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Shotgun Guitar – Playing music never seemed so dangerous

Shhotgun Guitar

You shoot bullets with a shotgun and you create music with guitar strings. When both of these come together, it’s something like you’ve never seen before. However strange it might sound, but it’s true, and the man behind this creative idea is pickup designer Bryan Fleming. And he put his creation in the hands of Rev. Peyton of Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band who had a big hand in designing it too. in the end, it ended up all as a video which is going viral on the internet.
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Make this funny LED Christmas hat at home for less than $10

LED Chirstmas Hat

It’s December, and people are already getting in the mood for the festive season with DIY creations which are eye-catchy. Some are making cool Christmas trees while others beautifying their interiors and exteriors in festive spirit. So what do you expect from a geek to this Christmas? Maybe a hat embellished with lighting all over. And that is exactly what Imgur user [dstilgar] has come up with. The DIYer got hold of last year’s 30-inch tall hat he bought from Primark for $3, and turned it into a geeky wearable for this Christmas Eve.
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Final Fantasy XV inspired Xbox One S is fully functional

Final Fantasy XV inspired Xbox One S-6

Designed to sit along the Xbox One, the all new Xbox One S is just more than a mere slimmer version of the console. The new game console is 40 percent smaller and packs an internal power supply with up to 2 terabyte of internal storage, which makes it the most advanced Xbox ever.  This prowess isn’t enough to save the Xbox from modder fantasy – amid other modifications at the latest exhibition at the Châtelet in France, the Final Fantasy XV inspired Xbox One S is what’s really keeping the onlookers riveted. Read More…

A 72-year-old Japanese man builds special wheelchair to take his wife on walks

Japanese man builds special Wheelchair
“Elders are archaic” is a general notion, but it’s not entirely applicable to those who are motivated by love. We had seen a Indian youth building a voice-controlled wheelchair for his grandfather. Now, we have Mr Tan Ban Ho, a 72-years-old retiree who has designed and assembled a set-up involving a wheelchair and a $600 unicycle. Now, he can take his wife on walks everyday without worrying about his own exertion as he is old too. He is a retired ITE lecture (electronics) and he used his experience to find this solution. The setup is working perfectly for the couple. Read More…

Young Pakistani creates his own Tumbler Batmobile to ride the streets

Tumbler Batmobile

Do you think only people in the US are hugely obsessed with fantasy characters and their fancy vehicles? This man from Pakistan will prove all your assumption to be wrong. Meet 26-year old Shaheer Khan who built a fully functional replica of the Batmobile, and it is one of the best I’ve seen so far. Right from his childhood days, the young man was obsessed with superheroes, especially Batman and Tumbler, and what better than making the coolest ride on the planet his own. It took him almost a year to complete the replica of the real Batmobile made from carbon fiber, and his effort has paid off well. It’s worth mentioning that he got able assistance from mechanical engineer Tanveer Ul Haq from Lahore to make the Tumbler come to life.
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DIY wind-powered turntable, where wind determines speed of the record

wind powered record player

To cut out technology from your record player and make it more environmentally conscious, Popular Science has developed a motor-less turntable that plays music to the tune of wind. Popsci has put out an eight-step guide to building a motor-free, wind-powered record player, which would get occasional diy-ers like myself to sit out on a Sunday building one for themselves. The project is a simple build, and it shouldn’t take you more than $35 and a couple of hours. Read More…

Indian teenager invents machine to harness wind energy on moving trains  


Indian Teengare invents wind-energy harnessing machineWhile the capital of India has become the most polluted city on earth,  some young brains are working to be part of the solution, and not the problem itself.

A 17-years-old Indian teen has joined the league of those who actually understand the relevance of switching to renewable energy sources as other sources are exhausting rapidly. Considering the environmental damage due to traditional methods of electricity production, Akash Singh, originally a resident of Jewar, Greater Noida and a student at Government Polytechnic College in Manesar, Gurgaon has developed a method to harness force of wind on moving vehicles, especially trains. Read More…

“Pass the butter robot” from Rick and Morty comes to life

Pass the butter robotOne of the members from the Rick and Morty club that had appeared in an American animated science-fiction comedy television series of the ‘Adult Swim’ has come to life.  A Redditor has turned a smartphone controlled toy tank into a real-life cute and distressed ‘pass the butter robot’ and it’s doing fine – asking the same question and receiving the same answer. Read More…

SafariSeat – world’s first low cost, all-terrain wheelchair

SafariSeat all terrain wheelchair

Janna Deeble, a 23-year old British inventor, brought up in Kenya, was wheelchair bound for months after a fretful skateboarding accident that left him with a broken leg. Janna didn’t take the handicap as turndown, instead the youngster dedicated time to build the SafariSeat – world’s first low cost all-terrain wheelchair that can run with equal prowess in the desert and jungle. The all-terrain wheelchair is designed primarily as a way to easy commuting issues faced by wheelchair-bound individuals in rural Africa. Read More…

Coolest Halloween costume- A full-body, functional DSLR Camera    

Nikkon Camera CostumeThis Halloween,  photographer Bryan Troll undertook a tedious task of making a distinct impression at the party. Indeed, he succeeded in doing so by his Nikkon Camera costume. We aren’t talking about just cardboard outfit, but a fully-functional DSLR camera equipped with flash and LCD screens that instantly displays clicked images. Read More…

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