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DIY: Stargaze with the cheap yet powerful Pikon 3D printed telescope

3D printed telescope by University of Sheffiled

Those of you who are interested in astronomy, and the mystery of this galaxy never seizes to amaze you, just by looking at the seamless sea of stars up above, telescope is the best tool to have. Those who can afford to buy expensive telescopes get lucky enough to have a closer view of the celestial bodies and take some pictures. But those who can’t afford expensive telescopes can just hope to buy them some day. That is about to change as researchers at the University of Sheffiled, UK have managed to 3D print a telescope called Pikon using cheap, basic material that is accessible to anyone.
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Pi-Top is 3D printed Raspberry Pi laptop you can build yourself

3D Printed Raspberry-Pi-Laptop

If you love tinkering with the Raspberry Pi Computer, and fancy 3D printing your own things, then the Pi-Top laptop is just for you. The Pi-Top is brainchild of five Londoners – a team that offers this as your little guide to developing a Raspberry Pi laptop (yes that’s right) using 3D printing. Billed as world’s first 3D printed laptop, the Pi-Top comes with a 13.3 inch TFT LED backlight display supporting 1366 × 768 resolution. The Raspberry Pi laptop runs Rasbian Operating System and its casing can be 3D printed in about 160 hours with 0.2mm layers and 30% infill. Read More…

Dirt cheap 3D printed microscope for your smartphone has 1000x zoom!

3D printed microscope for your smartphone by PNNL

So, how do you turn your smartphone or tablet into a high quality microscope capable of 100x, 350x or 1000x zoom levels? You get hold of a 3D printer and glass spheres that are dirt cheap. That is exactly what Rebecca Erikson from the U.S. Department of Energy’s PNNL (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) has done. This inexpensive and practical way to turn your mobile device(s) into high powered microscope is truly amazing and gives us one more reason to rejoice the invention called smartphone.
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Warplane like homemade car built by veteran military adjutant

Warplane like car by Ali Faikh

Ali Faikh from the southern Lebanese village of Kfar Tebnit, near the city of Nabatiyeh has made a road-legal three wheeled car which looks like French Mirage warplane. Faikh is a retired first adjutant with the military and has made this unique looking car in his home, working for 4 hours every day over a period of 4 months. The plane like car is made from a 250cc motorbike engine that sits on a metal structure that is made complete with wings that are joined to the main body using a technique used to assemble outer structure of commercial and warplanes.
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Chinese duo builds two Lamborghini Diablo replicas

handmade Lamborghini Diablo replica

Handmade Lamborghini Diablo Replica

Chinese people are the supreme leaders when it comes to building replicas of expensive sports car. In the past, we have seen so many incredible replicas built by car lovers from China. Today also, we are bringing you two beautiful handmade replicas of Lamborghini Diablo from the most populous country in the world. Created by racing car fanatics Wang Yu and Li Lintao, the handmade replicas of Lamborghini Diablo can reach the top speed of 310km/h. The construction work has been carried out in a garage rented out by the pair on the outskirts of Beijing and currently they are working on a replica of the T-Rex motorcycle.
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Iron Man suit complete with arc reactor made from cardboard

Peter Bruce Iron Man costume made from cardboard

30 August is an epic day of geek culture. Fans of sci-fi, gaming and comics will all gearing to get a glimpse of some of the neediest cosplays at the CamCon event in Cambridge. One cosplayer who is certainly going to impress one and all at the geek culture convention is 28-year-old Peter Bruce. Peter, a cinema worker by profession, has crafted an Iron Man suit from cardboard and papier mache and has painted it in the Iron Man colors. Read More…

Build your diesel powered airplane in just two weeks

Glasair self assembled airplane

You could make a four-seater aircraft on your own and that too just in two weeks’ time flat. Arlington-based Glasair, a Washington based company owned by Jilin Hanxing Group Co. Ltd. Will soon be giving you that option as they have plans to collaborate with a Chinese company Continental Motors of Mobile, to make it possible. This highly customizable aircraft uses jet fuel that can burn in any DIY plane and is much easier to find.
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Big Red Lady Harley Davidson by Ueli Anliker


We’ve seen some really mean machines transformed into beautiful entities. Harley Davidson motorbikes are the finest example. There have been more pimped Harley’s than any other motorcycle. Ueli Anliker Swiss DIYer – famous for his taste for red and gold, has given Harley Davidson V-Rod a red and golden cover making it entirely unrecognizable. Now, would you call that cool? If you ask us – we are still guessing! Read More…

Electric Arduino Go-kart made by a 15-year old kid

Arduino powered Go-kart

A 15 year old child prodigy from California has been working on an Arduino powered Go-kart and finally it is complete. Going by the name [Gizmotronics], the kid has posted all the details of this project on Instructables which took him just USD $500 to make, and he calls it the Electric Arduino Go-kart. The four wheeled electric go-kart needs a push start to get going and after that it is all about showing the driving skills on a track. The 5000mAh battery in this homemade go-kart propels the whole thing forward and to keep the electric motor cool there are large fans.
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Dad builds spacecraft simulator for son, complete with control switches

Kids Room Spacecraft

Kind of things DIY-er dads build for their kids is simply worth appreciation. Just like in the past we have seen some cool DIYs that are right up there with the best, here is another one, done with love by a father for his son. Jeff Highsmith has been working on a spaceship-like Mission Control Desk for his elder son . Highsmith has created a spaceship simulator habitat for his younger son that is complete with real switches and input buttons that can be seen in a NASA space shuttle. To complete the spaceship effect, Highsmith has added sound effects and bass shaker that emulate feeling of a take-off. The only thing missing is the feel of zero gravity, which would be asking for too much, quite frankly!
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