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Your chance to get the uber’ cool Halo Needler gun

Halo Needler gun

Halo 5: Guardians just got released and the excitement for this latest FPS video game is high. This space opera takes places in the 26th century and features some of the most futuristic weapons you’ll ever see. One of them is the Needler rifle which is an anti-infantry weapon used by Elites, Grunts, Skirmishers, Drones, andJackals. Now, you can have that very weapon as NECA Toys has come-up with a life-size replica of the gun in limited edition of 3000 units. They have made the prop-replica of Halo Needler gun in collaboration with Microsoft and 343 Studios.
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Make a smart home mirror that displays all the vital info you need

Android smart home mirror

With such a great influx of gadgets, especially mobile devices the technology keeps on changing every day. Leaving you with a device that becomes obsolete in year’s time and once you get a new smartphone/tablet, the old one just sits in your drawer. If you have large screen sized smartphone or tablet lying around that is of no use then there is a cool DIY that can put it to good use. Making an Android smart home mirror that displays current time, temperature, stock exchange prices, social-networking feed, news headlines and other things as you get ready for the day ahead.
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Parents build Millennium Falcon costume for 5-year-old son with cerebral palsy

Millennium Falcon costume Sebastian Bailey

Alright, you’ve seen the coveted Millennium Falcon in many avatars – here’s a Force struck husband and wife who’ve built their 5-year-old son with cerebral palsy a spaceship as Halloween costume. The awe-inspiring spaceship is built by Chantelle and Patrick Bailey for their son Sebastian. The Millennium Falcon with wooden foundation is made from corrugated plastic and it fits snugly around Sebastian’s walker. Read More…

Surprise Surprise! Aladdin riding his Magic Carpet in streets of New York

Aladdin Magic Carpet

On Halloween day New Yorkers saw a sight that made many to believe how it was actually done. Aladdin riding his magic carpet, whizzing past the crowded streets of this busy city effortlessly. Now how cool is that! Obviously there had to be some trick that made this man fly inches off the ground on his magic carpet. Of course if you are not wondering that it actually is a magic carpet with Aladdin on board.
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Deaf and dumb Indian man builds his own two-seater aircraft from junk

Saji X Air-S homemade aircraft_1

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This idioms fits perfectly for 45-year old Saji Thomas who has made a fully-functional airplane from trash and recycled material. And mind you he is completely deaf and dumb from birth! That didn’t stop him from exploring his passion for creating model vehicles in his childhood, although the locals used to call him an idiot. The deep rooted passion carried on over the years and now he has come-up with his most complex creation thus far.
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6 tech-filled pumpkins for a geeky Halloween

Firebreathing pumpkin

Halloween is come around again. We like Halloween and jack-o-lantern. But, just in case, you are bored of the good ol’ jack-o-lantern sitting on your porch, start carving some tech-embedded pumpkins for tomorrow. If you’re thinking where to start, here are six inspirational pumpkins to begin with. Just be sure of preserving the pumpkins before you fit them with electronics or explosives. Hopefully, this time you’ll love your geeky jack-o-lantern. Read More…

Super dad turns his son’s wheelchair into a Snowspeeder

DIY Star Wars snowspeeder

Before we know it, Halloween has almost arrived and what better than having a DIY that will bring smile to many faces. You can call Ryan Scott Miller a super dad for his stellar project that involved modifying his disabled son’s wheelchair into a cool Star Wars Snowspeeder. It took Ryan almost two weeks to complete this DIY and in the end it turned out to be the coolest thing that has ever been created by a dad for his son.
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Crazy Colin’s functional Assassin’s Creed rope launcher and hidden knife

Colin makes functional Assassin’s Creed rope launcher and hidden knife

One of the most notorious and realistic weapons shown in video games of current era has to be the arm-mounted rope launcher and hidden knife. Today is the perfect day Colin Furze chose to show-off his fully-functional rope launcher and hidden blade developed in close quarters with Ubisoft. As today Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users and PC gamers will have to wait till November 19 to get their hands on this epic gaming title.
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Fully-functional Lego computer seen at BrickCon 2015

Lego Computer by Jeffrey Tom

At the 14th BrickCon this year in Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, Jeffrey Tom showed-off his fully-functional Lego Computer paired with a home media server. Joshua Hanlon from BrickPodcast got hold of Tom and asked him about this amazing PC mod which recreates a whole Lego movie like scene on top of this PC. Made from one complete base, the desktop is running Windows 7 OS and the home server running a Windows Media Server 2009.

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Mom creates Halloween costumes for her son’s wheelchair

Wheelchair costume for Halloween

We’re all waiting for Halloween. Most of us have the leverage to design best of cosplays for ourselves, but it’s not so with those bound to their wheelchairs. Thankfully, one Caleb has Cassie McLelland, the famous wheelchair costume designer from Mansfield, Texas, as his mother. Cassie, who is taken the internet by a storm, has been designing Halloween costumes for wheelchairs since 2008. A fad that started as a way to please her son Caleb McLelland, 3-year-old then, who suffers with Spina bifida and is wheelchair bound, is now a routine for Cassie who has a tutorial blog running, teaching other parents to make breathtaking wheelchair costumes for their chair-bound kids. Cassie also has an Etsy shop selling ready-made wheelchair costumes for not so creative parents. Read More…

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