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Expect to see Santa’s sleigh soar in the sky this Christmas!

Monty Mendenhall homemade flying sleigh

Christmas is not that far and kids will be really excited about seeing Santa flying high in the sky and shower some blessings on them. Whether Santa really flies with his toys from the northern skies is still a mystery but you can bet to see a remote controlled sleigh flying. Monty Mendenhall, a 71-year-old retired United Airlines pilot from Thomasville has created a remote controlled sleigh with a rotor that can fly.
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DIY BEERduino – Automatic beer dispenser that limits your alcohol intake

BEERduino beer dispenser DIY

If you have a beer dispenser at home and your friends don’t mind drinking till the last drop is consumed then you are in a fix. There has to be a way to dispense the beer in limited quantity and only to people who are authorized to do so. This DIY project however is going to change that as a Raspberry Pi microcontroller system regulates the amount of beer dispensed from a home kegerator system. The project dubbed as BEERduino is designed by Karl Gerhardt and Samantha Paulsen from Rice University to record the number of requests to pour beer and control the individuals who can use the kegerator.
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Shopping just got easier: Robotic cart that obediently follows you in supermarket

Robotic Shopping cart by Omri Elmalech and Ohad Rusnak

It’s not an innovation from the house of Unarco Industries; rather it’s an undergraduate project by two enthusiastic students Omri Elmalech and Ohad Rusnak from electrical engineering faculty at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. Cousins and childhood friends, Omri and Ohad have programmed and developed an autonomous tracking shopping cart, which uses real-time image processing, 3D kinect camera and an Arduino board to track an individual and follow him/her obediently around supermarket aisles, in airports or maybe even in libraries. Read More…

Pyro Fireshooter gives you the superpower to shoot fireballs from hand

Pyro Fireshooter-5

With the Pyro Fireshooter you will not want to be a mutant or a superhero to pull off acts that are beyond humans. The fireshooter gives you supernatural power in your hands – with a simple squeeze of the palm it allows you to shoot fireballs from your hand. Created by Adam Wilber, the Pyro is professional wrist-worn device with four separate chambers for multiple fire shots. The individually triggered chambers allow you to shoot 4 fireballs before reload is required. Read More…

You must give 3D printed crossguard lightsaber a try

Star wars force awakens lightsaber

Drawing inspiration from trailer of the upcoming Star Wars “Force Awakens” movie, French 3D printing shop FabShop has created an amazing 3D printed version of the new Star Wars lightsaber [pictured above]. If you want one of the new lightsaber from the movie, you can either wait until Disney begins to sell them, or you can head over to Thingiverse for piece-by-piece guidelines to build your own 3D printed lightsaber complete with the much debated crossguard. Read More…

Lizard Desk – DIY Computer desk that’ll catch your eye

Lizard Desk DIY Computer desk table

We haven’t seen an eye-candy type of PC case mod in a long time now. But that just changed as this Lizard Desk computer desk caught our eye. This PC desk is built by Awadon from Lodz, Poland who made use of oak wood planks for the counter-top and legs. While for the detailed carvings he made use of beech wood which exemplified the artistic look of this desk table.
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Addison gaming PC case mod inspired by 1940 radio is a powerhouse

Addison gaming PC case mod

It’s been a while since we have seen a compact, yet powerful PC case mod that impresses with its retro look. Addison by Jeffery Stephenson is one such PC case mod that boasts-off retro aesthetics with a powerful computing power inside. This gaming PC case mod is inspired by a Canadian radio design from the 1940’s era. It has a mahogany enclosure with aluminum trim and a capacity of 10.6 liters.
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Strix Knight – A Meticulously built geeky PC case mod

Strix Knight 14

Making a custom PC case mod is one hell of an obsession for geeks. A Chinese modder, Han Yu, built a whole mod from scratch. At first glance it looks like an autobot thing, but on a closer look you’ll figure out it’s the owl, the Strix owl. That’s why the modder calls ‘Strix Knight’ mod. When we went through the whole process, we were amazed at the meticulousness employed in constructing each and every part of the system except the electronic components and coolers. Each part was designed, cut into shapes, painted, and then finally merged a steel frame, which is constructed from the scratch as well. Read More…

Hat-mounted clock with multiple timezone support

Hat mounted clock

Instructables user [gfish] has come up with a very unique and interesting way to display time. Called as Hat Clock, the DIY project embarks on displaying multiple timezones and GPS functionality. Interestingly the clock has the option of toggling between different timezones by just flipping a switch. To control each hand of the clock, microcontroller paired up with an Arduino controller is used. Since the clock hands need angular control, therefore micro RC servos are used in this clock and for extended 360 degree movement gears are used.
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A small plane takes off from a real-life drone Helicarrier – Movie-like indeed!

Drone Take Off From A Flying Drone Carrier

Remember the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier? Well, I don’t remember if we have seen something similar in the real world already? Here’s the change – flying enthusiasts at Flite Test have built and successfully tested what is the first remote controlled Helicarrier. This flying quadcopter aircraft carrier (in video below) takes to the sky with another small sized plane drone on its back. When the quadcopter, with a runway, is stable mid-flight, the plane on top of it takes off from the runway and flies away. Read More…