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Your guide on how to make interesting computer cases, perform nifty mods, hack your gadgets and tinker around with electronics

Addison gaming PC case mod inspired by 1940 radio is a powerhouse

Addison gaming PC case mod

It’s been a while since we have seen a compact, yet powerful PC case mod that impresses with its retro look. Addison by Jeffery Stephenson is one such PC case mod that boasts-off retro aesthetics with a powerful computing power inside. This gaming PC case mod is inspired by a Canadian radio design from the 1940’s era. It has a mahogany enclosure with aluminum trim and a capacity of 10.6 liters.
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Strix Knight – A Meticulously built geeky PC case mod

Strix Knight 14

Making a custom PC case mod is one hell of an obsession for geeks. A Chinese modder, Han Yu, built a whole mod from scratch. At first glance it looks like an autobot thing, but on a closer look you’ll figure out it’s the owl, the Strix owl. That’s why the modder calls ‘Strix Knight’ mod. When we went through the whole process, we were amazed at the meticulousness employed in constructing each and every part of the system except the electronic components and coolers. Each part was designed, cut into shapes, painted, and then finally merged a steel frame, which is constructed from the scratch as well. Read More…

Hat-mounted clock with multiple timezone support

Hat mounted clock

Instructables user [gfish] has come up with a very unique and interesting way to display time. Called as Hat Clock, the DIY project embarks on displaying multiple timezones and GPS functionality. Interestingly the clock has the option of toggling between different timezones by just flipping a switch. To control each hand of the clock, microcontroller paired up with an Arduino controller is used. Since the clock hands need angular control, therefore micro RC servos are used in this clock and for extended 360 degree movement gears are used.
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A small plane takes off from a real-life drone Helicarrier – Movie-like indeed!

Drone Take Off From A Flying Drone Carrier

Remember the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier? Well, I don’t remember if we have seen something similar in the real world already? Here’s the change – flying enthusiasts at Flite Test have built and successfully tested what is the first remote controlled Helicarrier. This flying quadcopter aircraft carrier (in video below) takes to the sky with another small sized plane drone on its back. When the quadcopter, with a runway, is stable mid-flight, the plane on top of it takes off from the runway and flies away. Read More…

Now that’s a great idea – A bike with ice wheels!

Going by the kind of things this guy makes, most of us may have dubbed him a lunatic just after his jet powered bike. You still know him as Colin Furze? Well here is a reason to change your mind – an ice wheels bike, anyone? No, it is not the bike of the future – if you have studied some science in your 6th grade, you will figure out just why. Well, this is basically bike created for a video to promote thermal shirts from Uniqlo, Japanese clothing company. Read More…

Replica Destiny Thunderlord gun 3D printed, and it looks strikingly real

DIY 3D printed Destiny Thunderlord gun

3D printed Destiny Thunderlord gun

Remember Thunderlord, the exotic machine gun from the addictive FPS game Destiny? Well, Kirby Downey, an avid DIY’er and 3D printing enthusiast has come up with his own replica version of the Destiny Thunderlord machine gun, and it is quite impressive I must say. The gun consists of 45 different parts all of which are 3D printed with three different materials- PLA, Ninjaflex and carbon fiber. To be precise, the main body and bullet belt is made from PLA thermoplastic, stock made from Ninjaflex filament and rails made from carbon fiber material. The gun is a replica and doesn’t fire any rounds, thankfully.
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Alien Samurai – A mechanical mobile robot made from car parts

Alien Samurai mechanical robot

It’s been in vogue in China, but it seems the Siberians are catching up with the fad. Yes, the monstrous yet exciting electro-mechanical mobile robot is not from any Chinese DIY-ers workshop, instead it is a work of 32-year-old mechanic and welder Sergei Kulagin from Divnogorsk town in Siberia. Dubbed the Alien Samurai, the robot is made from car and other automobile parts. Read More…

Cool steampunk watch that you’d want on your wrist right now!

Steampunk watch by John de Cristofaro

Steampunk watch by John de Cristofaro

Looking for a cool funk watch that no everyone else would like to have on their wrist? Well, have a look at this cyberpunk watch by John de Cristofaro, a Brooklyn-based freelance electrical engineer. Cristofaro calls it Chronode VFD: Wearable Electronics Steampunk VFD wristwatch which unfortunately is not for sale, but at-least you can have you’re your own if you have the technical know-how. The watch is built around the IVL2-7/5 VFD display tube and is powered by a AA battery that sits on the watch base circuit.
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Pinholo inspired Pinhole camera made from Lego brick

Pinholo Lego pinhole camera

Lego bricks have been used for making n number of gadgets and other things. And the obsession is not going to die soon for these building bricks that have shaped the millennia. Be it a child or grown-up, Legos have always captured the imagination of creative blokes around the globe. This time around it is a pinhole camera made from a 2×2 stud Lego brick designed by Ryan Howerter who is a graphic design student at CSU. He calls it the Lego Pinhole Camera inspired by Pinholo and to make things look interesting he has the picture of a tree held by a Lego guy.
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Sexy graphics of this 1995 Skyline GTR are made using sharpie

1995 Skyline GTR graphics art

When it comes to engraving signature piece of artistic flatulence on your favorite four wheeler, people leave no stone unturned. Since your car defines who you are, adding a bit of your own creative styling always makes your ride stand out from the rest. Hold your breath and just have a look at this 1995 Skyline GTR engraved with the detailed artwork done using a sharpie. Collen Kelton, a US military officer want to make performance tuning upgrades to his Skyline and for that he had to take off the scratched bumper. He asked his artist wife Allison to doodle her artwork onto the bumper and he liked it so much that he wanted her to do more.
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