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Teen invents $500 dialysis machine for her school science project

Anya Pogharian invents $500 dialysis machine

Anya Pogharian, a 17-year-old girl from Montreal, Canada have invented a low-cost dialysis machine that can completely transform the future of dialysis care. Inspired by volunteering at a hospital and seeing the effect of dialysis on patients, Anya build a new kind of dialysis machine for her high school science fair project. She developed the prototype using simple technology after studying and examining dialysis machine owner’s manuals over the internet. She was required to spend a minimum of 10 hours on the project, well she invested about 300 hours on her invention.
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DIYer builds a zapping laser gun that can fry your flesh!

laser gun by Patrick Priebe

No wonder Patrick Priebe is a much respected DIYer who always comes up with his own unique creations. Last time around it was an electric hammer, but his love for making futuristic weapons, guns in particular is hard to deny. Not surprising that now he has custom build a working replica of Jinx’s gun from the multi-player online battle arena video game League of Legends. The gun made from gold-painted aluminum and brass has a main white and blue LED in the barrel and two LEDs in the back.
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Teenager invents talking cigarette pack that warns about dangers of smoking

Talking cigarette by teenager

Everyone who smokes knows it inherent dangers and still the impulse to smoke it way too much for some to resist. Cigarette manufacturers have to put up the message that warns smokers of its dangers in very big, bold font. But still, smokers don’t get deterred by it and continue to infuse their lungs with the nectar of mortality. Seeing this predicament, Achilles Ash, a 14-year old Indian living in Dubai has come up with a talking cigarette pack that has in-built microchip that plays a message warning the smoker of the risks of smoking.
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DIY Gjallarhorn rocket launcher replica made from 3400 Legos

Lego Gjallarhorn rocket launcher DIY

The love for Lego will not die soon and DIYers will find a way to use Legos as a building material for unique creations that are unmatchable. In the past too we have seen some amazing Lego creations, and now there is yet another one that is worth appreciating. This replica of the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher from the sci-fi shooter Destiny, put together using 3500 Legos is yet another addition to the uncountable line-up of things made from Lego bricks. Read More…

3D printed RC Trike is a speedy toy for your kids

DIY 3D printed RC trike toy

DIYer Philip Houghton, a 24-year-old composite fabricator and engineer consultant from aerospace industry who was inspired by the Invader TC-3 sports trike wanted to make his own RC trike with improved features. So came into existence this DIY trike that is 3D printed. Not only the inspiration of making a trike, but the craving to expand his own knowledge of how three-wheeled vehicle designs work in real time.
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How to make your own laser assisted blowgun for just $3

Laser assisted blowgun

DIYer Grant Thompson has made a dirt cheap laser assisted blowgun inspired by his son’s quandary. His 5 year old son was curious if his dad could make something from a piece of PVC pipe, and Grant immediately got the idea for making a blowgun. It took him around two weeks to complete this project and the dart blowgun has an accuracy of over 100 feet which is quite impressive.

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DIY Starship Enterprise replica crafted from 18000 Legos!

Lego NCC 1701 USS Enterprise by Chris Melby

Have a look at this Star Trek Starship Enterprise replica made from more than 18000 Legos. Measuring 68 inches long, 29 inches wide and with height of 32 inches this NCC-1701 USS Enterprise created by Chris Melby took almost 8 months to make. And he has named it as Beagle. To make such a large structure without compromising its structural strength, Chris made it in layers by taking picture references to preserve the structural strength and no doubting it required millimeter precision.

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Tumbler Batmobile baby stroller for your superhero kid

Batmobile baby stroller

We are all obsessed with superheroes, and in particular Batman and his Batmobile saving Gotham city from evil. No wonder there have been many Batmobile DIY’s by people all around the world trying to emulate the superheroes ride to perfection. This time around it’s kind of cute, as Tim Baker (Hollywood prop designer) and his friends make a Tumbler Batmobile (from Batman begins/Dark Knight movie) which is a baby stroller. Now your little one is going to love this superhero treatment as you go strolling in the park and on-lookers are flabbergasted by your cute superhero.
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DIYer creates electric hammer inspired by a Simpsons episode

DIY Electric hammer by Patrick Priebe

Inventing something new just for the sake of invention is a good thing if it pays-off in a big way. At other times it is done solely for entertainment and gobbling-up views on the internet. This electric hammer DIY lies somewhere between these two thoughts and it caught our eye. German DIYer Patrick Priebe who got inspired by the episode of Simpsons where Homer Jay Simpson gets the idea of making an electric hammer as a tribute to his hero Thomas Edison.
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Colin’s Heated Shoes will keep you warm but might set you on fire!

Colin Furze heated shoes

Gas-powered Heated Shoes

Colin Furze is out with his new invention that looks scary but is interesting in a funny way. Blokes, this time the crazy brit has come up with Heated Shoes for the winter season to keep col feet warm. I’m not sure about the safety aspect of these gas-powered heated slippers, but one thing is for sure, Colin is right up there on the craziness meter.
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