the Ectomobile ambulance as well as mini-figurines of the movie characters Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore. There is no word yet on the release date or price of this Lego kit but we can expect it to be a big hit just like the movie.
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