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Electric Arduino Go-kart made by a 15-year old kid

Arduino powered Go-kart

A 15 year old child prodigy from California has been working on an Arduino powered Go-kart and finally it is complete. Going by the name [Gizmotronics], the kid has posted all the details of this project on Instructables which took him just USD $500 to make, and he calls it the Electric Arduino Go-kart. The four wheeled electric go-kart needs a push start to get going and after that it is all about showing the driving skills on a track. The 5000mAh battery in this homemade go-kart propels the whole thing forward and to keep the electric motor cool there are large fans.
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Dad builds spacecraft simulator for son, complete with control switches

Kids Room Spacecraft

Kind of things DIY-er dads build for their kids is simply worth appreciation. Just like in the past we have seen some cool DIYs that are right up there with the best, here is another one, done with love by a father for his son. Jeff Highsmith has been working on a spaceship-like Mission Control Desk for his elder son . Highsmith has created a spaceship simulator habitat for his younger son that is complete with real switches and input buttons that can be seen in a NASA space shuttle. To complete the spaceship effect, Highsmith has added sound effects and bass shaker that emulate feeling of a take-off. The only thing missing is the feel of zero gravity, which would be asking for too much, quite frankly!
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Art-Bot robotic arm made from bicycle parts cuts effortlessly through wood

Art Bot robotic arm made from recycled bicycle parts_2

Morgan Rauscher has been working on an 8-inch long robotic arm dubbed Art-Bot for almost a decade now, that can cut through hardwood with ease courtesy a chainsaw attached to the arm ending. Interestingly the robotic arm is made from bicycle parts to demonstrate how trash material can be used to create something worth adoring. The robotic arm is controlled with the help of arcade machine like buttons salvaged from arcade video game which gives one the feel of maneuvering around the robotic hand in a gaming like environment.
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Ferrari V12 engine computer case mod inspires creativity

Ferrari V12 engine computer case mod

In normal course, you wouldn’t expect a car hood to open up to reveal a full grown PC inside or for that matter see the love of hotrod married with passion for computer mod. But it has happened, and in context, here is another special computer case – a Ferrari V12 engine computer case mod that you cannot help but admire. Created by Russian modder using CNC 3D modeling and vacuum forming, the custom-built computer case is a result of childhood fantasy for V12 engines. While the main cabinet and guts inside may seem pretty similar to your lady shopping bag-styled PC, the top of the case resembles the V12 engine. And did I tell you, it even sounds like one too? Read More…

Full-scale replica of Transformers made from trash automotive parts

Danilo Baletic Transformers sculptures made from trash

DIYs that embark on life-like transformers are always exciting and if these fictional characters are made from scrap material then it is even better. 22-year old Danilo Baletic from Podgorica, Montenegro believes that car scrap can be used to make eye-catching sculptures and that is exactly what inspired him to make the towering Transformer like structures that are now displayed at various locations around the city. Danilo’s work includes metal sculptures of Autobots, Decepticons and Megatron that intimidate the onlookers who are amazed by the humongous structures spanning 14m (46 feet) made by this young artist.
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How about a 3D printed Apple iWatch?

iPod watch strap

If your patience is running out in the wait of eagerly awaited Apple iWatch, then this might bring a smile to your face. Today,we have brought to you a 3D printed version of the iWatch (of course it’s fake) that surely will give you something to cheer about. Stewart Davies, a product design graduate from University of Edinburgh has created a 3D printed iPod watch strap for the Apple’s 6th generation of the iPod Nano. Both of these products can combine to become a cool iWatch, at least something to fool your friends.

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Czech adventurers on a 900km journey in a plastic bottles boat

Plastic bottles boat

In an attempt to bring much needed awareness to the increasing plastic pollution in Europe, two young adventurers have created a plastic bottles boat. Honza Kára, a 22-year-old student and Jakub Bures, a 21-year-old mechanic are in the middle of their unusual journey these days as they are peddling their way almost a thousand kilometers from their hometown Nymburk down the River Elbe to the great port of Hamburg on the North Sea. The 10-metre long boat is made out of 5000 plastic bottles was launched officially on July 12, 2014 at Elbe river in Nymburk.

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Functional Lego W16 Bugatti Veyron Engine is a monster just like the real one

Lego W16 Bugatti Veyron Engine

Air powered Lego W16 Bugatti Veyron Engine

Looks like DIYer [Lego Solde] has got quite a good hand at making miniature engines from Lego that are reminiscent to the real engines. Last time around it was the Lego Toyota 4A-GE engine and now [Lego Solde] has made a thumping Lego W16 Bugatti Veyron Engine that is a benchmark in itself. This 8 liter turbo charged W16 engine has two narrow V8s with 64 valves and four camshafts with two overhead camshafts that allows the engine to be compact. And all of it made from Lego bricks!
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Duo builds life-size LEGO ABB robotic arm that’s fully automatic [W/video]

Science and technology have come a long way, yet there is little interest for the same in kids and young adults. But with creations like the life-size LEGO ABB robotic arm there is a good chance that kids’ interest can be diverted towards engineering, science and technology. This is not the first, and surely not the last use of programmable Lego to create life-size robots, but detailed Lego ABB robotic arm made entirely from Mindstorms EV3 kit in eight months by two LEGO-building and robotics enthusiasts Kenneth Madsen and Lasse Lauesen, is surely the most spectacular robotic arm to behold. Made from 10,000 Lego bricks and six moving axis, the Lego ABB robotic arm is completely automatic. Read More…

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