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Ampler smart electric bike – Excellent companion for urban commuters

ampler electric bike
Same way that all phones are gradually being replaced by affordable smartphones, electric bikes would be replaced by sophisticated, simpler ones. Estonia-based Company Ampler has designed, perhaps, one of the best electric bikes for urban commuting. Despite carrying batteries, the bike weighs only 14 kg, which is 35% lighter than common electric bikes, and comes with a dedicated app with a number of functions. The ones to control bike assist ratio, generate journey details on map, and it also indicate battery charge, temperature, voltage, speed, estimated time of arrival etc. But the best part is that it looks like normal bikes. Read More…

Westport man’s homemade electric motorcycle fetches him CIE internship

UMass Dartmouth student builds e-bike

A mechanical engineering major, Dustin Roderigues of UMass Dartmouth, Westsport, had designed and built an electric bike in his garage last year. His innovation has fetched him an Internship at the University’s Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) in Fall River. He came across the CIE while attending a Startup Weekend held last winter sponsored by Google for Entrepreneurs. The event invites entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs for hands-on experience of their innovations. The event is a great opportunity for start-ups and individuals to figure out if their ideas are viable or not. Read More…

Rolls-Royce rolls out exclusive $45,854 matching Wraith Luggage Collection

rollys royce wraith luggage collection 11

For Rolls-Royce owners, the brand has designed special luggage set, Wraith Luggage Collection, consisting of six pieces including two Grand Tourer valises, three Long Weekend bags and a Garment Carrier. The set was designed by Rolls-Royce’s Bespoke Design Studio to complement the cars. This plush luggage set will be available only with Rolls-Royce dealers, emphasizing its luxury credentials. Guess what? It cost more than an entry level car – to be precise USD $45, 854. The price goes higher if client wants it to be customized to match with the flowing line and look of their car. Read More…

Lego Ferrari SF16-H F1 car is a 1:15 scale model of the real one

Lego Ferrari SF16-H F1 car_2

Formula-1 2016 season just concluded its 3rd race in China and although it was ugly for team Ferrari in the opening lap when Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen collided. However, both of them finished in top 5 and it was a good ending to the race. That shows the capability of this year’s Ferrari SF16-H F1 car for the team. Perhaps this is a fitting time to come-up with a replica of the racer. Even better how about a Lego replica?
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Faraday Future begins construction of $1 billion Nevada megafactory

nevada megafactory

Faraday Future held a mega ceremonial opening event for its $1 billion manufacturing facility in Nevada. The company here revealed its abstract plans for an autonomous electric car that would support flexible chassis and may be, be manufactured on subscription basis. Blogosphere is buzzing with the news and the use of ‘Mega’ word, which is used very liberally in expression. Faraday previously faced criticism for its concept car, the FFZero1, at CES this year in January, for being too unrealistic to be materialized.
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Big Limos making a Tesla Model S Limousine and it’s coming soon

Tesla Model S Limousine by Big Limos

Tesla Motors have been delivering what they promised for couple of years now and their maiden EV, the Model S made headlines when it was initially launched and after that too. Tesla Model S has delivered all that was promised and Tesla Motors hasn’t looked back since then with over 300,000 pre-orders for the next generation Model 3. Another news related to Model S is going viral and it makes absolute sense to me. California-based Big Limos has announced that it is making a Tesla Model S Limousine and is currently in the process of modifying the EV.
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Gold Nissan GT-R highlights artistic detail and bodywork to fall in love with

Gold painted Nissan GT-R by Khul Racing Japan_24

Nissan GT-R is one of the favorite ride for experimenting with body kits and paint jobs. But this one is in another league. This crazy gold painted Nissan GT-R created by Kuhl Racing Japan got its first reveal at the Tokyo Auto Salon. The car has intricately detailed bodywork with interesting detailing. Topping it off is a gold plated paint which makes it look like a dream car made for angels.
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Toyota uBox Concept EV created by students for the demanding generation Z

Toyota uBox Concept EV_3

Toyota Motor North America and Clemson University’s International Center for Automotive Research have some up with a concept car targeted towards the next generation. As a part of the school’s ongoing Deep Orange project, this electric vehicle dubbed uBox is designed to be a one solution for young generation who like to socialize, work and explore new places. Highly customizable interiors are this EV’s talking point as one can toggle between a cargo-centered setting to being a people transporter in just a few minutes.
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