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Coolest 3D printed BB-8 droid from XRobots (so far)

bb-8 droid by xrobots

Did you know that in the Star Wars : The Force Awakens movie, the director Abrams used little computer-generated imagery and focused on more traditional special effects to preserve visual realism of original Star Wars. BB-8 or Beebee-Ate, a free-moving domed head droid, was one of these realistic looking creations and it did inspire many Star Wars enthusiasts to recreate this adorable droid, like Angelo Casimiro’s homemade smartphone-controlled BB-8, the hand-cranked rolling BB-8 with Lego base, and even a BB-8 rolling luggage suitcase. Read More…

Endurance’s 3D printable SelfieBot offers professional dynamic video recording, stills

3D printable DIY SelfieBot

We have found a number of methods to click selfies or record videos, but still, we want something more sophisticated, at least something better than ‘Selfie Arm’. Even selfie sticks are replaced by accessories, like FlexCam. So, a Russian-American start up ‘Endurance’ has developed 3D printable DIY SelfiBot that enables users to create professional video recording of them with a mobile device. It sounds good for users looking forward to Skype video conferencing, video logs, lecture recordings etc. Read More…

Playing Flappy Bird on e-cigarette will make you forget smoking

Flappy Bird on e-cigarette

Flappy Bird, the game we all loved to hate flooded internet with all the news couple of years ago. The game that made many lose their temper or even pass out (alright that was a bit too much) broke all records. A simple game that rocked the world, and that too on crap graphics and design. Now a guy has ported the freaky game onto an eVic-VTC Mini e-cigarette, and its freakin’ cool. Balázs Bánk demonstrate how he plays Flappy Bird on the tiny screen without much problem, and let’s admit, it gives the same anxiety as the original smartphone version.
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Paper Airplane Machine shoots out paper planes autonomously

Paper Airplane Machine

We all love paper planes and undoubtedly all of us have flown them at some point in our childhood days. Making a paper plane takes some effort but some ingenious blokes leave that to a machine. We saw the uber’-cool 3D printed gun shooting out airplanes like bullets and the Lego paper plane machine that can craft perfect paper planes better than you and shoot them out. Now a student has posted his paper airplane machine on Reddit that we found to absolutely cool.
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Weekend Projects: Paper Stirling Engine works on hot water and ice

DIY Stirling Engine

As a blogger being jammed in my chair for more than 8 hours can get boring during the latter half of the day. That is why a paper weight or any item that you need to fiddle around with can be a good time pass and stress buster. Even better if there is something unique and made at home. Have a look at this Paper LTD Stirling Engine created by Aliaksei Zholner and you’ll be tempted to make one yourself this weekend.
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That’s how a 50 feet flamethrower looks in 4K slow motion video

Flamethrower in 4K resolution slow motion

We like things happening intensely to be slowed down and viewed in slow motion to capture every detail of what’s happening. [The Slow Mo Guys] like to do the same and that’s why they decided to shoot a flamethrower throwing out a 50 feet long flame. In normal speed it looks firing but when slowed down in 4K resolution you see a whole together different perspective. Fuel shoots out of the flamethrower’s nozzle and the fire catches up with it, making it look absolutely majestic. This is one thing you need to see this weekend, so enjoy.
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Retro arcade machine built from leftover IKEA furniture

ArcadeMicke DIY

Arcade machines of the 80s and 90s era have left an undeniable memory in our memories and nostalgia strikes whenever a DIY comes across with the promise of a reminiscent gaming arcade. This one too makes me remember the good old days when playing games in the arcade was the best thing in this world. The DIY project by SIN Tchan shows you how to create an arcade cabinet from IKEA furniture’s left over pieces. The project is quite simple and involves a $49.99 IKEA Micke desk and 25-inch monitor.
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Man makes incredible life-size AT-ST in his backyard, still doesn’t want publicity

Star Wars themed accessories and DIY replicas of its characters are always welcomed by the fans, and that is why there are plenty of them in the market. But there is none like this life-size All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST) from ‘Return of the Jedi’. The anonymous creator doesn’t wish to be identified, but provided some information about it to a curious neighbor Mr. Kernish. Read More…

Tony Stark fan builds cool ‘LEGO Iron Man’ glove for himself


Tony Stark gadgetry is coming more handing with every sequel to Iron Man and Avengers series Marvel films. Remotely controlled suite that can dissemble and assemble itself in Iron Man 3, and now a Iron Man glove that hands out of Stark’s wristwatch in yet to be released “Avenger : Civil War”. Second trailer of the film shows Stark stopping a bullet using his handy glove he was wearing as a watch. That sounds cool. Read More…