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Drysdale Dryvteck – Rare 2WD bike up for sale in Australia

DRYSDALE Dryvteck bike

2WD motorcycle with centrally located hydraulic steering

Have a look at this bike that uses hydraulic steering on both wheels and is powered by a two stroke engine. Designed by Ian Drysdale from Marburg, Queensland, this unique mechanical bike dubbed as Drysdale Dryvteck is up on eBay for sale through bidding. The current bid is staked at AU $10,000 and looks like it is going to stack-up even more.
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Apple plans to enter auto market with an electric car

Apple is working on an electric car

Apple Inc. is one of the leading companies in the consumer electronics industry that have conquered the market with their well-known hardware products. After delivering advanced technology gadgets such as Mac line of computers, iPod media players, iPhone smartphone and the iPad tablets to their consumers, the Cupertino, California-based technology giants have turned their attention towards the automotive industry now. Yes, you read it right! The company is currently working on an electric car. According to reports, Apple have hired several hundred of people including some from the auto industry as well to develop an electric car which will resemble a minivan.
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Replica of Master Chief Motorcycle helmet is both street-legal and functional

Master Chief Motorcycle helmet by Neca

Neca, Video game toys and Collectibles Company have released a road ready and fashionable modular helmet that is inspired from Halo’s star fictional character, Master Chief and is detailed replica of the headgear. Both futuristic and functional, the Master Chief Motorcycle helmet is modeled exactly like the one that main lead wears in the series of science fiction first-person shooter video games. The headgear comes with a street-legal design and has been approved by the Department of Transportation in the United States.
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Porsche 717 all-electric sedan secretly under development to hit roads by 2019

Porsche 717 all electric sedan

If we have to go by what Georg Kacher from Car Magazine reports on the next electric car revolution, then Porsche is making a battery-powered sedan codenamed Porsche 717. Believed to be pitted straight against the Tesla Model S all-electric car, the Porsche electric car is rumored to hit the roads by late 2019. The electric car is going to take its design cues from the 911 and Panamera.
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3D printed RC Trike is a speedy toy for your kids

DIY 3D printed RC trike toy

DIYer Philip Houghton, a 24-year-old composite fabricator and engineer consultant from aerospace industry who was inspired by the Invader TC-3 sports trike wanted to make his own RC trike with improved features. So came into existence this DIY trike that is 3D printed. Not only the inspiration of making a trike, but the craving to expand his own knowledge of how three-wheeled vehicle designs work in real time.
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Hardshell CODEPAK bike box is made from aerospace materials

CODEPAK bike box by Greenwell brothers

CODEPAK bike box by Greenwell brothers

With a new vision on frame bags and bike luggage and a goal to build the premier bike cargo solution, Anchorage-based Brothers, Cody and Justin Greenwell started their own company, AK CODEPAK. Here is the first developed product by the brothers called CODEPAK, a bike pack which is light, durable and easy to open. Cody Greenwell drew the original idea and using his expertise as an aircraft mechanic and love for biking, he came up with this amazing bike box. He was assisted by his older brother and bike mechanic Justin Greenwell who himself is an avid downhill biker and looks after sales, distribution, and customer service.

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Retired mechanic hand-builds smallest functional W32 engine

Miniature W32 engine by Patelo

José Manuel Hermo Barreiro, the retired Spanish naval mechanic behind the world’s smallest V-12 engine and number of complex mini-motors is back again to amaze us with his latest creation. Nicknamed Patelo by gearheads and auto junkies, the die-hard mechanics pensioner have now created a miniature, running W32 engine which is nothing less than an intricate work of art. One of the toughest project of the hobbyist until now, the hand-crafted W32 engine is surely his most complex work and probably the most beautiful too.
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LUTZ Pathfinder – UK’s first driverless electric car hits the road

LUTZ Pathfinder electric car

Amidst all the craze for self-driving cars, Britain’s first driverless electric-powered car has been launched in Greenwich and it was spotted being driven in neighborhood. The pod-like two-seater automated car developed by Transport Systems Catapult in partnership with UK Automotive Council, University of Oxford Mobile Robotics Group and other groups. Codenamed as LUTZ (Low-carbon Urban Transport Zone) Pathfinder programme, the electric car is equipped with sensors, multiple cameras and navigation technology developed by University of Oxford’s Mobile Robotics Group.
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Smartphone connected AutoBot tunes your vehicle performance in real-time

AutoBot auto analysis accessory

Automotive technology is now ably boosted by standalone devices that measure vehicle performance in real time. This gives you up-to-date information on vitals like fuel efficiency, tuning requirements, engine performance and also about any problems that might be affecting performance. Just like the popular Power Box smartphone-controlled vehicle tuner, Chinese startup AutoBot is also looking to bring similar functionality to current breed of automobiles driven by Chinese people aged 25-40.
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How about a Corvette powered mobile bathroom?

Corvette powered mobile bathroom

Corvette powered mobile bathroom

You might have seen lots of weirdly modified Corvettes in your lifetime but I can guarantee you that they don’t stand a slightest chance in front of what we are showing you here today. Surfacing in Germany on eBay a few days back, the strange creation is a mobile bathroom which is powered by a 1965 C2 Corvette V8 engine. A sort of propelled bath, the show car was actually built back in the 70’s in America and was displayed at various exhibitions including the Canadian International Auto Show. After that it was shipped to Germany where it was seen on Essen Motor Show in the early 80’s before it was bought by some anonymous guy who added it to his top-class collection of vehicles.

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