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Edible Google Cardboard VR headset made from graham cracker and icing

Edible Google Cardboard

Debate about the best VR headset is not going to fade away, since it is going to be an integral part of our life. Google Cardboard, so far, has emerged as the most affordable virtual reality headset that turns your smartphone into a tool for viewing VR applications. The dirt cheap VR headset has been around for a long time and we were bound to see an interesting take on Google Cardboard.
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Drill-powered skateboard is one crazy idea for DIY’ers

Drill powered skateboard

You can get a new age electric skateboard for yourself, but where’s the fun in that? For creative geeks like you and me the best options is to spend the weekend building something that is unique and exciting. Youtube user [Inspire To Make] has got quite a few impressive DIYs under their belt and this one just crashed their popularity meter. A drill-powered electric skateboard which you can also make at home.

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Build a cool DIY mini USB fan for your smartphone

USB fan for smartphone

Mini USB powered fans are available in abundance. You can buy one online, and there is nothing extraordinary in it. But creating your own DIY mini USB fan that can work with any smartphone is real fun. Creative Channel has posted a video showing step by step construction of a homemade USB fan. All you need is an OGT cable, coreless Motor 7×20 mm, heat shrink tubing, 5,5 centimeter propeller, 12Ω resistor, 0,8 mm fine wire, some paint, and soldering equipment. The entire project would take about one hour of your time, which would be worth it. Go through the video, and you’ll find it pretty easy to do –it-yourself.
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Creative cardboard creations put together in a gripping collection

Creative cardboard creations put together in a gripping collection

Cardboard as a material has structural strength to hold the heaviest of cargo and at the same time flexibility to be used according to your needs. It comes handy as a raw material for school projects, but a few genius artists can turn it into work of art. In the hand of a master craftsman who are blessed with the technical bend of mind, cardboard can be turned into jaw-dropping creations. As our dedication to such artistic people and of course the cardboard material that makes it all possible, here is a collection of the best cardboard creations that’ll you’ll ever see.
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Engineer father builds artificial pancreas for his Type 1 diabetic son

Artificial Pancreas Andrew Calabrese

According to American Diabetes Association almost 1.4 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes each year. This estimated figure includes considerable number of Type 1 diabetes cases. Type 1 diabetes (condition where pancreas stop producing insulin) is diagnosed more in young children and third-grader Andrew Calabrese is just one of them. Since, Andrew was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and his pancreas gave up on him, his parents have wanted to do anything possible to make his battle with diabetes less disturbing. While Andrew’s mother Heidi set up a social support group to connect with other people and families battling the life-changing disease, his father Jason (software engineer by profession) built Andrew robotic pancreas that’ll help regulate his insulin levels. Read More…

Tesla hacker retrofits classic P85 with fully-functional autopilot module


There are people like white hat Tesla hacker Jason Hughes who like to take challenges and then come out winners. Jason Hughes aka wk057 renowned for tinkering with Tesla cars is back with one of his most impressive projects where he has retrofitted a classic Model P85 (VIN P28xxx) with autopilot sensor and parts to actually make the old version work most effectively. The transformed P85 is Hughes says is a proof-of-concept and a souvenir for his wife who wanted a Tesla that would automatically steer down the highway without having to trade off her prized P85 for a new model. Read More…

Colin Furze is back with a smoking bass guitar

Colin Furze is back with another YouTube video in which he fulfills demand of his fans to build a smoke-emitting brass guitar with built in strobes. Colin has special love for speed and rockets. He has built a jet-powered bike in his garage, world’s fastest mobility scooter, a bicycle with ice-tires, giant fart machine, world’s longest motorbike, and a huge lot of other crazy stuff. Read More…

Doom running on a chainsaw makes absolute sense

Chainsaw running Doom

Give DIY’ers a Raspberry Pi and they’ll come up with things you never imagined before. Like playing Doom 2 on a chainsaw. That is exactly what George Merlocco did, and dubbed it Painsaw. A Doom game fan, George modded an Echo Junior Chainsaw Toy to power it with a Raspberry Pi Zero. He also used the Chocolate Doom source port to replicate the first series of Doom released in early 1990s.
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Rombus-CT mini cocktail arcade machine plays Pac-Man

Rombus CT arcade machine

Guys over at CircuitBeard (not Circuit Board) love tinkering around with electronics, and yes they love beards too. These bunch of geeks also like arcade gaming and looking at them it is hard to believe they are not exploring the countryside on their Harley’s. However, here they are with an arcade cabinet machine which is as cool as some of the other arcade cabinets we have seen so far, if not best of them.
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Want to make your own Captain America’s flying shield or Iron Man’s gauntlet?

Iron Man Gauntlet and Captain America Shield

The kind of props and technology our beloved superheroes use, at most times is very difficult to emulate in real life, unless you have a cool trick up your sleeve. Just like the real Mjölnir trick which brought the Thor hammer to Venice Beach, and people were startled when they couldn’t budge an inch of this hammer off the ground. Only the maker, Allen Pan was able to lift it off the ground thanks to the kill switch for the electromagnets which stuck it to an iron manhole opening. Now the crazy inventor is back with his buddy Grant Imahara to demonstrate another cosplay worthy of featuring in Comic Con.
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