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China debuts new Transit Elevated Bus to combat traffic congestion

Transit elevated bus unveiled

Necessity is mother of invention, and Chinese have realized it because theirs is the most populated country in the world. The traffic congestion in its cities like Beijing and Shanghai is choking the roads. The best choice is to work in improving public transportation structure, and this is exactly what the Chinese engineers are doing. To counter the trouble cause by congestion, China has developed a Transit Elevated Bus (TEB), which was revealed at the 19th China Beijing International High-tech Expo held on last Sunday. Read More…

World’s first high-speed amphibious taxi transforms in under 5 seconds

high-speed amphibious vehicle

Gibbs Technologies, a firm dedicatedly working on amphibious automotive technologies since 1996, demonstrated what is being claimed as world’s first high-speed amphibious taxi or amphicab on the Thames River on May 23 at Canary Wharf in hope to impress taxi licensee firms. Gibbs dubbed it as ‘Humdinga’, which can cruise at speed of 50 kmh on water and 150 kmh on land. It can transform into a jet unit powered cruising boat in just five seconds with wheels retracting into the hull. Read More…

Airbus APWorks creates 3D printed electric motorcycle for $56,000

APWorks_Light_Rider_3D printed electric motorcycle-1

Airbus is definitely not a name that you’d associate with motorcycles. The aviation giant has no automotive bias anyway. Through its subsidiary APWorks, Airbus has developed a peculiar kind of bike – a 3D printed motorcycle called the Light Rider. The motorcycle unveiled in Germany last week weighs only 77 pounds and draws power from a six kilowatt electric engine which keeps it going for almost 37 miles on a single charge. Read More…

TA+TOO detachable bicycle saddle prevents thefts and vandalism

REmovable Bicycle Saddle

The number of people opting bicycle as their primary means of commuting in city and its outskirts is certainly on the rise owing to environmental concerns. So, that will directly affect the number of bicycles and their accessories. The prime ones are going to be related to the safety of your bicycle as thefts are going to be a common happening. Keeping this in mind, Selle Royal has a very different take on safety with their patented system saddle. TA+TOO theft-proof bike saddle has a removable top that goes with you when you park your bike, therefore no thief will think of laying hands on your bike.
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Georgia Tech develop self-driving car capable of drifting on dirt tracks

Self driving drifting car

Self-driving technology is being aggressively explored by automotive experts to one day eliminate manual driving completely. That dream is just in the infancy stages, although giants like Google and Tesla Motors are making impressive developments for the same. Autonomous cars are good, but don’t you think they are little boring? Always going by the book and not taking account for error by other motorists or unforeseen situations like bad weather conditions or a semi-truck losing control and hurling towards the self-driving car. In those situations an autonomous car would be more of a danger rather than safe commuter. To cover that situation, Georgia Tech have developed a technology which prepares autonomous vehicles for the rough rides as well.
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“Jack”: The autonomous Audi A7 concept drives like a well-mannered motorist

Audi A7 self-driving car Jack

Self-driving cars are the next frontier in what you would call the future of safe commuting. All the major manufacturers; in particular Google, Nissan, Hyundai, Baidu, Ford, Mercedes, Tesla’s semi-autonomous software update and many more. Audi has also been in the thick of the action with its LG G Watch R smartwatch controlled self-driving Audi A7 teased at CES 2015. The German automotive manufacturer recently gave more insight on its self-driving car which is more like a civilized human-being driving on the roads. Responsible driving is its prime concern, and that is why Audi A7 piloted driving concept named “Jack” is different from the competition.
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Tesla hacker retrofits classic P85 with fully-functional autopilot module


There are people like white hat Tesla hacker Jason Hughes who like to take challenges and then come out winners. Jason Hughes aka wk057 renowned for tinkering with Tesla cars is back with one of his most impressive projects where he has retrofitted a classic Model P85 (VIN P28xxx) with autopilot sensor and parts to actually make the old version work most effectively. The transformed P85 is Hughes says is a proof-of-concept and a souvenir for his wife who wanted a Tesla that would automatically steer down the highway without having to trade off her prized P85 for a new model. Read More…

Apple invests $1B in ride-hailing service Didi, bet to penetrate into China

Apple has startled the tech world by investing $1 billion in Chinese ride-hailing service Didi Chuxing. Seen as Apple’s one sincere effort to gain footing and penetrate into the Chinese market – something Apple did with record iPhone sales over the years, but the ranks have changed and iPhone is no longer selling in China like it used to. This is largely because of China’s strict regulations and booming mobile market in the Middle Kingdom. Apple wouldn’t accept this, and it’s understood; ‘Apple CEO Tim Cook modestly says, ‘the investment would help the company better understand the critical Chinese market.’ Read More…

Ford shows-off EcoBoost powered skateboard and blender in its new ad campaign


Ford has come up with a worth watching ad campaign for its 1.0-liter three-cylinder EcoBoost engine. Ford is offering this engine in the 2016 Ford Focus, but it seems, the sales need some additional boost. What Ford did was use this compact engine to power things like skateboard, grinder, baseball pitching machine, and may be more experiments are in line. Read More…

Ampler smart electric bike – Excellent companion for urban commuters

ampler electric bike
Same way that all phones are gradually being replaced by affordable smartphones, electric bikes would be replaced by sophisticated, simpler ones. Estonia-based Company Ampler has designed, perhaps, one of the best electric bikes for urban commuting. Despite carrying batteries, the bike weighs only 14 kg, which is 35% lighter than common electric bikes, and comes with a dedicated app with a number of functions. The ones to control bike assist ratio, generate journey details on map, and it also indicate battery charge, temperature, voltage, speed, estimated time of arrival etc. But the best part is that it looks like normal bikes. Read More…

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