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Lego Ferrari SF16-H F1 car is a 1:15 scale model of the real one

Lego Ferrari SF16-H F1 car_2

Formula-1 2016 season just concluded its 3rd race in China and although it was ugly for team Ferrari in the opening lap when Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen collided. However, both of them finished in top 5 and it was a good ending to the race. That shows the capability of this year’s Ferrari SF16-H F1 car for the team. Perhaps this is a fitting time to come-up with a replica of the racer. Even better how about a Lego replica?
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Graffiti legend paints Moto X Pure handsets in his signature style, and you can buy one

Moto X Pure phone by Futura

Futura (Leonard Hilton McGurr) is the creator of graffiti as we know it, and the legend has teamed with big brand names like Nike to paint the imagination of artistic trends. What started back in the 70’s as simply painting the walls with spray paint has now grown into a worldwide obsession which will not die anytime soon. Now the legend has teamed-up with Motorola Mobility to stamp 30 Moto X Pure Edition smartphones with his signature style.
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Gold Nissan GT-R highlights artistic detail and bodywork to fall in love with

Gold painted Nissan GT-R by Khul Racing Japan_24

Nissan GT-R is one of the favorite ride for experimenting with body kits and paint jobs. But this one is in another league. This crazy gold painted Nissan GT-R created by Kuhl Racing Japan got its first reveal at the Tokyo Auto Salon. The car has intricately detailed bodywork with interesting detailing. Topping it off is a gold plated paint which makes it look like a dream car made for angels.
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This NES Zapper gun is actually a pistol that can be lethal

NES Zapper gun glock pistol

As a video game lover from the 80s, you’ll definitely remember the NES Zapper gun used for shooting down ducks in Nintendo’s Duck Hunt game. Perhaps, as you read this, nostalgia might strike you remembering those old days of unstoppable arcade gaming. Alright back to the point. This NES Zapper gun is actually a Glock pistol made to look like a NES gaming gun. Yes, a real gun with lethal point blank range off the barrel. Created by Precision Syndicate LLC, a Texas-based machine prototyping company, this is a one off lethal NES Zapper gun.
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Tony Stark fan builds cool ‘LEGO Iron Man’ glove for himself


Tony Stark gadgetry is coming more handing with every sequel to Iron Man and Avengers series Marvel films. Remotely controlled suite that can dissemble and assemble itself in Iron Man 3, and now a Iron Man glove that hands out of Stark’s wristwatch in yet to be released “Avenger : Civil War”. Second trailer of the film shows Stark stopping a bullet using his handy glove he was wearing as a watch. That sounds cool. Read More…

Intricate Olympic figures crafted from paper using serial plane technique

Paper Crafted Olympic player poses

Paper Artist Raya Sader Bujana from Barcelona has collaborated with photographer Leo García Méndez to create a collection of stock photography themed on Olympic players customary play poses. Giving a very different touch to how Olympics as a sport leaves a lasting impression on our subconscious, the artist has created 150 paper crafts which include popular poses of athletes in different disciplines. The serial plane technique makes use of 3mm paper pieces glued together to create a 3D effect which requires a lot of patience and craft.
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Buy the original 1989 Batmobile for $1.1 million and drive it crazy

Orignal Batmobile for sale

Making a Batmobile sure takes guts and a lot of time. Probably that is why die hard Batman fans make their own custom Batmobile which is inspired by the ones shown in movies. But it is one thing creating your own Batmobile and owning the original car. Original Batman director Tim Burton’s Batmobile driven by Michael Keaton in the 1989 movie is now up for sale at a staggering price tag of $1.1 million. This stunning car powered by a big block 7.5 liter V8 engine has already driven 22,600 km on road and it is left to your guts if you can take it to a top speed of 156 mph assisted by 550 horsepower.
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Homemade Batmobile by a vetran is fit for Gotham City

Custom made Batmobile by Rod Warkentin_3

Rod Warkentin is a big fan of Batman and his Batmobile ever since he watched the gripping TV series and movie. That was when he decided to have his own Batmobile at 13 years old because it was too cool. Four decades from then, Rod lives his dream in a self-made Batmobile. Putting in almost a year of research on how to make this custom car and almost 300-350 hours on creating it. Rod used a 1979 Lincoln Town Car as the base for his Batmobile and after ripping everything apart started working on it from scratch. In fact he zeroed it down to the chassis and drive train.
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