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Geeky Infinity Skirt inspired from traditional Chinese armor

Infinity Skirt

Most of the time it’s the geeky men who come out with DIY projects involving Arduinos, 3D printing and electronic tinkering. Don’t count out the girls though, as Imgur user [SexyCyborg] has created her own tech savvy skirt for the Maker Faire. She calls it the infinity skirt, since it displays infinite mirror effect thanks to the Array of LEDs embedded on each individual tile. The design is inspired by traditional Chinese armor and you do actually need to wear a layer of clothing as the skirt won’t help hide much.
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A year-old baby rides unfettered on a homemade wheelchair

Eva Moore get homemade wheelchair

The Moore’s family in Edmonton, Canada, is one strong family, and their newest member, the little one-year-old Eva Moore a very special kid. The miracle baby survives with permanent spinal cord damage, which has left her unable to walk. Despite the odds, Eva is inspiring everyone around by adapting to the tiny wheelchair her parents have put together, so that Eva can move about independently and do most of the things other kids of her age can do. Read More…

Real-life Iron Man lifts off the ground in his homemade rocket propellers

Iron Man Rocket Propellers

We have following really cool Iron Man-themed stuff all this while. Some have been Iron Man Costumes while others have been arc reactors or similar stuff. But, no one ever thought of actually taking off like Iron Man powered by rockets producing 50 pounds of thrust. This DIY attempt almost fulfills that dream. The reason I say almost, because it would have landed him in trouble for legal reasons. And these responsible DIY’ers didn’t want to tinker with the law and took a detour. Iron Man won’t take on the law, would he?
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Swedish man builds manned flying chair with eight propellers [Video]

DIY Flying chair

Humans have been trying to build various ways to fly – of all the peculiar ways, this flying chair by a Swedish DIY-er is probably the most astounding. The flying chair with eight homemade propellers can hover good 5-7 feet above the ground. And interestingly, it can flying with the creator sitting in it. The video published on the developers YouTube channel called the Amazing DIY Projects shows the man flying in the multicoptor and detailing all enthusiastic DIY-ers on how they can go about making one of these. It has taken the creator 10 attempts before he has been able to build a multicopter that can fly with a man on board. Check video demonstration of the manned multicopter below. Read More…

Japanese craftsman builds an electric car made entirely from bamboo

Electric car made from bamboo

Japanese seem to have a strange love for electric cars and bamboo. After the ravishing single-seat electric bamboo car by engineers at Kyoto University, a craftsman in Japan has built his own electric vehicle completely from bamboo. Built at a cost of 30-thousand dollars (all of which was sourced through a crowdfunding campaign), the auto rickshaw-style car, if you may, eschews the smooth curves and glossy paint of the modern day electric vehicles for bamboo. Read More…

How to build a wireless inductive phone charger

DIY wireless charger

Some people don’t like things of the shelf simply for how convenient they look to use.  Noah Feehan from Makezine is just one amid such people. For some reason, he is not convinced with standard inductive chargers for Qi compatible smartphones. But he doesn’t sit back and lament over it; instead, he collects a few power tools including a CNC mill and sets out to build a wooden Qi charger. The charger is easy to make. Feehan says it’s unusual yet convenient to use and can make a good gift for someone with a Qi-compatible phone. Read More…

12 years and 90k dollars later a Canadian readies twin-jet powered Ferrari Enzo knock-off

Twin jet powerd car by Ryan McQueen

There are no actual parts of a Ferrari Enzo on this one, but it is surely made for the exhibitions of Ferraris. Strapping jet engines into cars for drag races and land speed records is nothing new, but fitting a handmade car with two Rolls Royce jet engines is certainly new. Sherwood Park, Canada resident Ryan McQueen did just that with his Ferrari Enzo lookalike that he calls Insanity. Aptly named Insanity, this features 14,000 pounds of thrust and is can reach maximum speeds of 650 km/h. With all that power, fuel economy of the car is domed – the jet powered car consumes 400 liters of fuel in under two minutes. Read More…

Chinese student builds personal fresh air device in dorm filled with smokers

DIY fresh air respiration device

There have been times when most of you (me included) have shared dorms with smokers. Being a non-smoker was the biggest crime you thought, when your roommates chose to smoke right inside the room. It was long back I was at the receiving end and sadly wasn’t as crazy as this Chinese college student in Nanning City China. I got accustomed to second hand smoke and did nothing more than moving out of the room when things got too cloudy inside. The 26-year-old lad, pseudonym Shandianzhililiang on Weibo, seem to have passively smoked up too much (only a guess) that he came up with this outrageous contraption that could kill him of heat and excessive fresh air (pun intended) faster than second hand some would. Read More…

BOSEbuild Bluetooth Speaker kit allows kids to build their own speaker

boseBuild bluetooth speaker kit

DIY gadgets are a rage these days, and how could a manufacturer such as Bose stay behind in the league. Embracing the maker movement, to allow buyers become makers, BOSEbuild educational division has revealed a DIY speaker. Dubbed the BOSEbuild Bluetooth Speaker, this is a project as Bose explains, to “Discover how your world works.” The customizable speaker much bigger in size than a regular Bose speaker, features larger components so that they are easy to tinker with. Read More…

Mini Space X Falcon 9 nails tough landing in a swimming pool

Mini Falcon 9 landing

Elon Musk’s dream of space tourism is inching closer to practicality with the four-storey tall Falcon 9 spacecraft which has been undergoing rigorous testing in the last year or so. The testing has been fruitful and the two stage rocket looks on course for what’s been planned by Elon Musk. One of its achievement has been landing on a drone ship in the middle of an ocean. While all this is exciting for the world and astronomy lovers, another hobbyist [ajw61185] has posted a video on Youtube which replicates the Falcon 9 landing sequence in a scaled down version.
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