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Two mechanics build world’s fastest mobility scooter


Crazy inventor Colin Furze is certainly not an inspiration for many (thanks to all the bizarre and scary things he makes), but who knew his crazy record setting mobility scooter (that clocked 71.59 mph) would become an inspiration for the world’s fastest mobility scooter ever made. Drawing inspiration from Furze’s scooter, two mechanics David Anderson and Mathew Hine from Isle of Man built a vehicle that normally does 10 mph, into the fastest mobility scooter that broke into Guinness World Records clocking 173.16 km/h (107.6 mph). Read More…

Australian artist hand-builds iconic Millennium Falcon from wood


For all Star Wars fans, an Australian woodwork artist Martin Creaney has built a highly detailed wood version of the iconic sci-fi ship. Martin, who has previously build various Star Wars memorabilia’s including a X-Wing Fighter, R2D2, and an AT-ST Walker, this time around, inspired by a toy model of the ship bought 10 odd years back, has hand-built the iconic Millennium Falcon from more than 3,000 individually carved wood pieces. Read More…

Custom-build Batmobile Casket for ailing kid that’ll put you to tears

Batmobile Casket for Andrew Peck

Christmas last month was very festive and there was a lot of stuff that we came across since we are the geeky lot. There were DIY’s and other gadgets which make Christmas a lot more special. One of the things we always like to write about are gifts from loved ones to their kids. But why are we talking about Christmas right now? Because we missed this gift from a grandmother to her special grandson.
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17-year old makes incredible phone controlled BB-8 robot at home

Smartphone controlled BB-8 droid_2

Angelo Casimiro is a 17-year old genius who likes to tinker around with electronics and his recent idea of making a smartphone-controlled Star Wars BB-8 robot is genius. He has made this robot for less than $100 from household items like beach ball and he surely knows how to work with Arduino and Arduino Uno. He is a die-hard Star Wars fan and now he wants to give all his followers a reason to smile with an extensive DIY that will amaze you for its sheer perfection. Moreover the droid is life-sized and you’ll wish it was yours. For that you’ll have to make one for yourself.
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Welder builds mind-controlled prosthetic arm from scrap, but what’s the truth?

Mind controlled robotic hand by I Wayan Sumardana from Indonesia

I Wayan Sumardana (a.k.a Tawan) is a 31-year-old welder from Indonesia claims to have made a mind-controlled robotic arm which aid him in his daily tasks. Yes, he made it all by himself from scrap metal and other parts. No doubting the locals call him Iron Man, as he goes on doing his daily chores with a mechanized left hand which has been paralyzed for a long time after an ailment, and doctors confirmed he has mind stroke. Based on his knowledge gained from the education as machine engineering student in high school, Wayan made it all from bike parts, computer hardware and many other scrap things.
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Don’t come anywhere near this Coke Bottle Gatling firing arrows

The Coke gatling by Joerg Spraov

Joerg Sprave, the DIY weapon specialists well-known for his unique creations is back again with another thumping weapon. A Coke bottle Gatling gun that fires arrows at harrowing speed on its target. Joerg shows how the gun works and how you can also make it at home. Of course you’ll have to get hold of some tools and get down to the task on a weekend, but it’s worth all the effort. Just a word of caution, don’t go out pointing the gun at anyone.
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Dad makes Star Trek: TOS Enterprise bridge playset for his son

Star Trek Enterprise Bridge Playset_1

Father-son relationships have always been special and we have seen many examples of creative dads going to the next level and gifting their son with something made from their own hands. That is the charm of a DIY that has emotional quotient attached to it. This DIY is in the same league, as David Weiberg made this super-awesome Star Trek: TOS Enterprise bridge playset for his 8-year old son. The idea for making a playable Star Trek bridge playset came to David’s mind when he found old Star Trek TOS playmates figures.
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Thermocam kit allows you to build your own thermal imaging camera

DIY thermocam - thermal imaging camera

Thermal Imaging cameras were first built for military use during the Korean War. Over years though, these cameras have become useful for firefighters, for surveillance activities, for medical purposes and for investigating crimes. And of course thermal imaging is used for fun too. If you’re from the latter league, DIYer Max Ritter has developed Thermocam – a do-it-yourself thermographic camera that provides individuals, institutions etc the access to a portable thermal imaging platform. Read More…

Wooden X-Wing Starfighter is all for the love of Star Wars

Wooden X-Wing Starfighter

Carl Jacobson made an impressive Millennium Falcon from wood with quite a lot of effort and skill put into it. Now, the woodworking expert is back with yet another creation of his which is equally impressive. A meticulously crafted X-Wing Starfighter made from maple burl wood and walnut wood. The woodworking pro has a tenacity for making Star Wars replicas and this one is also crafted to maximum precision.
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Lian-Li mesmerizes with PC-Y6 Yacht-themed case mod

lian-li-yacht themed PC case mod

Custom case mods are always too exciting to resist. And if Lian-Li spectacularly exciting train PC case mod wasn’t good enough, Lian-Li is back with a new computer case good for floating on water. Don’t take me literally; check out the new PC-Y6 ODESSEY Yacht themed aluminum case mod. If you’re someone who wants more crazy in life, the case mod is directed at you. We don’t have a word on price yet, but there’s no prize for guessing the crazy you would shell anything for this beauty. Read More…

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