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Zealous artist gives $100 Millennium Falcon toy a striking repaint

Tristan Elliott repainted Millennium Falcon

When for all of us a $100 Hasbro Battle Action Millennium Falcon would be a great wall hanging, the 18-inch long ship is a base for some awesome weathering for artist, designer Tristan Elliott. A graduate from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, 23-year-old Elliott took detailing of the already perfect Millennium Falcon to a new level with an amazing paint job. Read More…

This is how city of Eindhoven sounds on a piano [video]

Akko Goldenbeld revolving wooden cylinder plays piano

Most of us have seen building in our cities as concrete structures; Akko Goldenbeld however has a more personal way of looking at the city structures. For his graduation project at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, Goldenbeld created a scale model of city of Eindhoven, Netherlands around a revolving wooden cylinder (all geographical locations and building heights perfectly scaled). The cylindrical contraption is attached to a piano to work as a player-piano, where the buildings strike piano keys to create all the music. Read More…

You instantly want to own the Hellbat PC case mod

Hellbat computer case mod

This is one bad ass case mod that gives me the goosebumps. As a part of the MSI Batman v Superman challenge the Hellbat computer case is more than just impressive. I mean just look at this thing and you instantly want to own it. Designed by Random Design, the PC case mod is insane in every which way you consider. The look, hardware and of course the intimidating design which incorporates elements of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie.
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Batmobile PC Case themed on Batman v Superman movie

Batmobile PC Case

Look at this cool Batmobile and you won’t believe what it actually is. A PC case to be precise. Yes folks this PC case mod is insane and has been created as a part of the MSI challenge to build a Batman-themed case mod. Made from scratch, this machine looks strikingly close to the real Batmobile Tumbler featured in Batman V Superman movie. This is work of [Thechoozen] and his friends’ who have created this case from scratch and boy have they done a good job of it.
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Make your own Batman Utility Belt for under $10

DIY Batman Utility Belt

No Batman costume is complete without the utility belt. Yes, that is true and with the cool mask, drape and cool attitude to carry it off, utility belt is a must have. Whether you want to make it for your next Dark Knight themed play or just to place it on your desk because you are a die-hard Batman fan, the DIY is bliss for you. DIY Prop Shop host Odin Abbott shows you how to make a cool looking Batman Utility Belt for under $10 in about an hour’s time.
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Life-sized Lego Bat-Signal calls Batman at the Times Square

Lego Bat Signal by Nathan Sawaya

Turn on the Bat-Signal and your superhero will come to save you. That’s the notion we all have lived with being inspired from Batman in Gotham City. Lego artist Nathan Sawaya has built a Lego version of the Bat Signal which you can expect to give a distress call to a Lego Batman in town. Well, that sounded quite imaginative, but this life-sized Lego replica of Bat-Signal inspired from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice makes you believe so.
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SkyVue PC case mod inspired by 1930’s skyscraper architecture

SkyVue PC case Mod by Jeffery Stephenson

Jeffery Stephenson has made a name for himself when it comes to crafting niche wooden mods and docks. Now the modder is back with another eye-catchy creation. An Art Deco-inspired SkyVue PC case mod which looks like the skyscrapers from the 1930s era. As it is customary with all of the Jeffery’s creations, this one is made from wooden material, sapele over birch plywood frame. Inside of the PC case is made from aluminum and aircraft grade birch plywood.
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Marble Machine: Martin Molin’s musical instrument is beyond belief

Marble Machine muscial instrument by Martin Molin

How creative a musician can get? That question is just going to be answered and you’ll be amazed you stumbled on this piece of masterpiece. 33-year-old Swedish musician Martin Molin who is a member of musical band Windergatan has designed a wooden musical machine that’ll blow your mind away. It is not hard to believe that it took the musician almost two years to make this musical machine Molin calls as Marble Machine. Based on some clever engineering and perfectly timed motion of 2000 marbles inside its guts, this machine has drums, cymbals, snare and other musical instrument parts which play the sweet melody you hear.
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Intricately detailed 3D printed Millennium Falcon you can also make

3D printed Millennium Falcon  replica

Star Wars Millennium Falcon spacecraft is so popular it has been replicated so many times I don’t even remember. There have been a handful we have done here, and there is one more to add to the list. This is a 3D printed Millennium Falcon by Gameboy who want you to also 3D print all the external and internal parts of this extremely detailed 1:34 scale model replica. To give you an idea of its detailing, the set is made from 236 different 3D printable parts and took almost 800 man hours to put together!
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