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Lego PC case mod with all buttons hidden tactically

Lego Mod PC case mod

We have a strong affinity for PC case mods, and in our back-to-back lineup of some incredible PC case mods is the Lego Mod v3 by [Aribarambo]. As the name suggests, this PC case mod is made from Lego bricks, and intended for daily use. It has all the buttons and switches placed very cleverly, some even disguised as pressable Lego bricks.

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Jet-powered Snowboard will make you experience the G-force

Jet powered Snowboard

For winter sports junkies who want an adrenaline rush without giving a damn about any safety issues, this DIY is ideal. A jet-powered snowboard that could cut your fingers or severe your face! Alright, enough about all the things that could go wrong while riding this power-boosted snowboard, and on to what could be the advantages. Imagine you are on a slope and want a thrill rush but can’t build enough speed to do so. Jet-powered snowboard is the apt gadget you need to do so.
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Super dad makes beeping Easter Egg for visually-impaired daughter

Beeping Easter Egg

The most fun part about holidays during Easter is the Egg Hunt competition. To find and collect eggs hidden at various location around a neighborhood or house. While normal kids enjoy this traditional game to the fullest, the unfortunate blind ones cannot do the same. One dad set out to change this notion and developed beeping Easter eggs for his 10-year-old daughter, Rachel. Now that is one example of a super dad doing something really special for his super special child.
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High performance Lego Computer case mod is one true marvel of geekdom

Purchasable Lego Computer

Purchasable Lego Computer

When we talk of custom-made PCs, having a high-end configuration is a must. But it is one thing fitting all the latest hardware components into a PC case and yet another when it has to be done inside a Lego housing. Have a look at this handmade Lego Computer case mod by Mike Schropp that isn’t just ordinary, rather it is a computer that is good enough for graphics intensive gaming. So, in a way you can call it a Lego gaming computer with highest hardware configuration you can ask for. Mike has been working on this Lego PC for quite some time and being a perfectionist he is, this one seems to be irresistible for geeks.
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Steam-powered Gaming Cabinet actually works with steam!

Steam-powered Gaming Cabinet

Every now and then we come across steampunk DIYs that look uber cool but are they really steampunk? Not unless there is a whole lot of steam and steampunk flavor. Have a look at this Steam-powered Gaming Cabinet that throws out real steam, making it unique in its own right. And don’t be surprised if I tell you that the patent-pending miniature boiler system generates all the electricity needed to run the machine. A work of steampunk art that is completely self-powered and deserves a pat on the back for the maker.
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Chinese school dropout carves life-size Transformer sculpture to perfection

life size transformer replica

Guys from the Far East have an insightful liking for Transformers and similar robotic mechanical things. Be it the life-size Bumblebee Transformer or the replica of Transformers made from salvaged automotive parts. Beating them all in the size of the replica is this Transformer sculpture created by Luo Xiaoping from East China Zhejiang province. The 20-year old mechanic sculpted this 6.5-meter tall transformer sculpture from thousands of automotive parts in three months’ time.
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Another homemade submarine in China, this one just a tad different

Du Xiutang submarine

Chinese farmers and villagers have been building some of the craziest things in their backyard. If you have been following DamnGeeky, you’ll know that building homemade submarines, of all, has become a trend in China’s rural villages. Latest to hit the ranks is Du Xiutang, a villager in Shenmu county of Yulin city in the Shaanxi province of Northwest China. The 53-year-old has created a submarine, which is soon to hit waters if all goes well. Read More…

Silly DIY – Cardboard Treadmill is a disgrace to fitness regime

DIY cardboard treadmill

Amidst all the DIY’s that we have seen till date, this one puts all of them to shame. Or should I say, stacks itself right up there in the oddly stupid category! I was intrigued when I first saw the headline “World’s first recycled cardboard” flash on my screen. But later on when I saw the video it turned out to be really funny and annoying. Undoubtedly, 10 on 10 for effort put in to making this DIY, but sadly it serves no practical purpose.
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This Xbox 360 by Vadu Amka thinks its creepier than a zombie

Xbox 360 console in ‘The Walking Dead’ edition 2

Zombies were born in horror and fantasy novels, then appeared in movies, and now these mindless, reanimated human corpses have found their way to the gaming world. This Xbox 360 in ‘The Walking Dead’ theme is a perfect object to exemplify gamers’ obsession for zombie world.

Every bit of the case mod spews creepiness with a bloody hand perched on the top of it and a matching bloodstained remote. At the very first look, the console exposure revives the ‘Red Ring of Death’ colors – Xbox 360 owner’s worst nightmare.
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Chinese father-son duo make Transformers replicas from scrap metal

Yu Zhilin and Yu Lingyun

Transformers replicas aren’t new, even the giant ones. Last year, 22-year old guy, Danilo Baletic, from Podgorica, Montenegro, had created full-scale replica of Transformers, entirely made from trash automotive parts. Then there was a three-story high Optimus Prime replica from a Chinese man. In fact Chinese artist had shown more interest in autobots, than enthusiasts from other parts of the world. Read More…

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