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Hankook unveils transforming tires that adapt to any terrain

Transforming tires for all terrain

It has become increasingly fun to witness motor shows around the world. Most innovations set to change the face of driving are shown/displayed at various automobile exhibitions. Case in point, transforming tires by Hankook, which change with the terrain you’re driving in. Designed with the motive to present an innovative idea for future of driving, Hankook in collaboration with the Pforzheim University has developed futuristic concept tires – Boostrac, Alpike and Hyblade that were unveiled at the Essen Motor Show 2014 earlier this month. Read More…

Chinese veteran makes world’s smallest drivable car

Xu Zhiyun invents worlds smallest car

To combat the crowded streets of Shanghai, a 60 year old Chinese inventor Xu Zhiyun has invented the world’s smallest drivable car. The car has been in the making for two years and comes with engine, brake lights, hear system, horn and sound system to complement its miniature build. It cost Xu just £155 ($243 USD) to complete this mini car which is quite economical. The car measures just 60cm in length, 35cm in width and 40cm in height.
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1986 Audi Sport Quattro S1 replica crafted by German Rallycross champion

1986 Audi S1 Quattro replica by Rolf Volland

For motorsports enthusiasts it won’t be a surprise if I called the Group B rallying Audi Sport Quattro S1 one of the best off-road racers of its time. The racing beast was well complimented by the winners of two World Rally Championships and its fearsome reputation to gobble up competitors in the 80s era. Now, to pay tribute to the success of this legendary rally car, Rolf Volland, a former German Rallycross champion has crafted out his own Audi S1 Quattro replica by putting in 2000 man hours of hard work.
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Shoulder Bike is designed to carry around with ease

Shoulder bike

For bicycle riders the biggest predicament is carrying their ride on the shoulder, especially during adventure trips or simply upstairs to their flat. To change this erring problem, Jangho KIM, a Korean designer has designed a bike that is very comfortable to carry. Bike Shoulder is an ergonomically designed bicycle which can be carried with minimum fuzz while maintaining uncomfortable posture. This fresh design for a bicycle is currently in prototype stage and soon looking to hit the commercial market.
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BMW to present two iconic art cars at 2014 Art Basel

BMW 320 by Roy Lichtenstein

Art Basel 2014, modern and contemporary art world’s premier platform will run from December 4–7, 2014 at Miami Beach. German auto giants BMW will be announcing a new global art initiative in partnership with Art Basel aimed to encourage emerging artists. Also, at the show the automaker will present two of its iconic BMW art cars. The vehicles on display will be the BMW 320 by Roy Lichtenstein (1977) and the BMW M3 by Michael Jagamara Nelson (1989). Interested visitors can feed their eyes by watching the art car by Roy Lichtenstein in the Botanical Garden next to the fair and the other one by Michael Jagamara Nelson at display in Art Basel`s Collectors Lounge in the Convention Center.
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Ken Block’s Gymkhana 7 parody in Crazy Cart styled drifting action!

Crazy Cart Gymkhana parody

After the success of Gymkhana 7 which totally rocked since Ken Block took the 1965 Ford Mustang notchback to its limits it was evident that Razor’s Crazy Cart team would come up with a parody version. After their own success with the Crazy Cart XL electric vehicle, they decided to put Crazy Cart to use once again to make the funny version of Gymkhana 7.
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Italjet unveils vintage looking Ascot electric bike at Italian bike show

Ascot electric bike from Italjet

Ascot electric bike from Italjet

Italjet, Italian manufacturer of two-wheelers founded in 1959 is well known for building motorcycles and thermal scooters. However, from past couple of years the company has shifted its focus to the creation of electric bike models. Currently, the Italian brand offers three models of electric bikes: Diablo, Savana and Eagle which are also exported to 50 other countries. Now again, Italjet has come up with a new model named Ascot, which was unveiled at Italian bike show EICMA in Milan few days back. Designed in collaboration with New Yorkers Spalding & Bros, the Ascot electric bike comes fitted with a Brooks saddle.

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SYPNATIQ – Wearable concept car that morphs into three different forms

Infiniti enters "SYNAPTIQ" in 11th Annual Los Angeles Auto Show

For this year’s LA Auto Show Design Challenge based on the theme “Sensing the Future: How will Cars Interact with us in 2029?” one entry that outshined is the humanoid pod by Infiniti Design called SYNAPTIQ. This HMI (Human-machine interface) concept for the year 2029 can morph into three different vehicles: F1 like circuit racing car, buggy styled off-roading vehicle and a flying jet!

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Smart Hat is a hi-tech concept helmet for responsible cyclists

Smart Hat concept by Toby King

Sydney-based designer Toby King has come up with an innovative concept helmet for cyclists. Christened Smart Hat, and promoted with the tagline ‘For Responsible Cyclists’, the concept helmet has been designed to considerably increase rider safety. Not only that, it will also address some of the more provocative issues between cyclists, pedestrians and road users. The Smart Hat incorporates a machine-readable license plate on the rear so that they can be easily identified by the existing CCTV and road cameras. Offering ultimate safety and comfort to the rider, the Smart Hat helmet comes equipped with indicators, brake lights, headlight, camera, drop down visor and a wiper system.
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Belaz-75710 mining truck is the world’s biggest truck thus far!

Belaz-75710 mining truck

Belaz tucks, a Belarusian vehicle manufacturer has released the world’s largest mining truck, and it is all electric! Behold the Belaz-75710 mining truck which can haul more than 500 metric tons of load in one go. If you are not that good with numbers then let me tell you that it is equivalent to fully fuelled and loaded Airbus A320-200 plane. The truck is drive by four 1,200 kW electric motors from Siemens. The last record holding truck was 25 percent less than this beast which is a significant increase in size.
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